Nephew slaps uncle because he looked at him funny

  • Tuesday, July 23, 2013

A 24-year-old man who had just gotten out of prison was turned in to police after being suspected of drunk driving. A concerned citizen called dispatch and told them a car driving down the highway had just hit a curb. The citizen said the driver might possibly be drunk.

Police caught up with the vehicle, observed the erratic driving displayed by the driver and pulled the vehicle over.

The officer approached the car and noticed four people inside.

There was an open beer between the two back seat passengers and a case of beer between the feet of the front seat passenger. Beer cans were strewn about the car as well, the report said.

The officer then asked the driver for his license and registration, and he said he did not have a license because he had just gotten out of prison.

He was asked to get out of the car. When he did, the officer asked him how much he had to drink and he replied, five or six beers.

He was asked to perform several field sobriety tests and failed them, ultimately being arrested for DUI.

The passengers were all issued tickets for open container.

Once at the police station, the suspect was put in the Breathalyzer room and left there for the 20 minute observation period. He fell asleep on the table. The officer then woke him up, and the suspect became upset and started threatening the officers and calling them vulgar names. He would not stop so at that point he was taken outside to the transport van where the report said he proceeded to kick the cage within the van. He was eventually hauled off to jail.

I’ll show you

A 42-year-old grown man got his heart broken after his girlfriend of just a few months broke up with him. They met in April and broke up in June. The girlfriend told police she broke off the relationship with him because he began showing controlling tendencies.

The break up didn’t sit too well with the man, according to a police report. He started texting harassing messages to the girlfriend. In one he called her a poor excuse for a human being and promised her that she would pay for using him for two months only to improve her life and then spit him out over a text message. He called her white trash and said the worst is yet to come.

In another he told her he had video of her smoking pot with her children present and promised to meet with her ex-husband’s attorney to show him the tape.

She told police she did not smoke pot in front of her children and that she is unaware of what video he might be talking about. She asked to have him placed on trespass notice and to not have any further communication with her, which police took care of.

No drinking and shopping

A woman arrested for DUI denied drinking while in the grocery store since the manager won’t let you do so, and she denied drinking anything at all for that matter. But oddly enough, according to a police report, she blew a .15 percent on the Breathalyzer after being arrested for DUI and not having had a drop.

What started the whole investigation was when she tried to back into a space at the grocery store and scratched the side of the car parked next to her’s. The owner of the car was in it at the time and got out to talk to her about the collision. She said she was in a hurry and hustled into the grocery store.

The victim in this incident smelled alcohol and called police.

Officers arrived by the time the woman came out of the store and she headed toward the officer with her information and driver’s license.

The officer smelled alcohol on her as well, but she said she had one glass of wine two days prior, but nothing this day. He had her perform some field sobriety tests, starting by saying the alphabet from D to R. But she began before he was finished telling her the instructions and said it from A to Z. He gave her another chance but she fumbled the letters.

She failed the remainder of the tests and was arrested.

Too much

An officer on routine patrol along Coleman Boulevard witnessed an accident take place. Both cars backed up and the officer approached with his blue lights on. He stopped to speak with one driver while another officer questioned the other.

The driver of the truck was asked what happened and he said he didn’t know. He also said he didn’t know if his light was green or not, the police report said.

It was clear to the officer the driver was very intoxicated and he asked the driver how much he had to drink. The driver replied, “too much.”

The driver then put chewing gum in his mouth to cover the alcohol smell, the report said.

It turns out, this man was leaving one bar and headed toward another, and the vehicle he hit was doing the exact same thing but headed in the opposite direction.

The suspect was asked again how much he had to drink and he said, “enough.”

The officer asked him what that meant and the driver admitted that it was enough to not be driving.

He rated himself as a six on the drunk scale and agreed to take some sobriety tests.

He failed all of the tests and told the officer to “just go ahead and do it.”

So the officer did.

He blew a .24 on the Breathalyzer and was taken to jail.

Help yourself

A girl went by her parents’ home to check on the house while they were out of town. When she opened the front door she smelled marijuana and saw beer cans on the kitchen table. The back door was open and as she walked deeper into the house she saw a teenage boy passed out on the couch. She called police, and as she did she heard people upstairs. She told the officer she had a younger sister and thought these may be her friends.

Police went into the house and gathered all the kids up. It turns out they were the sister’s friends and they had all been drinking and smoking weed, according to the police.

The sister was not there, but she sent a text to one individual giving them permission to be there.

One little girl tried to run from the police when they were not looking, but they caught her, handcuffed her and brought her back to the house where he father was waiting to pick her up.

In addition to being charged with underage possession and simple possession of drugs and paraphernalia, the kids might possibly be charged with some sort of damage charge. There were burn marks on the kitchen table, damage to the living room wall, a broken picture frame and a broken toilet. There were also beer cans throughout the house as well as condoms.

The parents picked up their kids, and the police spoke to the homeowner who said she would contact each parent herself and asked for extra patrols of her home while she was out of town.

For no reason

A 25-year-old man was charged with assault in the second degree after slapping his uncle. The 68-year-old uncle called police and explained that the slap on the side of his face was for no apparent reason. He said his nephew had already left the property but if found, he wanted to press charges.

The suspect was located and freely admitted to slapping his uncle because his uncle looked at him funny.

Due to the size of the suspect and disparity in the ages, along with the victim being blind in his left eye (the side he got slapped), the nephew was arrested.

No lunch for you

A 34-year-old man, still living at home, got angry with his father because his father would not drive him to the grocery store so he could buy sandwich meat. The son got agitated and then punched his father in the face. He also grabbed an ironing board and smacked his dad in the hand with it, a police report said. The police questioned the son who denied everything and said he would not do anything of the kind. He said he had to leave for work and was taking a cab and would not have any more contact with his dad for the rest of the day.

The father had a cut on his hand and his eye was red from being punched, the report read, but he refused medical attention.

The officer told the father his son would not make contact with him for the rest of the day, and the father agreed to do the same until they both cooled down.

The Police Blotter is intended to be an informative and/or humorous column written from police reports obtained from the Mount Pleasant Police Department. Many of the stories come from the initial incident reports and, occasionally, supplemental reports. Generally, cases have not been adjudicated at the time of publication. See more columns at www.moultrienews.com.

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