I need my service dog to help me drink at the bar

  • Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Service dogs are often used to assist with medical needs and disabilities and to help humans function in society. But drinking in a local bar with your “service dog” in tow is not crucial to functioning in society. And it took a Mount Pleasant officer to convince a local man of this.

A police report said this man bellied up the bar with his dog in tow.

The dog did have a service dog cover over him and was just lying on the floor.

The bartender told the customer that unless his dog was a true service dog he would have to leave and would not be served. He refused to leave so she called police.

When the officer arrived he questioned the customer who said the dog was utilized to search for cadavers

He presented the officer with a Service Dogs of American card and ID number for the dog.

He told the officer that the restaurant could not deny him service because his dog was a service dog.

The officer asked the customer what he utilized the dog for in particular and the customer said the dog relieves stress for him on an airplane when he flies.

The customer was clearly not on an airplane, and agreed to leave the bar.

He was also placed on trespass notice from the bar and then walked home.

Habitual runaway

A father had to call police on his own daughter one night because she snuck out of her bedroom window and stole his car.

The father told the officers that it wasn't unusual for his daughter to run away and police had been at their home because of it as recently as December.

The father was able to provide the officers with several names and addresses of her friends and places she might go.

The dad also showed the officers the last text message the daughter got on her phone, which the dad took away from the kid earlier that night.

That message asked what she was up to that night, so officers promised to check out that person's whereabouts as well.

And lastly, the dad told police that his daughter's boyfriend was just released from jail and lives nearby.

The daughter was entered into the system as a runaway, and the car was listed as stolen. Police then went out in search of the girl.

About 6 a.m. that next morning, the father called police to report that his daughter had come home.

The officer went to the home and counseled the girl on running away and stealing a car. She told the officer she was just riding around her neighborhood to attempt to alleviate her “stress.”

She said she tried to wake her dad up and tell him she was going but he was highly medicated for a broken arm and did not respond.

Her dad said he did not want to press charges for the stolen car, but she was charged by police as a habitual runaway.

Not promoting

A father and a son got into an argument, according to a police report. A concerned citizen witnessed it and called police.

This citizen said they were behind a vehicle with two males and they appeared to be involved in an altercation.

The son then jumped out of the car when the car stopped.

Police found the boy in a nearby parking lot, and he said he had been in an argument with his dad in the car and that he got out of the car when his dad stopped at the light.

He said his father quickly drove off.

The boy told police, according to the report, that they got into an argument because he is a homosexual and he wanted to go to a shopping area in town to meet up with his boyfriend.

He then gave police his mother's name and phone number so she could come to the scene and pick him up.

In the meantime another officer located the dad and stopped him to see what was going on.

According to the report, the dad told the officer that the argument was just a verbal altercation over the fact that his son was gay.

He told the officer that he did not condone that kind of behavior and would not drive him anywhere to promote that kind of activity.

The kid's mother arrived and picked him up as she is the court-ordered guardian and his dad is only allowed visitation.


Police received a complaint about a man sleeping under the bridge.

They found the guy who said he was staying at the shelter downtown but got kicked out because he got caught drinking beer.

Police ran the man's name and found out he was wanted out of Pickens County for assault and battery 3rd but they denied extradition.

The report said that while talking to the man he started to become agitated and started naming police officers from other parts of the state and past dealings he had with them.

He then said he was glad some of them were dead and he would like to spit on their graves.

He admitted to having an extensive record including multiple charges of assault on a police officer. The man was advised that he could not sleep under the bridge and needed to go back to the shelter or find another one.

Big bully

A Mexican immigrant went to the police department recently to report harassing phone calls and text messages. He spoke with an officer and explained that a fellow Mexican, living in the states, had been harassing him since last January.

He said the calls always come in at the end of the month and the man says if he does not pay him $5,000 he is going to tell everyone his mother is a prostitute and spread bad rumors about the victim's family.

The victim told the officer that this suspect comes from a prominent family in Mexico and often harasses people into giving him money.

The victim asked the officer to go by the man's home and tell him to stop calling and texting.

The report said that the suspect does not speak very good English and would not understand English over the phone. He asked the officer to warn the man in person.


A local woman had to call police because she went outside to find a deer impaled on her fence. The officer got permission from his supervisor to “dispatch” the deer. He sent the woman back inside her home and was able to put the deer out of its misery with one shot to the head. The resident's husband came home from work and said he would discard the carcass.

(The Police Blotter is intended to be an informative and/or humorous column written from police reports obtained from the Mount Pleasant Police Department. Many of the stories come from the initial incident reports and, occasionally, supplemental reports. Generally, cases have not been adjudicated at the time of publication. See more columns at www.moultrienews.com.)

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