Driver can't walk straight when he is 'good'

  • Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Fight night

Most people go to a bar for food and beverages, but one patron, visiting from out of town, ended up in a fight with a fence. According to a police report, bouncers had to call officers to subdue the man.

He became unruly and tried to fight one of the bartenders. When the bouncer intervened, the patron then tried to fight the bouncer. The report said the man was so worked up he punched the fence, thus breaking it.

Police questioned the man who admitted breaking the fence, but would not say why he punched it. He simply said the bartenders were trying to fight him.

The patron was placed under arrest and charged with disorderly conduct.

Not a lot

An officer observed a driver swerving all over the road one night, almost hitting the curb. The driver kept correcting his driving when he drifted over the line or into the bike lane, but his driving was becoming dangerous, according to a police report.

The officer pulled the car over and asked the driver for his paperwork.

According to the police report, the officer could smell alcohol on the man's breath.

The cop asked him how much he had to drink and he replied, “Not a lot.”

The officer then asked him how much “not a lot” was and he said, “A couple.”

The officer told the driver he would need to perform some field sobriety tests to make sure he was good to drive. The officer was about to explain the walk and turn test when the driver said, “Don't do the walking thing cause I can't walk straight. I can't walk when I'm good.”

He was shown the test anyway and tried to do it, but fell and stumbled his way through it, the report said. In addition, he did a little dance move at the end of it.

He went on to fail the other tests and was arrested for DUI after failing them all, according to the report.

The officer inventoried the driver's car and found an open bottle of liquor behind the driver's seat and several weapons which were secured into evidence.

Check fraud

A grocery store clerk called police because a customer came in wanting to cash some checks.

However, the clerk felt like something was amiss, according to the report.

While waiting for an officer to arrive, the store manager called the business listed on the check to verify that the business owner intended this man to cash them.

The business owner said those checks had been stolen and a police report had been made with the City of Charleston Police Department.

The officer who arrived watched the in-store video and made his own verifications regarding the stolen checks before arresting the suspect.

The officer asked him about the stolen checks and the suspect said he 'got them in the mail.”

According to the report the suspect then said he wanted to utilize his right to remain silent.

He was taken to jail. A review of the suspect's criminal history showed two convictions for forgery in 2009 and 2011.

Vacuum beating

Police were called to the home of two grown siblings who just can't seem to get along.

According to the report, the brother told police that someone slashed his car tires and he thinks his sister did it. He said he did not see her do it, however.

The sister told police she did not damage anything. She said she had been taken to the hospital the night before after her brother beat her with a vacuum cleaner. She said although she was upset, she wasn't responsible for the damage.

Then the brother said he beat her because she came at him with a knife.

The officer told the brother he could document the incident regarding his tires but without any evidence, criminal charges could not be pursued.

The brother then said his sister could not come back into the home they shared because there would be problems.

The officer then informed him that he would have to go through the eviction process to get his sister to leave.

Until then, the report said, he could not forcibly keep her out. As police were leaving, they saw the brother physically blocking his sister from going inside.

They went back to speak to the brother and warned him that police would intervene if he did not let her in the house. He agreed to go to his room and let things calm down.

Tree trimming

Police responded to a single car collision with a tree one evening. The officer arrived to find a large group of individuals in the roadway and the car about 10 feet up in the tree. Around the vehicle and on the ground were multiple beer cans, some of which were open, the report said.

The first subject the officer noticed didn't have a shirt on and was visibly injured and bleeding from multiple locations on his body. The driver of the vehicle was also located.

He said he was going 35 mph when he drove off the road.

He said he over-corrected causing him to lose control and crash into the trees on the other side of the road.

He refused to be transported to the hospital and said he was fine, according to the report.

He was then asked to do some field sobriety tests.

He said he had not been drinking, although the report said the officer could clearly smelled the odor of alcohol coming from him as he spoke.

He did not do well on those tests and was arrested for DUI, the report stated.

He then had to be transported by EMS because he began to complain of neck and back pain.

They loaded him on a stretcher and took him to the hospital. Too much time had elapsed to do a breath test so he was asked to submit a blood sample.

He refused. He was cleared for jail and taken to the detention center.

Philly blunt

A police officer at the Towne Centre sub station was met by a concerned citizen who reported kids in the area talking about weed.

The citizen said the kid approached him and asked him to buy a cigar for them because he had some weed.

The citizen said he was not going to buy them anything and that he was going to report them.

The citizen was able to give the officer the kid's name and the officer just happened to recognize it.

The officer began patrolling the area and stopped to ask another kid the suspect's whereabouts. The kid said he was at a nearby restaurant.

Sure enough, the kid was sitting with a friend on the curb, outside of the restaurant. The officer told the kids to call their parents.

One said his dad was on the way to pick them up. The other called his dad on the cell phone and handed the phone to the officer.

The father said he would be there in less than five minutes.

When the parents arrived, the officer explained the situation.

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