Unruly suspect goes Donald Trump on officers

  • Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Two women let a man they knew stay at their house on and off over the last few months, but he never paid rent or helped with the bills.

The man left the house one morning to go donate plasma in an attempt to earn some money. The two women had a conversation and decided they no longer wanted the man staying with them.

Shortly after that, according to a police report, the man called the women and said he was unable to donate plasma. They informed him that he was not welcome back at the house.

But later that afternoon, he did come back and tried to gain entrance into the house.

He couldn’t get in and began cussing at the women in front of a 2-year-old child also living there.

The women called police, but he took off before they arrived.

The women were told to call police if he returned.

Well, sure enough, he came back. Police returned and saw him standing by the house looking up at the second story.

The officer called out to him, and he put his hands in the air.

He was told to walk toward police. At that time an officer noticed a wound on his wrist and asked him about it.

He said one of the women stabbed him. There was no evidence to prove that. In addition, police could not place him on trespass notice because he was considered a resident. The officer explained to the women that they would have to have the man formally evicted. Officers took him to the homeless shelter downtown for the night.

Window shopping

A North Carolina couple was staying in a local motel and got into a verbal argument that turned physical. In fact, it was so physical that the girlfriend pushed her boyfriend down the stairs and into the window of another room. He crashed right through it into the room, according to a police report.

By the time police got there the victim was being treated for extensive cuts and lacerations. A window at the bottom of the stairs was completely shattered and there was blood everywhere.

The victim told police he and his girlfriend were in an argument and they were walking down the stairs from their room on the second floor. He said his girlfriend pushed him in the back and he tumbled down into the first floor window.

A witness staying in a nearby room told police he heard them argue and the girlfriend said she hated the boyfriend. Then the witness heard a loud crash. The witness ran outside and saw the victim bleeding and the window broken. The girlfriend was screaming, “I am not going to let you hit me.”

The victim said, “I was just defending myself,” according to the statement in the police report.

The tenant staying in the actual room into which the boyfriend crashed told police he heard the sound of glass crashing and suddenly a man came crashing through the window.

The victim was taken to the hospital, and the girlfriend was arrested for Criminal Domestic Violence. She was also charged with simple possession after officers found pot in her possession.


Police were called to a local restaurant because a bar patron decided to urinate on the back door of the business. The manager pointed the suspect out to police, who pulled him aside to question him, according to an incident report.

He admitted to the act, with no explanation. The manager asked that the suspect be placed on trespass notice, and he was escorted off the property.

Should have stayed

An officer witnessed a female driver go straight through a red light without even slowing down.

The driver veered into the southbound lanes but was traveling northbound. The officer caught up with the driver who then veered over the concrete median and into the northbound traffic lanes. The officer turned on his blue lights, and the driver pulled over, nearly driving into a ditch.

She eventually pulled forward out of the area of the ditch and stopped.

He explained to the driver why he pulled her over and asked for her information.

The report said the officer smelled an odor of alcohol coming from her person.

She had difficulty finding her paperwork and spoke in a slurred manner, the incident report said. The officer asked her where she lived and she replied the island. He then asked her why she was going in the wrong direction and she said, “that’s the way home.”

The officer asked her if she had anything to drink and she said “nothing.” The officer asked her if she even had a sip, and she denied it.

The officer eventually learned that this driver did not have insurance, her tags were suspended and so was her license.

At one point the suspect got on her cell phone. The officer asked her to hang up, but she kept right on talking, according to the report.

She told him she was talking to a friend.

She was asked to step out of her vehicle and she did, but told the officer she would refuse all field sobriety tests.

She was arrested for DUI and searched by a female officer who arrived on the scene. The suspect then admitted on camera she had one drink.

She was taken to the police station where she blew a .19 percent on the Breathalyzer.

While waiting to be transported to jail, she got back on her cell phone and was overheard telling her friend she only had two Bloody Marys. “I told you guys I shouldn’t have been driving and should have stayed at the house,” she said into the phone. She was then taken to jail.

Quite a ham

Two grown siblings got into an argument about how to cook a ham. A 48-year-old woman told police that her brother got mad because she was showing him how to cook the ham and he did not agree. Police spoke to the brother who explained that he had finished preparing the ham and his sister started yelling at him about how he cooked it. The two live in the same residence and agreed that there would be no more arguing about the ham. Sounds like someone was going to bed with no dinner.

You’re fired

Police were called to hotel parking lot to assist with an unruly subject. An officer already on the scene was attempting to talk to an older man who was at fault in a collision. He refused to give the officer any of his information, but another officer still went ahead with the collision report. When back-up officers approached, the subject told them they were fired and being relieved of their duties. He kept saying this over and over and said he did not have to listen to anything the officers were telling him.

He refused to take his driver’s license back so they set it in his driver’s seat, finished the report and told him he was free to leave. At this point he told officers he was not going anywhere.

According to the police report, they warned him that if he did not leave he would be charged with trespassing.

He said, “I am not going to jail; I am telling you to arrest him,” as he pointed to another police officer. He refused to listen to commands and was arrested for disorderly conduct. EMS arrived and medically cleared him for transport.

The Police Blotter is intended to be an informative and/or humorous column written from police reports obtained from the Mount Pleasant Police Department. Many of the stories come from the initial incident reports and, occasionally, supplemental reports. Generally, cases have not been adjudicated at the time of publication. See more columns at www.moultrienews.com.

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