Marriage counseling not part of police job description

  • Wednesday, April 10, 2013

A utility worker was working outside of a man’s home one day when the homeowner approached. The homeowner came up behind the utility worker and reached around in front of him and patted his genitals and groin area, according tothe report. The homeowner then asked the worker if that was okay, and the utility worker responded, “no.”

The homeowner then apologized and left the residence.

The utility worker called police, who made contact with the homeowner when he returned home. The homeowner admitted to officers that he had groped the worker. The report said that police told the homeowner that what he had done was inappropriate and the homeowner agreed. He stated to police that he was a widower and he was lonely.

The report said the officers suggested he try a dating website to look for companionship. The utility worker said he did not wish to pursue charges but wanted the incident documented. The 78-year-old homeowner did not have any priors and had never been arrested.

You can run...

Police were dispatched to Rifle Range Road in reference to a reckless driver. The officer who arrived on scene came upon a blue dirt bike being driven well above the posted speed limit of 35 mph. The officer confirmed it was traveling 48 mph and took after him. But the driver accelerated, looked over his shoulder at the officer and drove into oncoming traffic before making an abrupt turn. The officer lost sight of the bike when it turned onto a dirt road. So the officer parked, according to his report, and followed the dirt trail the tires left behind. The bike traveled across two roads and up into a dirt driveway, behind a house. The officer followed the tracks through the yard, up over an embankment, over a curb and sidewalk, across Hungryneck Boulevard.

The officer found the bike hidden under a tarp, and knew it was the bike he was following because it was still warm from being run. The officer knocked on the door of the home where the bike was hidden. A man who answered the door was asked if the driver was in the house. He said yes, according to the report, and pointed officers inside.

The man inside was the driver police saw running away from them, according to the report. He admitted to driving the bike, but said he never saw the officer trying to stop him.

According to the report, the man’s license is suspended. He said he borrowed the bike.

He was charged with DUS 2nd and reckless driving.


Police were called to a home for a family disturbance. The husband spoke to officers when they arrived and explained that his wife was causing a disturbance and she told him to call police. He stated that his wife has been argumentative over marital issues, according to the report.

The officer then met with the wife who said she is upset because she wants “a traditional marriage with harmony,” and she does not have that. She said she had not been physically harmed in any way and did not fear her husband. She stated again, according to the report, that she was only upset because her husband is rude and she wanted “harmony” in their marriage. According to the report, neither party was sure of exactly what “service” they were seeking from the police department other than seeking advice on their situation - which is not exactly a “service” of the department.

Drink up

A woman renting a carriage home came back to her residence to find that most of the liquor in her liquor bottles had been consumed.

She called police because the only person that should have been in her unit was her landlord who was supposed to fix the ceiling fan. She told police that her landlord also had crews working on the yard that day.

When police went to speak to the landlord, she became upset that her tenant did not just call her to work it out, rather than the police. But she denied that the yard crews went into the woman’s unit.

Then two days later, the carriage house renter came home again to find her liquor missing, only this time, it was all empty - nothing but empty bottles.

She called the officer again because she spoke with the landlord’s mother who also lives in the main house.

She admitted that her daughter drank the liquor and she had sent her daughter to rehab.

A new property manager was assigned to the carriage house property and the tenant decided to wait until her landlord got out of rehab before deciding if she should press charges.

Not good

A suspected drunk driver ran a police officer off the road one evening as he sped through an area neighborhood.

The officer turned around and followed the driver and he swerved in and out of the lane and drove down the center line.

The car was finally stopped and the driver was noticeably intoxicated, according to the report. He could only produce his driver’s license despite being asked for the registration and insurance paperwork.

He was given field sobriety tests and failed every single one, according to the police report. The driver then admitted to having more than five beers with friends at work and then another beer at dinner.

He was taken off to jail for DUI and open container.

Yeah right

A woman used a rest room in a local business and accidently left her phone in there. She began tracking the phone using a special application. The phone was found to be in a local school bus parking lot. The victim drove to the parking lot and did not locate the phone but there was one car in the lot.

The victim’s mother just happens to drive a local school bus. So the victim called her mother and described the lone car in the lot. The mother gave her the name of the person who may own that car. About that time the owner of the car pulled up, parked her bus and walked toward the lone car. The victim asked the woman if she had seen a white iPhone anywhere. She said she had not.

Later the victim tracked the phone to a local residence. That residence happened to be the same address as the one in which this woman lived.

Police in the meantime pulled in-store surveillance video and saw a woman go into the bathroom of the business and come out holding a white iPhone in her hand as she checked out at the register.

Police then contacted the woman in question. The phone was still tracking at this woman’s home, according to the report, but she denied knowing anything or even seeing a phone like that. She said she was at that store, but never saw or took a phone.

The victim does not want to press charges, but she does want her phone back.

The Police Blotter is intended to be an informative and/or humorous column written from police reports obtained from the Mount Pleasant Police Department. Many of the stories come from the initial incident reports and, occasionally, supplemental reports. Generally, cases have not been adjudicated at the time of publication. See more columns at www.moultrienews.com.

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