Driver not grateful for small favors

  • Tuesday, April 30, 2013

A woman drove her Cadillac to the police station to report that an auto body shop may have taken parts out of her car and replaced them with old worn out parts. She said she took her car in to have her window repaired. She paid for the service and when she drove off she noticed some interior details were different.

For example, her front seat belts had been replaced with old smelly ones, she said.

She said the center console and floor mats were removed and replaced.

She told the officer she would get a value on the missing inventory so she could make a full report.


A woman got a text message from her niece’s old phone number. The sender called her Aunt Su and said they had been hit in the mouth, causing all of their teeth to fall out. The sender said she was at daddy’s and they have a gun.

The aunt made contact with her niece who said she was fine and not at her dad’s.

The aunt then called police.

An officer called the old phone number and left a voice mail telling the person not to call the number again.

The officer then spoke to the niece and she said she had just called her old number and a drunk male answered.

When she asked about the text message, he hung up.

She explained to the officer that there have been several occasions where her friends will call the old number by accident and a man would answer the phone.

They were told to block the number for now until she could contact her cell phone provider.

Off the hook

A man called police to his home because his laptop was frozen. On the screen was a message that said the U.S. Department of Justice had frozen his computer because he had viewed child pornography. The message said he had to buy a special money card for $450 to unlock the computer.

The laptop owner was told by the officer that this was a scam because the department of justice investigates and arrests individuals caught viewing child pornography. The officer told the man that offenders would not be let off the hook for $450. The man agreed with the officer.


A 24-year-old man got pulled by Berkeley County officers and charged with DUI. Amazingly, they allowed his father to come pick him up, rather than requiring him to spend the night in jail.

But rather than be grateful for this turn of events, the 24-year-old kid began arguing with his father about getting his keys, wallet and car back. Of course his father wasn’t about to hand these items over to his son until his son sobered up, according to a police report.

But the son would not let it go, and the father ended up calling Mount Pleasant police to calm the argument.

Officers were able to talk both parties down and left the two to go to sleep for the night. But 10 minutes later they were called back because the argument escalated again.

After another lecture the two agreed to separate for the night.

Burrito bomb

An officer driving down Mathis Ferry Road passed an oncoming vehicle. The driver of that vehicle threw something out of the window that hit the officer’s windshield. The officer turned around and followed the vehicle.

Before the officer flipped on the blue lights, the driver of that vehicle stopped in the middle of the road, according to the report.

The officer stopped behind the car which still did not move. At this point the blue lights went on and the vehicle remained stopped. The officer made contact with the driver and explained the reason for the stop. The officer asked what it was that he threw out, and the man said it was a burrito and that he did not mean to hit the officer’s car.

While speaking, the officer noticed drug paraphernalia in the man’s car, according to the report.

The man said he was a recovering addict and admitted to recently smoking marijuana and K Spice in his car.

The man admitted to pot being in the vehicle. He seemed nervous, according to the report and kept putting his hands in his pockets, even after the officer asked him not to do so.

He accidently pulled out the baggie he was trying to hide and when the man realized what he had done, he handed it over to the officer.

The illegal items in his car and on his person were confiscated and he was arrested for simple possession of drug paraphernalia and litter thrown by a person in a vehicle.

He was then allowed to leave and wait for his court date.

Hey buddy

A man was sitting with a friend on the porch of a local bar when an acquaintance walked up. He came up from behind, put both hands on the man’s shoulders and said “hey buddy.” But then he started punching the man in the head and neck.

The man went to stand up and defend himself, but according to a report, fell over, hit his head on the ground and then got kicked in the head four or five times.

Witnesses relayed the same information to police, saying it seemed totally random.

But the victim told police he knew who had done it.

The victim said he does not know any more about what happened other than overhearing someone nearby saying, “that’s what he gets for being a snitch.”

The victim said that earlier in the year the suspect bought pot from him and his friend but ended up holding them up and robbing them at gunpoint, the reported stated.

A police report was made in that incident but no suggestion was made in the report that the two incidents were related.

The suspect was nowhere to be found at the time of the report.

The Police Blotter is intended to be an informative and/or humorous column written from police reports obtained from the Mount Pleasant Police Department. Many of the stories come from the initial incident reports and, occasionally, supplemental reports. Generally, cases have not been adjudicated at the time of publication. See more columns at www.MoultrieNews.com.

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