Some neighbors just can’t get along

  • Monday, January 14, 2013

Fake Facebook
A local woman found out through a friend that someone created a fake Facebook account using a variation of her name. When she went to the page, she saw pictures of her own daughter on the account and comments about her daughter being a bad parent and about to give birth to a “bastard child.”
The report said she reported the fake account to Facebook and can no longer see the account, but her daughter still has access to it. The victim told police she thinks she knows who created the account. She said she is in a dispute with a woman she tried to help turn her life around. But when police questioned that woman, the report said she told them she didn’t create “that BS account.”
The victim told police she would like to press charges should police or Facebook determine who created the account.
Out back
The owner of a high end clothing store had to call police because a homeless man was bothering his employees and customers, asking for money, reportedly.
According to an incident report, the owner of the store had been seeing the man walking around the shopping center. He told police that he assumed the man was staying in the area because he sees him walking around, up to 10 times a day. The man is always wearing the same outfit and was easily described to the officer. The store owner finally called police when his landscapers came in after doing work and said it appears the man was living out back, behind the store.
The police and the store owner walked toward the woods and found a makeshift camp site.
The report said there were wine bottles, beer cans and mini bottles everywhere. The man was apparently sleeping on a cardboard bed, and had rigged a clothesline of sorts.
The suspect was not in the area at the time, but the store owner said he would like the man placed on trespass notice from the store, should he be located. He was eventually located and given a ride to the homeless shelter downtown. He was placed on trespass notice and charged with littering. His court date was mandatory and he told the officer he understood and that he would appear.
Financial woes
A police report said a man defaulted on a loan at the bank and decided to take it out on the loan officer who handled the account, according to an incident report. The report indicates the man entered the bank, walked straight into the private office of the loan officer and started yelling.
The loan officer told police the man was very upset and told him that he had ruined his life.
The upset man began to rant and rave. He said he allowed the man to vent, assuming he would eventually calm down.
The victim told police that the suspect did begin to cool down and that’s when the victim asked the suspect if he was finished venting. This upset the suspect even more, according to the report.
According to the report, the suspect yelled even louder. At one point, the suspect told the victim that before the suspect’s life was over, he would get revenge. The victim said the suspect was so enraged that he was hyperventilating.
The suspect finally went to leave and slammed his office door and slammed the main exit door, causing the paneling to fall off. The victim then re-secured the paneling and did not want to press charges.
He explained to police that in addition to the suspect defaulting on the loan, the suspect’s wife was suing the bank and that the legal negotiations may have sparked the suspect’s outrage.
The victim said he just wanted a report made in case something else like this occurred with the suspect.
Roaming dogs
A couple living in a local neighborhood called police because a man’s dogs were always roaming free and not on a leash.
The husband said he tried to speak with the dog owner one day when he was out running. He said he was blown off and essentially told to “run faster.”
Animal Protective services and police arrived on the scene to speak with the dog owner. According to the report, he admitted that one of his dogs had gotten loose and was running in the street. He said his dog never made contact with anyone. He said he didn’t think he had to leash his dogs to put them in his truck.
He said people have their dogs unleashed in the area all of the time. According to the report, he said his wife had been bitten by a dog recently and no one did anything about that. According to the report, the officer replied by telling him that is exactly why there are laws on the books about leashing your dogs.
He was issued a citation for dog at large, first offense.
The officer then left to provide the complainants a copy of the case number and court date. While the officer was still at the complainants’ house, the suspect pulled up. He came to the door and demanded to know what the problem was with his dogs.
The report says he then pointed to the victim’s wife and said, “I thought you lived here.”The suspect was told to leave the property and discuss his case in court. He finally left the residence and blew his car horn all the way down the street. At that point, the victims asked that the suspect be placed on trespass notice from their property.
The officer wrote up the necessary paperwork and took the copy back down the street to the suspect’s house.
The suspect then said he wanted that family placed on trespass notice from his property too. He told the officer that the family walks down the sidewalk in front of his house on the way to the park.
The officer explained to him that he could not place anyone on trespass from the sidewalk which was public right of way.
He still wanted the notice written up. Back to the victims’ house the officer went to serve them with their trespass notice.
Funny business
An officer patrolling a local boat landing late one night saw a car in the back corner of the lot. It appeared only a man was in the car. But as the officer got closer, he saw a head pop up from the passenger seat. It appeared to be a female.
The officer stopped his car and got out. As he did, the driver got out and bent down out of sight for a minute and stood back up complaining of a soar back. He was told to sit back in the car and look for his registration and insurance. The officer watched the subject look for those items, according to the report. The officer noticed the man was extremely nervous.
He was then asked to exit the car again, but this time didn’t seem to be having any back trouble, according the incident report.
The officer became suspicious that the man might be hiding a weapon and he patted him down. The officer didn’t find any weapons, but he found a plastic bag of what was thought to be pot sticking out of his shoe.
He was arrested for simple possession. The car was released to the man’s mother and he was taken to jail.
(The Police Blotter is intended to be an informative and/or humorous column written from police reports obtained from the Mount Pleasant Police Department. Many of the stories come from the initial incident reports and, occasionally, supplemental reports. Generally, cases have not been adjudicated at the time of publication).

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