There is a difference between a snitch and a victim

  • Tuesday, July 9, 2013

A concerned citizen called police to report an intoxicated driver. The vehicle in question was located in a parking space in an apartment complex, and the driver was lying down in the seat.

She was asleep when the officer approached and knocked on the window and tried to wake her up.

He finally had to open the door to get her attention, the report stated.

She sat upright and the officer asked her if she knew where she was. She told him she was at the police station.

She handed over her ID which police determined was a fake ID. And as they were speaking, the officer saw throw up all over her clothes, on the seat and all over the inside of the door.

She told the cop she had too much to drink earlier while she was at work.

She explained she had gotten off work and went to a friend’s place for about 30 minutes. The report indicates she admitted to having two glasses of wine and telling the officer that she does not drink that much.

The officer asked her again if she knew where she was and this time she said she was in Mount Pleasant and had driven there from downtown.

The concerned citizen then told police that he witnessed the driver driving erratically on Coleman Boulevard. He said the driver struck a traffic cone. She also put on her turn signal several times and never turned. At one point the car ran off the road.

She performed field sobriety tests unsatisfactorily and was arrested for DUI.

She blew a .15 percent on the Breathalyzer. An inventory of her car revealed an open bottle of liquor, a glass pipe and a flask containing rum.

The pill bottle officers found in the car was said to have belonged to her mother.

Just a little

Residents of Park West requested police presence on Bessemer Road due to people speeding day and night.

An officer running radar clocked a car going 57 mph in a 35 mph zone. It happened to be a resident of the area.

The officer pulled the driver and the report said that as he was waiting on the man to hand over his license and paperwork, the officer smelled marijuana.

The driver was asked to step out of his car and informed that the officer smelled pot. The officer told him he was going to search his vehicle, and the driver admitted to having a little bit in the glove compartment.

The officer found a joint and a dugout with green plant material in it commonly used to smoke pot.

The man admitted to using the dugout to smoke weed. He was issued a ticket for speeding, simple possession and possession of drug paraphernalia.

On street parking

Some residents in I’On had to call police because a car was completely blocking the road. According to a police report, the car was actually illegally parked right next to a legally parked car. In other words, the driver must have made his or her own parking spot.

Inside the vehicle officers spotted an open container of beer. Under the windshield was a ticket written by another officer for illegal parking. Because this parking job made the street impassable, the car was towed.

Not a snitch

An officer was patrolling a neighborhood when he came across several males running in opposite directions as his cruiser approached. Another male was looking around in the grass and did not appear to be with the group.

Police caught up with two of the males and asked them what happened and why everyone was running away. They said they did not know and refused to give officers their names or any other information.

The report said that both juveniles were “rude and uncooperative.”

The boy looking around in the grass said he had not been affiliated with the group. He said he did not know the boys.

So then police made contact with a nearby resident. She said she heard the boys outside playing basketball. The two boys that officers spoke to ran to the back of her house and knocked on the door when police arrived. But she told them to leave her property. She said she only knew one of their first names.

There was no evidence of any wrongdoing at the point so officers cleared the scene.

But 30 minutes later they made a traffic stop and the driver of the car was the juvenile who had been looking in the grass earlier.

He had blood on his shorts and T-shirt and a fresh cut on his elbow. The officers asked the kid to speak with them about what happened earlier.

He said nothing and that the cuts were from skateboarding a few days ago. But officers said the cuts did not look more than an hour old.

He finally admitted that the kids the officers spoke to earlier had assaulted him and stolen his cell phone.

When asked why he didn’t tell officers earlier he said he did not want to be known as a snitch. Officers tried to explain to him that he was not a snitch but rather a victim.

He was not sure if he wanted to press charges. He said the fight started because he was trying to stand up for a friend who these same boys robbed a few days earlier of a surf board and $20.

Police planned to make contact with the juveniles in question since they now knew their identities.

Power driving

Police were called to Ben Sawyer Boulevard because a car had rammed into a power pole.

The driver was nowhere to be found.

But upon a patrol of the area, the driver was located at a nearby gas station according to a police report.

The report said the driver was unsteady on his feet and his speech was slow.

When asked where he had been he said he had been at an island restaurant drinking.

He was asked to do some field sobriety tests. When asked his level of education, he said he was a college graduate.

Therefore the officer had him say the alphabet from D to R. The first time he recited it, the officer asked him how he thought he did. The man replied that he messed up. He tried it again - this time successfully.

He did not successfully complete any other tasks and was arrested for DUI. He blew a .12 percent and was charged with DUI, Leaving the Scene of an Accident and Driving Under Suspension.

Passed out

A man who was wanted for failure to pay child support had no trouble affording to drink himself to oblivion. According to a police report, he drank so much he passed out in a parking lot near the bar he had been drinking in.

Police found him, ran his name and learned he had a warrant out for his arrest in regard to the lack of child support payment. He was taken to jail.

The Police Blotter is intended to be an informative and/or humorous column written from police reports obtained from the Mount Pleasant Police Department. Many of the stories come from the initial incident reports and, occasionally, supplemental reports. Generally, cases have not been adjudicated at the time of publication. See more columns at www.moultrienews.com.

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