• Wednesday, April 24, 2013

I am so glad the young woman who hit the palm tree in the median of the Shem Creek bridge, lost control and then almost went though the railing wasn’t seriously injured.

If she had been the South Carolina Department of Transportation would have felt the need to remove the trees.

Oh, and while I am at it, I do not understand the debate about texting while driving. Seems to me the police could very easily apply a law already on the books. It’s called “Reckless Driving.”

Joe Pierpont

Mount Pleasant

Less talk, more action

When I heard on the news that President Obama has announced that he will give up 20 percent of his salary, I was impressed with the idea.

I now believe that Congress who has such a difficult time resolving our debt crisis should also agree to cut their pay by 20 percent to help resolve our national debt crisis.

After all, didn’t they contribute to the spending decisions that got us into the “hole?” We Americans are asked to sacrifice our life style by making sacrifices. I believe we would all be more willing if we saw some active decisions and actions on their part, like working with a budget while running our country.

Wake up America. It is time to get results and action.I believe we all would be happier to sacrifice if we saw some positive actions on their part. As I watch Congress and our president argue and never resolve the important issues facing our country, I have a simple solution. Get involved. Think about it and let’s make them produce results for our country before it is too late.

Gwen Siegrist

Mount Pleasant

Light poles

In North Charleston, a debate goes on about the danger of trees that nature put in place and were allowed to grow in the median of I-26 and the dangers they may or may not present. Meanwhile, here in Mount Pleasant, someone felt it was a good idea to “plant” three large metal poles for lights mere feet from Highway 17 North that are surely more dangerous.

I am writing about the three tall light poles that were erected just north of the on-ramp to I-526 at 17 North, just north of K-Mart and the I-526 overpass. In addition to being dangerously close to the pavement of Highway 17, at a curve in the road, they are painted black and have no reflectors of any kind, no guardrail and not even a curb to keep drivers from accidentally striking these poles.

The same lighting of the intersection could have been offered by a single, multi-light pole in the middle of the triangle and away from the road. What is the reasoning behind the placement of these poles and why isn’t there anything to deter vehicles from crashing into them?

Mark Palasek

Mount Pleasant

Senate fails

The Senate failed again to pass meaningful gun control legislation because of some senators’ individual fears that they would not get re-elected in 2014.

When are they going to listen to the vast majority of the American people?

We need to act and replace these people at the spring 2014 primaries and general 2014 election.

Be thankful that our South Carolina senators voted to support the legislation.

Phil Siegrist

Mount Pleasant

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