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  • Monday, January 14, 2013

Mean girls
Two young girls had some issues with each other outside of school, but it eventually spilled over to the classroom, and rumors started to fly. Many at school knew what was going on, according to the school principalís statement in a recent police report.
The report said that one day at lunch, juvenile one loaded up a paper plate with all sorts of condiments and waited for juvenile two to get up from the lunch table. As juvenile two walked toward the trash can to dump her plate, juvenile one approached her from behind and dumped the condiments all over juvenile twoís head. The entire incident was video-taped, according to the report. Several students were reported as being aware the incident was about to occur.
Juvenile two was said to have stood in place, apparently in shock for a few minutes. Then, without a word she walked to the nearest bathroom to clean herself up. Then juvenile one walked away and went to class.
The video was eventually posted to the internet, which the principal was able to view when juvenile two reported it.
The girl did not want to press charges. She only wanted the school to handle it. According to the report, the mother of juvenile one said she was withdrawing her child from the school and moving away and that she had been having problems with her childís behavior.

An officer observed a truck with an expired license tag traveling down Highway 17. He had dispatch confirm the expiration and pulled the car over.
The driver was able to provide a driverís license and proof of insurance from January 2010, but did not have an up-to-date card.
Based on the driverís nervousness and vague answers when asked direct questions about his insurance, the officer called his insurance company, according to the incident report.
The driver said he believed he was insured. But the insurance agency said the policy lapsed in October, according to the report.
The driver later admitted to the officer that he knew his policy had lapsed due to a health situation he was experiencing.
His truck was towed and he was issued a citation for expired tags and operating an uninsured vehicle.

Wrong crowd
Police were called by a woman because she believed she was being followed. She explained in a statement that the night before she was with some people at a hotel. Some of the folks had illegal drugs and were partaking in those drugs, she said. She tried to call police and alert authorities after removing herself from the situation, but was prevented from doing so. Now she feared she was being followed out of revenge and was scared.
An incident report said that the woman told officers she was partying with the group and the party moved from one room to another. Once in the second room, where she had carried her purse, she saw the illegal drug activity going on and decided to leave and alert authorities. When she tried to leave the room, the occupants would not let her retrieve her purse. Instead of arguing and struggling, she left and went back to the original room to call police. But she was met there by another occupant, she said, who grabbed her neck and prevented her from making the 911 call.
,p>She told police that this man knew where she lived and he took her extra key to her house and vehicle and would not give them back. She told police she was fearful the group would plant illegal items in her car or home. Police were able to search her car and found nothing. She was then assigned a detective to look into her case, the report said.

As a side note, police responded to the hotel to investigate this womanís claim. They came upon the man who grabbed her neck and took her keys. During questioning, the report said that he asked to use the rest room.
He was told he could but that he would need to be patted down so that no evidence could be destroyed. The suspect told police he did not want to be searched. Police then informed him it would be a few minutes before he could use the rest room, according to the report. The man paced around and became extremely fidgety. He then sat on the curb and then stood right back up. The officer watched him try and cover up two syringes with loose dirt, according to the report.
He was then arrested and charged with possession of paraphernalia.

Cat and mouse
A police officer waiting to turn onto Coleman Boulevard watched a car whiz by him at 50 mph, according to a recent report. He followed the car and saw the driver turn off into a car wash. The officer drove past and pulled into a business just up the road. The report said the driver then circled the car wash parking lot and was about to pull out when he saw the police officer. The officer indicated in his report that he watched the driver back up from the roadway and back into the car wash parking lot.
The officer passed the car wash, watching the driverís actions in his rearview mirror. After a few minutes, the driver pulled out, now following the police car.
The officer then slowed and was able to get back behind the suspectís vehicle. The driver pulled into the Old Village and into a parking lot of a nearby school. The driver then exited the school parking lot and went back out toward Coleman Boulevard again.
During all of this the officer was able to read the tag, which turned out to be suspended.
This time the officer kept going and eventually the driver passed him again at another intersection. The driver was pulled over this time and admitted to the officer that he was trying to avoid him because of his suspended tag, according to the report.
He said he had been driving the car without insurance for several months and this was his second time getting caught doing so.
Due to the manís size, three sets of handcuffs had to be used to restrain him and he was arrested and taken to jail after being charged with operating an uninsured vehicle and suspended tags.

Not so discrete
An event facility hosted a large party in which police were on scene for security. One officer patrolling the parking lot noticed two women ahead of him who appeared intoxicated. He lost sight of them but eventually found them sitting in a car.
He made contact with the driver and as he looked in the window to speak with her, he saw a bag of green plant material in her lap. He asked her to hand the bag over and according to the report, when she did, she dumped out the bagís contents.
The officer asked her what was in the bag and she said nothing was in it.
Both subjects were asked to exit the vehicle. The officer asked if he would find anything else in the car, and both said he would not.
As the driver exited the car, she made a sweeping motion to brush the remains of the marijuana off of her seat.
She was charged with possession of the marijuana which the report said weighed .24 grams.

(The Police Blotter is intended to be an informative and/or humorous column written from police reports obtained from the Mount Pleasant Police Department. Many of the stories come from the initial incident reports and, occasionally, supplemental reports. Generally, cases have not been adjudicated at the time of publication.)

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