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  • Thursday, July 25, 2013

The recent traffic standstill due to the potential jumper highlights the need for a better future approach for “incidents” that occur on the Ravenel Bridge. They will continue to happen due to the huge volume of vehicles crossing the bridge daily.

Why is it that every time something happens, do we have to have a paralyzed system?

With the exception of a multi-vehicle accident that involves all four lanes and must, out of necessity, close all lanes to traffic until cleared, I have an idea that might work.

In addition to the personnel attending to the “jumper,” car accident or breakdown, create a special traffic control unit that can handle traffic. Direct traffic so that each lane is allowed to drive across the bridge for a set amount of time (say 10 minutes). Then, stop that lane and do it for the next lane. Continue until all four lanes have had their 10 minutes of free-flowing traffic. Then, start over with the original lane.

This way, drivers will have a shorter wait, get moving and not worry every time traffic backs up and they see the message: Attention - incident ahead on the overhead electronic sign. And, this would create good will among drivers toward public safety personnel charged with handling “incidents” on the bridge.

Denny Ciganovic

Mount Pleasant

No fireworks

As I looked forward to the traditional July 4 holiday I was shocked and saddened. Because of the government’s sequester policy adopted because Washington representatives cannot agree on a budget or how to stop spending causing a national debt in the trillions, veterans got no fireworks.

Our veterans who fight and die to defend our freedom are cut out of their fireworks, yet at the White House in Washington a party complete with fireworks took place on the property. Injustice.

Our country is now led by a president and Congress who talk a good game, but do not listen to the public or work together to do what the American people want. It is time to act.

First thing to do is bring all our troops home and mind the business of America. The enormous debt we are incurring could solve a lot of our own problems. The war which is now in its 12th year is a good place to start by keeping the promise to end that hopeless war. We won World War II in four years and it was paid for with stamps and bonds by the time it ended. We have settled for lies and promises. Before it is too late, we must take action. Get involved.

Gwen Siegrist

Mount Pleasant

Plurality vs. majority

I read with interest the letter in the Moultrie News from two of our town council’s members, Messrs. Nickels and O’Neil. I voted for each of these gentlemen in the last election only two or so years ago.

Oddly, the method of electing the mayor was not raised during that campaign, but perhaps there were more important things to think about. After all, it seemed to work well enough for Billy Swails, Harry Hallman, Woods-Flowers and earlier mayors throughout Mount Pleasant’s history.

It seems to have surfaced quite suddenly when Mount Pleasant’s current mayor, Billy Swails, who was elected by this very method, i.e., a simple plurality, made it known that he would not be running this time around. The one announced candidate, Joe Bustos, failed in his bid for mayor in 2009. But that was then.

Now we have two or more of the council’s members themselves looking to run for the mayor’s job, against, yes, Bustos. No, not authors of the letter, heaven forbid they would be so crass. But at least two others are known to be seriously considering running for mayor and possibly three.

A plurality won’t do this time, since as the gentlemen point out in their letter, “The plurality system creates problems of vote-splitting where two (or more) similar candidates split their combined vote between them...” That just won’t do when the two (or more) candidates are both members of Mount Pleasant’s “gang of eight,” otherwise known as the town council. What they are saying is that the two (or more) represent the same thing, the status quo, though of course they do not use those exact words.

Now let me see, the gang of eight can’t decide among themselves who is worthy to carry the torch of the status quo, so when they put up two or more candidates and split that vote, we should pay for a second election and they can get another chance to prevail. What a great idea. Not.

Gentlemen, whatever your argument, this is as transparent as the shenanigans carried out in Columbia by our esteemed legislators. I’ve seen similar behavior right here in Charleston County politics. When things don’t line up in your favor, bend the rules or break the rules and if neither works, change the rules. Shame on you.

Let us be honest. This is about you keeping things the way they are without the benefit of bringing fresh ideas into the process. This is about ensuring Joe Bustos’ chance of winning is diminished. This is political corruption, pure and simple. Call it what it is.

If we had had a different perspective being advanced, perhaps we would not be seeing Coleman Boulevard being turned into a summer parking lot on the weekends. And perhaps we would not be wondering where the tenants of the three hundred plus apartments on said boulevard will be parking. My guess is in the Old Village streets surrounding the Potemkin Village being built.

Maybe what we need in Mount Pleasant is a breath of fresh air and new ideas.

Bernie Gay

Mount Pleasant

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