These boots were made for walking

  • Wednesday, February 13, 2013

An apartment complex manager came in to work one day and noticed that the pool area had been vandalized.

She pulled the security footage and saw juveniles tearing up the pool area. Four kids were in and around the pool area. One could be seen jumping the fence and letting the other three in through the gate.

The kids kicked the vending machine, tables and chairs, according to the report. One table was ultimately bent.

They kids bent the shepherd’s hook hanging by the pool and tossed the life preserver off its hook, according to the report.

The property manager told the officer she could positively identify two of the kids because they live in the complex. She said she did not want to press charges, but asked the officer to help mediate addressing the situation with the kid’s parents.

Sleep deprived

Police were called to a home were a domestic dispute took place. Dispatcher told the officers that the male party had left the residence and gave them a description of his vehicle. According to the report, as officers entered the neighborhood, they saw the man. He was pulled over and as an officer approached his car, he said he knew why he was being pulled.

The officer asked the man what happened. He went on to explain that he was a retired pharmacist and suffers from a sleep disorder and anger. He said he and his wife got into an argument regarding his supervision of the kids that morning. He said that time after time he became angry, threw a dish of cereal on the floor and a container of lotion. During the argument he then picked up the dish and threw it in the direction of his wife and it hit her in the head, according to his statement in the report.

Another officer went to the residence to speak with the wife. Her story was exactly the same and she had bruising above her eye. The man was then arrested for criminal domestic violence.

Get out

Police were called to the side of a road because a girl had been kicked out of the car. An officer located her walking down the road, according to a report. She said she had just been released from the hospital after being in a collision earlier in the evening. She said her dad was driving her home and kicked her out of the car because of the accident. About that time the father arrived and said he did indeed kick her out of the car. He said he told her to walk the rest of the way home and cool off before returning to the house - which was right around the corner.

To prevent further incidences and disturbances, she was allowed back in the car and her dad drove her home.

Made for walking

An officer approached a car in the other lane in which the driver failed to dim her high beams to oncoming traffic. He turned around and followed the vehicle and made a traffic stop.

The driver stopped in the middle of the road, the report stated. The officer asked for her driver’s licence, registration and insurance. She handed over the registration and her license and said she was “going home.” However, according to her license, she did not live in the neighborhood into which she turned.

She had to be reminded to hand him her proof of insurance. According to the report the officer could smell alcohol on her breath. He asked her how much she had been drinking, and she said nothing. He then asked her why he could smell alcohol, and she did not respond.

Then she said, “I would appreciate it if we could just go home.” Then she asked the officer, ‘What do you need me to do?” He again reminded her about her proof of insurance, which she was finally able to locate. She was then asked to step out of her car, according to the report, and she immediately said, “I am not doing any field sobriety tests.”

The officer however had only asked her to step out of the car. He had not said anything about field sobriety tests. Then he asked her again how much she had to drink and she said, “Not much. Nothing at all.” Then she said, “Nothing. I really haven’t had that much at all.”

She then asked the officer if he could just follow her home, the report stated. She eventually agreed to do field sobriety tests. The officer asked her if she had any physical impairments to which she responded no, according to the report. Then she showed the officer her boots and said they “were made for walking.”

He then asked her if she wore glasses or contacts and she said she wore contacts and they were worn out.

The driver was either unwilling or unable to follow directions when the officer asked her to use her eyes only to follow the light on his pen. She even swayed a few times and almost fell over, the report stated. The report said the officer gave the girl an opportunity to take her walking boots off, but she did not want to. She had trouble even standing where the officer told her to stand. She began the tests and after numerous attempts kept losing her balance and falling to the left. She asked the officer, “Can’t we just go home.” She was ultimately charged with DUI and blew a .23 percent on the Breathalyzer.


An 18-year-old child called police on her mother for spitting on her. Police arrived and spoke to the daughter who said she was in a heated argument with her mother and her mother spit in her face so she pushed her mother’s face. She said all she wanted to do was pack her belongings and go to a friend’s house.

The mother said her daughter got in her face and as a result she made a spitting sound to get her daughter to back off. The report said that the mother never spit on her daughter. But her daughter slapped her across the face.

The mom said she did not want to press charges and would be fine with her daughter leaving for the night.

The father witnessed the incident and said the pair had been arguing because the daughter wanted a tattoo and as parents they forbade it.

The kid packed up her stuff and left for the night.


Police were called to a home for a domestic dispute. When they arrived the husband told police that he and his wife had been drinking large amounts of alcohol. He said they have been having martial problems and are in counseling due to him looking at pornography for the last seven years. He said his wife is upset about the pornography and starts fights with him about it.

He said that during this recent argument his wife slapped him on his face four times. His wife did not have any injuries or redness. He said he did not want to press charges but did want the incident documented.

The officer then spoke to the wife. She said she was very upset about the pornography, but she did not slap her husband. She said they will continue to work things out through counseling.

They agreed to sleep in separate rooms for the evening.

(The Police Blotter is intended to be an informative and/or humorous column written from police reports obtained from the Mount Pleasant Police Department. Many of the stories come from the initial incident reports and, occasionally, supplemental reports.

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