• Wednesday, June 19, 2013

As your readers know there has been a great deal of dissension on Sullivan’s Island, often the result of its citizens feeling they were not properly informed by the town council.

Chauncey Clark was quoted in your paper saying that “no matter how the town processes information, the message gets muddled.” I disagree. Simply stream the council meetings via the web as well as any other meeting subject to FOIA. These can then be archived and viewed when one has the time.

This solution has been proposed by new council member, Susan Middaugh. It would be great if your reporter, Tyler Heffernan, would ask our elected officials where they stand on this proposal and how quickly can it be implemented.

Let’s put an end to the “muddle.” Other communities have been doing it for years.

Laurie Arthur

Sullivan’s Island

Word choice

Defending his administration’s review of telephone records as a national security measure, President Obama says the purpose of the phone call monitoring is to identify “folks who might engage in terrorism.”

Folks? You mean like the neighbors down the street or the nice people at the grocery store?

Using such a folksy word to describe potential murderers trivializes the deadly menace of terrorism.


Sullivan’s Island

IOP Connector

How can widening the Isle of Palms Connector make sense? There is a limited number of cars that can ever fit on the two-lane viaduct.

Regarding the plan to widen the connector to four lanes approaching Rifle Range Road going toward the Isle of Palms: This existing two-lane section of the connector now leads to the Rifle Range traffic signal light, where the right portion becomes a right-turn-only lane. Drivers on the remaining lane can then see ahead to the two-way-traffic viaduct with a center emergency lane. The new plan would increase the number of cars merging into one lane toward the available single right lane on the viaduct. Imagine the chaos.

The shopping center entrance demonstrates another problem. After passing through the the intersection of Rifle Range going toward the Isle of Palms, there is currently a useless, unfinished, shortened right lane leading toward the entry to a very large (and growing) development. This development consists of one motel, a full-sized grocery store, the Franke Home, Target, restaurants, other small businesses, many private homes, as well as several large, new apartment buildings under construction. This unfinished shortened right lane must be completed as a “right-turn-only lane into this very busy commercial center. As it now exists there are many close calls as drivers attempt to merge into the remaining single lane toward their one lane of the viaduct.

Delena Jones

Isle of Palms

A server’s perspective

I recently read a letter to the editor in the June 12 issue of the Moultrie News regarding a woman who was upset by the fact that after paying cash to a waitress at a restaurant, she did not receive the coinage portion of her change. As a college student waiting tables during the summer months to support myself during the school year, I would like to offer some insight into the food and beverage industry.

To begin, waiters and waitresses collect an hourly wage of $2.13 per hour. When you are seated in a restaurant, a server devotes an hour or more of her time to waiting on you, running back and forth and up and down for napkins, condiments and extra lemons. Often, she goes out of her way to make your experience in the restaurant a memorable one. Your server more than earns his or her tip. I would like to stress the standard for tipping is 20 percent of your bill.

Additionally, in most dining establishments, a percentage of the tip you leave also goes to tip out the bartenders, expediters and food runners who contributed to your dining experience. I’d also like to mention that your server is completely responsible for making change from the money in his/her own wallet, as we do not work from cash registers. Servers carry bills in their apron. However, If we were required to carry pennies, nickels, and dimes in addition to the pens, napkins and straws customers require, our aprons would drag the ground.

So, in the event that you are feeling short-changed, you are more than welcome to deduct that amount from what you would normally tip. Given that tipping is customary in U.S. culture, we would hope you would feel your server’s efforts are worth 49 cents.... and then some.

Lauren Frees

Mount Pleasant

Be advised

I have never written a letter to the editor before but something happened today that made me feel I should warn others. This morning I received a call from my elderly mother stating that during the night a limb in her front yard broke and fell into the street and right of way. To make matters worse it was pulling on the overhead cables. I told her to call the city and respective utility providers and let them know.

Around 10 a.m. she called to say a “Good Samaritan,” who claimed to have graduated from The Citadel, stopped by and said that he was working in the neighborhood and could have his crew remove the limb for $500.

He also said that if he did not hear back from her by 1 p.m., the price would go up.

She called me and asked what to do. Recognizing the unscrupulous practices used by some after Hugo, I advised her to hold off agreeing to these terms until I could contact a reputable tree company. In the interim a city employee came by and said the town would handle the cleanup since it was in the roadway. It took them 25 minutes to accomplish the task.

Believe it or not during the clean up, the “Good Samaritan” had the audacity to come by and verbally abuse the town employees for stealing a job from him, the same individual, who quoted basically $1000/ hour to accomplish the task.

Please be advised that we have people like this in our midst and don’t ever be pressured into accepting any estimate with an hourly escalation clause.

Wallace Jenkins

Mount Pleasant

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