Man now wishes he hadn’t put a ring on it

  • Tuesday, April 2, 2013

A sister and a brother own a home in Mount Pleasant that is vacant and for sale. The sister came to the police department to report that someone had been making entry into it.

She explained that they arrived recently to find the front door kicked in. When they went inside they saw that someone had been cooking in the fireplace. She said the residence is for sale but every time she goes by, the for sale sign is gone.

She said that they have tried wooden doors and glass doors but someone continues to make entry. Police agreed to do extra patrols to try and catch the intruder.

Quite honest

An officer on the Wando Bridge stopped a car that went speeding past him in the truck lane at 87 mph.

When he approached the driver’s side of the car, he smelled a very strong odor of raw marijuana, according to the police report.

He asked the driver if there was any marijuana in the car and the driver said, “No, but there was earlier.”

The driver was searched and police found a large sum of money in the man’s pockets.

With probable cause to search the car, the officer began looking around, and again asked him if there was any marijuana in the car. It turns out the driver was telling the truth when he said no. There wasn’t any more marijuana in the car. But there was a bag of what appeared to be cocaine, according to the police report. The driver was arrested and his car towed.

But it didn’t end there. Once at the jail, a strip search revealed that the man had a bag of marijuana shoved in his anal cavity. He was charged with that as well.

Going on three years

After three years of separation, you’d think a couple could move on. But according to a police report, the couple got into an argument over the wedding ring. The husband called the wife to request that she quit wearing the wedding ring he gave her all those years ago.

The ring must have some bling, because she told him she would not stop wearing it.

According to a police report, the wife then hung up the phone and drove to her husband’s girlfriend’s house.

She caused a scene and got upset, according to the complaint. She then left the area.

But the girlfriend called police to make a report and inquire about a trespass notice.

After speaking with officers, the girlfriend decided not to issue a no trespass notice, but to have a disturbance report taken.

Got a smoke?

Police were called to a woman’s home in response to a stolen key. The dispatcher who took the call told police the caller sounded intoxicated, according to a report.

When police arrived, she promptly asked them for a cigarette multiple times.

She then went on to tell police that she was afraid a particular man was going to come to her house. She told police she gave the man a key to her house and she was scared he was going to come over.

She told police she did not want the man to have the key anymore and that she should not have given it to him.

Then she said the man did not have a key to the dead bolt and if she locked that he could not get in.

She could not give police any particular reason why this man would come to her house and then randomly told police several times that she had been date raped in the past.

While police were there, the man in question called, and she asked police to speak with him.

The man said they were not in a dating relationship and had only been out for the night drinking together. He told officers that he took a cab home and had no intention of coming to her house. He did offer to return the key when he was sober.

While all that was taking place, the woman realized she left her debit card at the bar. She asked officers multiple times to run her up there so she could grab it.

When officers told her they could not take her to get her card, she told them she left it there because she was assaulted by a red-headed man with a beard. She had no other details on the man who allegedly assaulted her.

But an officer went to the bar to speak with the management. The staff remembered the woman and did see her arguing with a red-headed man with a beard.

They said this woman started the argument and then spit on the man and then left with someone else.

The officers then brought her card back to her apartment and while doing so, she did not mention a thing about anyone assaulting her. But she did get her card back and was able to lock the dead bolt.

Who’s cheating?

Police were called to a home because a couple was arguing. The female waited around the corner for police to arrive and then they escorted her back to the house.

An officer who interviewed the male learned that they both arrived home in separate cars and began arguing about who was cheating on whom.

He said he grabbed a box of KY Jelly and threw it at her and said, “Here, go use this on the guy you’re messing around with.” When he threw it, the box hit her in the face.

That’s when the female began slapping him all over the face, according to the report.

She broke the skin on his face, which was visible to officers and poured a beer on the man, the report said.

Since both statements were consistent and both parties assaulted each other at some point in the argument, police had no other choice than to arrest both of them for domestic violence.

Bumper cars

Police observed a driver turn left from the Isle of Palms Connector onto Rifle Range Road traveling south. But when the vehicle turned left it turned into the oncoming left turn lane and struck the concrete median. The vehicle then came out of the median and kept driving where the driver corrected and returned to the right lane after the median ended.

The officer caught up with the vehicle and watched the driver cross the yellow line twice and ran up on it twice. Then the driver over-corrected and crossed the far white line.

The officer then initiated a traffic stop, but the driver didn’t pull over into the first parking lot. The driver almost struck the curb then pulled up onto the sidewalk by driving over the curb rather than pulling onto the next street.

The driver admitted to hitting the curb and driving against traffic but said it was because she was going home a different way than she was used to.

The woman said she only had one single beer, several hours earlier. But she was not sober enough to pass any field sobriety tests or follow directions for the tasks.

She was arrested for DUI. An inventory of her car revealed several bottles of prescription medicine.

Several had warning labels that said not to drink alcohol.

The Police Blotter is intended to be an informative and/or humorous column written from police reports obtained from the Mount Pleasant Police Department. Many of the stories come from the initial incident reports and, occasionally, supplemental reports. Generally, cases have not been adjudicated at the time of publication. See more columns at www.moultrienews.com.

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