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  • Monday, January 14, 2013

Rumor mill
According to a police incident report, someone has created a Facebook page that displays messages sent to the page’s owner that contain mean statements about other people.
A 17-year-old girl reported it to police after false statements about her appeared. The post, according to the police report, indicated that her boyfriend is a cheater among other not-so-flattering things. She told the officer that she sent a message to the Facebook page owner explaining the inappropriateness of the post. The owner of the page subsequently removed the original message and posted an apology, saying he posted it in haste and personally apologized for the misunderstanding.
The victim told the officer that she does not know who owns the page, but there are other references on the page about people who attend Charleston County schools. The officer told her not to converse with the owner of the page anymore.
She said she was unable to figure out how to report the page to Facebook and the officer said he would handle it for her.
He submitted the complaint with this case number referenced and as of this reporting, the page has been removed.
Free water
A utilities employee had to call police to report that some citizens tampered with their water meter after being locked out completely for not paying their bill, according to a report.
The padlock that cut the water supply off had been removed, so utility officials had to remove the meter entirely, the report said.
The next day utility workers arrived at the home to find that their attempts had been bypassed again and brass fittings and water hoses had been installed.
The report said water was now flowing to the home unmetered. A police officer accompanied the utility worker to the front door of the house and met with a woman, the wife of the account holder.
The report said the wife was advised of the consequences of tampering with the meter, as well as the fact that the police were now involved and that criminal charges were being pursued if compliance was not received.
The tampering was corrected with the meter and the officer went to the waterworks office to see the account paperwork.
The first non-payment was placed on the account in September.
Several non-payments were issued after that and workers found the meter unlocked and tampered with numerous times. The residents were facing more than $200 in fees. Waterworks officials said they did not wish to pursue charges. They hoped to try and handle it administratively, if possible.
Harassing calls
Doctors at a behavioral clinic had to call police to get them to have a patient quit calling the office and leaving off-putting voicemails.
The report indicates that an officer listened to the voicemails.
The subject claims a doctor in the practice performed a lobotomy on him.
The subject also states that he will call the medical board on this doctor if the doctor continues to harass him.
The doctor did not wish to be named in the police incident report.
Also in the voicemails the subject names an acquaintance of the doctor and said he wished that person would quit calling him a “homo.”
The doctor’s clinic did not wish to press charges, only to have the person quit calling them.
Bumper boxes
A concerned citizen called police because his mailbox had been damaged quite extensively. In fact, the mail box stand held several mailboxes, some of which were broken and some barely still attached. According to a police report, it appeared as if a vehicle had hit the mail boxes with its side view mirror.
The concerned citizen said a loud sound did wake him up in the middle of the night, but he did not see anything outside. Not much could be done other than take an incident report.
Bar fight
Police were called to a local bar, according to a report. When they arrived they found three men fighting on the ground outside of the bar.
They were able to get the subjects separated and detained.
One said he was only involved because he was trying to restrain one of the fighting men, according to the report.
Another subject on the scene said she was the victim, and that the whole fight was because one of the men allegedly punched her in the face twice and also punched her male friend in the face.
She appeared to have a small cut on her lip, and two other men involved had the same story as the female victim.
Both men involved in the incident were charged with disorderly conduct.
Buzz level
An officer clocked a car going 68 mph through the Highway 17 construction zone and pulled the vehicle over.
The driver pulled over, according to the report, and was very cooperative. He said he had just gotten his car on the road and his speedometer was not working.
He said he was unaware of his speed and when told how fast he was going, the report said the driver acted very surprised.
The report indicates that the officer smelled booze on the driver and asked him if he had been drinking.
The driver admitted to just leaving a local bar after having four beers.
He said he was traveling in the opposite direction of his home because he didn’t want to make a u-turn and wanted to go up and cut back.
He said he was doing this because he just installed a new carburetor in his car.
The officer then asked him what his buzz level was based on a scale of one to 10, with one being sober. The man told the officer he was probably a five.
He was then asked to perform some field sobriety tests.
The officer noted in the report that the driver did not successfully pass any of the tests, including the alphabet test, although the man did offer to the officer that he passed his GED while in prison.
He was arrested for DUI and once at the station for the breath test, he told the officer just to take him to jail because he was going to refuse it.
The report indicates that the man became argumentative and would not stay seated or listen to other instructions.
He was physically put back into his seat and after a while the man became cooperative again.
During the observation time at the station, the report said the man admitted to being impaired and he stated he should not have been driving.
He also admitted to having two beers at home before going to the bar.
He was booked and lodged into the Charleston County Jail after refusing to blow.
Beer swipe
A police officer watched two juvenile boys help themselves to some beer at a local gas station one evening, according to a report. Neither boy knew an officer witnessed the event, but they soon found out when they left the store. According to the officer who saw the incident unfold, one boy would distract the clerk while the other walked to the back of the store and then left the store to wait outside.
That boy would then unload two beers and hide them and return back inside the store.
He would then distract the clerk while the friend allegedly took a few beers and left the store. The two juveniles then met out back behind the store to compare their take.
The officer who witnessed these actions confronted the boys. They admitted to taking the beer and were made to call their parents. They were not charged but placed on trespass notice.
(The Police Blotter is intended to be an informative and/or humorous column written from police reports obtained from the Mount Pleasant Police Department. Many of the stories come from the initial incident reports and, occasionally, supplemental reports. Generally, cases have not been adjudicated at the time of publication.)

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