They are liars and they are just jealous

  • Tuesday, March 12, 2013

A taxi driver had to call police because a fare jumped out of his cab and took off, leaving a fee of $36 unpaid.

The cab driver told police that someone from the port authority called and asked him to pick up an intoxicated individual.

They told the driver the man was drunk and lost, according to the polics report.

The driver picked the man up and was told to go to a neighborhood off of Chuck Dawley Boulevard. When the cab driver got onto Bowman Road, the passenger told the cab he was going to wrong way. In order to please his client, the cab driver made a U-turn.

The passenger then borrowed the cab driver’s phone and called his friend.

Then the passenger asked the driver to stop so he could smoke a cigarette.

The cab driver pulled into a parking lot and the passenger got out of the cab to smoke.

But he didn’t stand there long. The driver told police that the passenger took off running.

Later in the evening the cab driver saw the passenger walking around town and he pulled over and told him he needed to pay his fare or he would be turned over to police.

The passenger then took off running again.

That’s when the cab driver called police. The officers went to the intended address and spoke with the resident who said the suspect was in town visiting and headed to another state to look for a job.

The resident told police they had been at an event on Longpoint Road all day and the suspect got drunk. He explained that the group of friends then got into a fight with the suspect and the suspect left the event on foot.

The resident said the suspect did not have his cell phone with him, but the friends agreed to go out looking for him and make him turn himself in.

Just arrest me

An officer was called to a local bar because of a disturbance. When he arrived he began speaking with two employees to see what was going on. About that time a loud, crazy woman came up to the officer very quickly, according to the report. She began telling the officer in a loud voice that he needed to just go ahead and arrest her and get the whole thing over with. He asked her to calm down, according to the report, but she screamed at the officer and told him she would not calm down. So, the officer did as she asked and handcuffed and took her to jail for drunkenness. But, before the officer drove on to the jail, he spoke with the bouncer who said that the suspect had been in the bar earlier in the evening and was drunk. When she tried to open a tab, the bartenders refused to serve her.

They even tried to explain to her that they could not serve her or they could be charged with over service. The suspect then became irate, he explained to the officer. She started walking around the bar and spoke to three men.

It turns out those men had met her earlier in the evening and she demanded that they drop her off at this bar. They initially came in with her, but left after she started causing a ruckus.

After the men left, the bouncer explained, she started looking for her debit card in her purse and could not find it. She started accusing the bartenders of taking it and not giving it back. But because the bartenders refused her service they had never even touched the card.

The customer then cussed the bartender and demanded her card back, the report showed. That’s when this six foot something, 200 pound something bouncer got involved. He tried to escort her outside, he told the officer, but she fell into him. Then she demanded that the bouncer let her go or she would not step one foot outside.

The bouncer said his hands were no where near her.

He told the woman as such and she followed him outside.

Once outside she found her debit card. Then she got on her cell phone and began calling people and telling them that the bouncer at the bar punched her in the face and then threw her into the curb and into a puddle.

And while perhaps she may have deserved such treatment, the bouncer pointed out to the officer that the suspect was completely dry and had no physical manifestations of injury. During the entire time the officer was speaking with the bouncer, the suspect was yelling at the officer from the back seat of his patrol car.

She screamed at the officer, demanding that he call her mother. The 23-year-old suspect, who said she is a therapist, then went on to say the bartenders and bouncer threw her into a puddle and punched her.

Witnesses at the bar gave statements to police saying the woman was loud, drunk and tripped several times while walking around the bar, the report said.

One witness said she tried to open a closed door and when she did, she opened the door right into her own face.

While the officer was taking a statement from a witness the suspect screamed that they were liars and just jealous, the report stated.

She then implied, according to the police report, that the only reason the officer was taking witness statements was so that he could flirt with the girls in an attempt to take them home. If only it were that easy.

The officer then began the paperwork for her official arrest and the suspect began rolling around in the backseat, kicking the cages of the patrol car and attempting to get out of the car by pulling on the handles, the report said.

She continued to scream at all the witnesses and call them liars and jealous people.

Another officer arrived on-scene to transport the suspect to jail. He had another prisoner in his car as well. The report said that the suspect started to kick this male prisoner. That is when officers called for a transport van so the two could be separated.

She was booked and lodged and additionally charged with trespass notice from the bar.


A woman called police because her neighbor began yelling and screaming at her over her dogs.

She told the officer, according to the report, that she was in the backyard with her son feeding her dogs. She said her neighbor came outside and began yelling at her and beating on the fence that they shared between the yards.

The dog owner told police that her neighbor is obsessed with their dogs.

Upon speaking to the neighbor, the police report said they learned that this neighbor saw the two dogs attacking each other and she was screaming at them and hitting the fence to stop them from fighting.

She told police, according to the report, that she thinks the dogs are ill treated and are not fed properly or taken care of.

She said the dogs were fighting with each other because the dog owner had not fed them in the last two days and the dogs were fighting over food. The dog owner said she feeds the dogs twice a day.

The officers observed the dogs and according to their report, they appeared to be in good health and had food and water and a large shelter.

Police told both individuals to stay away from each other. The neighbor was told to call animal control if she had concerns about the dogs and not to take matters into her own hands.

(The Police Blotter is intended to be an informative and/or humorous column written from police reports obtained from the Mount Pleasant Police Department. Many of the stories come from the initial incident reports and, occasionally, supplemental reports. Generally, cases have not been adjudicated at the time of publication. See more columns at www.moultrienews.com.)

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