Jealous ex ‘forgets’ what divorce decree says

  • Tuesday, February 5, 2013


A father picked up his kids at his ex-wife’s apartment like he always does, but things turned south when he went to her door. She called police because he came to the door and is only allowed to pick up the children in the parking lot, according to a police report. The ex-wife said their divorce decree states this clause specifically. He told the responding officer that his child needed to get a folder for school so he came to the door to retrieve it. The officer looked at the court papers and it clearly states the exchange can only take place in the parking lot, according to the incident report. The officer showed the ex-husband the clause in the paperwork and the husband said he had not looked at that paperwork “in years.”

The husband said he was not aware of such a clause but would adhere to it. He then confided in the officer, according to the report, and said he was upset that his ex-wife is dating. The ex-wife confirmed that her ex-husband was indeed jealous. The report said the officer suggested that the couple make the exchange in a public place.


A woman called police after coming upon a man using the bushes as a toilet. According to a police report, she called the police the next day. She originally wasn’t going to call police, but the apartment manager said she would like the incident reported.

According to police reports, she was walking her dogs on a trail behind her apartment. She came upon a man using the bathroom in the bushes. She scolded the man and she told police he was rude to her and told her “a man’s got to do what a man’s got to do.”

She gave police a description of the man, but police did not locate any suspects.

The call of duty

A student left her jacket in the school cafeteria one day and went back to see if it had been turned into the lost and found. Sure enough it had, but the cell phone that was in her pocket had not.

She went to a school resource officer and reported the incident, according to a police report.

He was able to pull the surveillance video and saw that a school janitor had taken the jacket into the lost and found. She walked out of the camera’s range and was not seen removing the phone from the jacket. But an officer questioned the janitor who said she had seen the phone and then pulled it from the pocket of her apron. She said she was going to turn it in at the end of the. day. Her immediate supervisor was notified of the incident and of her conversation with the police officer. No charges were filed, however.

Back on the farm

Police patrolling Venning Road and Rifle Range Road came upon a grey donkey and sheep strolling down the road. The owners of the animals arrived quickly to take possession of them before they became a hazard to motorists. The officer escorted the owners and the animals back to their enclosure.


Police at Wando were called by a middle school parent who said her child may be in their school. She said she has had ongoing issues with her daughter about her behavior and grades. Due to poor grades the mother told the child she could not attend shadowing day at the high school. A police report said that the mother got a call from the middle school saying her child did not arrive. That led the mother to believe that perhaps her child went to shadow day anyway.

Police did in fact find the child participating in the shadow program and had her come to their office. The mother said she would be there as quickly as she could.

In the meantime police questioned the child about her behavior. She said she was adopted and was beginning to feel like her mother did not want her anymore and wanted to give her up.

The report said the child told police she spends a lot of time in trouble and on restriction. The officers encouraged her to try and put forth a better effort in her relationship with her mother. The report said they asked her if she ever considered suicide and she told officers that she had in the past. On this occasion she told officers she was reading a really good book and wanted to finish it. She said once she is finished with the book she may consider suicide.

The report said the child was being flippant and didn’t think the situation was all that serious. She showed understanding that she would be facing some serious consequences and was not looking forward to her mother being upset with her.

Once the mother arrived she spoke with police at length about her child’s behavior. She was encouraged to seek professional help for her child, and officers even put the mother in touch with a professional. She actually made an appointment for her daughter while sitting with officers at the school.

The officer also explained that the department of juvenile justice could get involved and that there was an incorrigibility process should the child not willingly participate in the mental health program offered to her. The child said she would try hard to get her grades up and cooperate with her mother.

Kicked out

Adult family members living under the same roof had words one afternoon, according to a police report. The brother tried to kick the sister out of the home they shared. He packed up all of her clothes in bags and put them on the front porch. She called police because she didn’t want to leave the house they shared.

The officer told the man he would have to go through the proper eviction process. He said he understood, but that his sister was the one who initially said she wanted to get all of her things and leave.

The sister did tell an officer that she wanted to take a shower and go somewhere else for the night.

As some time passed, according to the report, the sister changed her mind and said she would take a shower and stay right where she was.

The police urged them to separate for the night until things calmed down, but neither party wanted to leave.

Their uncle arrived and convinced his niece to go with him for a while. He then had a chat with his nephew.

Reckless driver

A homeowner in a local neighborhood became frustrated with the way people speed through the residential area. He eventually got fed up and had words with a driver.

This particular person has sped through the neighborhood before, according the homeowner’s statement in a police report. So this time he called to him to slow down. When the driver did not slow down he followed the man to his house and told him that if he did not slow down he would slash his tires, according to the report.

The police warned the homeowner about making such threats and then went to speak with the suspect.

The suspect said he was not driving fast through the neighborhood, but that the homeowner chased him down and threatened him. The officer warned the suspect about his driving habits.

(The Police Blotter is intended to be an informative and/or humorous column written from police reports obtained from the Mount Pleasant Police Department. Many of the stories come from the initial incident reports and, occasionally, supplemental reports).

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