Ninth time is not the charm

  • Tuesday, March 26, 2013

A local man called police because a derogatory sign had been placed at the front of his neighborhood.

The sign defamed his character, he said. (The name has been changed to protect his identity.) The sign read, “John Doe is a porn addict.” The complainant told police that he is going through a divorce but did not have any information to identify who placed the sign there. The sign was photographed for evidence and removed.

My change?

Officers were called to a home where a husband and wife were arguing over change.

It turns out the husband sent the wife to the store with a $20 bill and instructions to buy him a pack of cigarettes. She bought the smokes, returned and went about her business. But the husband got mad, according to the report and demanded his change back. She refused to give him the change and he shoved her. She then shoved him back. The husband left the house and called police. The wife said she wanted to pursue charges and wanted her husband out of the house. But she later changed her mind about pressing charges after she was asked to sign the warrant.

Candid camera

A gas station clerk called police because a man came in and tried to steal something. He told police that a man walked in and snooped around the store, pausing for a while near the headphones and phone charger displays. The subject then went up to a random customer and tried to convince that customer to buy him a beer, but the customer refused.

The subject then went back to the phone charger display, picked up something and started to walk out of the door. The gas station clerk then called after the man and told him he was on candid camera and to please return the item he stole. At that point the suspect ran out of the store. The clerk said he was unsure of what the suspect stole but was positive he took something from that area. He said he would have his manager pull the video tape and if the suspect was caught, would like to have him placed on trespass notice.

Choir practice

A handful of men in a musical group meet at a local person’s home every week for practice. One of those men played bass and borrowed the instrument and an amplifier from the owner of the house.

Things were going well until the bass player’s wife became ill and he took a leave of absence from the group.

He never returned the bass and amplifier, because his intentions were to return to the musical group once his wife recovered. But the man fell on hard times, according to a police report, and he pawned the bass and amplifier.

The bass player told police that he needed quick money and had every intention of paying back the pawn shop. He said he was unable to get all the needed money to pay back the pawn shop, so they took possession of the bass and amplifier.

At this point he had to tell the owner of the musical instrument what had happened.

Police were eventually called in and helped get the instrument back. The owner of the instrument then decided not to press charges since his belongings had been returned. According to the report, he just wanted to put the incident behind him.

Nine lives

Police saw a sports car go flying down Coleman Boulevard at over 50 mph. An officer fell in behind the vehicle trying to catch up. He saw the driver and the passenger then roll down their windows and throw out their drinks.

The car was eventually pulled over and the driver was asked for his license and registration information. He then said the car belonged to the passenger.

The officer then switched gears and asked him what type of drink he threw out of the window. The passenger said it was not alcohol, but the driver said it was mixed drinks and that they had been drinking at a nearby bar all day. The empty cups both smelled of booze, according to the report. The driver’s license turned out to be suspended for nine failure to pay traffic ticket citations. He was charged for driving under suspension 2nd, open container, failure to pay traffic tickets and speeding, and his passenger was charged with open containers.


Police were called to a home in regard to a domestic dispute.

The female told police that she and her husband had an argument and she bit him and he pushed her into a fish tank, causing it to break.

She said the argument spilled outside where her husband pushed her and she fell to her knees. The report said the officer noticed grass stains on her knees but no other physical manifestations of injury.

She said her husband then threw her car keys and she could not find them.

Police then spoke with the husband who was on the back porch crying and gasping for breath, EMS treated him to be sure he was not in cardiac arrest. In the meantime an officer spoke with their son who said that their father had left town for a few months to help family members repair their homes after a storm.

While gone, their mother had been acting strangely and would disappear for days at a time without explanation, according to the report. The son told officers that he and his little brothers gained access to their mother’s email account and found that she was having an affair with a man named Joe. The boys then went through her phone and showed their dad what they had found. According to the report, the dad bear-hugged their mom so she would not go after their son who still had her phone. That is when she bit her husband, they struggled, she fell into the fish tank and it broke. The husband then told police the fight moved outside and he chased after her and when she stopped suddenly he ran into her, causing her to fall to the ground. The husband said her purse spilled open and every thing fell to the ground. That’s when he said he saw her keys and threw them as far as he could so she could not leave.

The police officers ruled that there was no intent, given the circumstances to injure each other and that the differences in their stories seemed to be the result of perception rather than substantive differences in fact. The wife agreed to leave the house and she was advised to have a neutral third party escort her should she decide to return.

Walking in circles

A grocery store manager called police because a drunk woman was in the store walking in circles and trying to get in the manager’s office. He told the officer that the woman then walked back out into the parking lot and banged on the windshield of a passing car. An officer saw the woman roaming around the parking lot and stopped to talk with her. She said she had been at a nearby bar and was just heading back to the bar. Then she said she was heading home. She was so drunk, according to the report, that when asked for her ID she handed the officer a $5 bill. Then she almost fell over. She was arrested for public drunkenness.

The Police Blotter is intended to be an informative and/or humorous column written from police reports obtained from the Mount Pleasant Police Department. Many of the stories come from the initial incident reports and, occasionally, supplemental reports. Generally, cases have not been adjudicated at the time of publication. Visit www.moultrienews.com.

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