Wedding crashers steal happy couple’s cash gifts

  • Tuesday, July 30, 2013

A couple went into a sports store and purchased a $1,600 kayak by check.

They then left and went to a resale store and tried to sell the kayak.

The owner of the resale store, however, recognized the brand and knew there was only one store in town that sold these.

He called that store owner, and it was confirmed he had just sold the kayak to a couple.

The sports store owner grew suspicious and called the bank about their check.

It turned out the check was written on an account that had been closed for 10 years. At that point he called police and met officers at the resale store.

The female said she did not realize her boyfriend wrote a bad check.

According to the police report, she told the officer that they are both heroin addicts and she had been in jail before for grand larceny.

She said her boyfriend’s sister in Florida has custody of their minor child.

The both gave officers consent to be searched but nothing illegal was found.

The owner of the kayak agreed not to press charges if he could have his kayak back.

He was able to load the kayak in his truck and the case was closed.

Dock party

Police were called by residents of a waterfront community because they thought there might be some underage drinking going on at their community dock.

When police arrived they saw several kids at the end of the dock and they heard something splash in the water.

As they approached the officers saw an open 12 pack of beer and empty cans in the water and around the dock.

There was only one kid there over the age of 16.

So, officers had them all call their parents to come pick them up.

They were charged with under-age drinking and littering.

Just messed up

A girl was in a local bar recently when her ex-boyfriend, who was sitting across the way, sent her a beer via a waitress.

The ex-girlfriend had the waitress return it.

She then marched over to her ex-boyfriend and told him he had just messed up since she had a restraining order against him.

But according to a police report, she admitted to officers that she really didn’t have a restraining order against her ex-boyfriend.

She told the officers she only told him that to scare him. The ex-boyfriend was still inside the restaurant and they asked him if he approached the old girlfriend at all.

He denied doing so and said he only ordered a beer and a water for her dog.

He was told to steer clear of her because she did not want anything to do with him.

He agreed to leave her alone.

Wedding bandits

A couple learned after their wedding reception that a thief had come in and stolen dozens of envelopes containing monetary gifts.

The checks are estimated to total about $750.

They had no suspects or evidence but did advise their wedding guests to place a hold on all checks written as gifts as a precautionary method.

Not neighborly

A woman noticed her neighbor doing some yard trimming and took it upon herself to go outside and remind him to pick up all the trimmings and to leave the sidewalk just as he had found it.

She also proceeded to call the neighbor white trash and told him he was beneath her. She told the man the only reason he could afford his home was because he bought it in foreclosure.

At that point he called her a nasty name and told her to leave.

The female admitted to police that she reminded him to pick up the trimmings and when he called her a name she called him trailer trash and that he could only afford the house because he bought it on the foreclosure market.

Both parties advised that they had ongoing issues with each other.

And the female added that she is afraid of him since he is bigger than she is.

They were both given trespass notices and told not to have any contact with each other.

Going to sue

A man and his girlfriend who were arrested for public drunkeness screamed at each other, blaming the other for their arrest. He told the girl, “You’re screwed. I am going to sue you.”

She responded, “I’m drunk but it is your fault I am going to jail.” She told him that when he got out of the car to pee she was about to call them a cab and not drive.

It all happened because when the man began peeing beside the car, a cop drove by and saw the man’s penis fully exposed.

The officer spoke to the driver who appeared drunk.

He had her exit the car and began asking her the intoxication level she thought she might be at. The boyfriend then got out of the truck and was storming his way toward them.

Officers gave him repeated commands to get back in the vehicle.

He would not listen and was arrested for drunk in public. He kept telling officers he did not know why he was being arrested. And based on the behavior of the driver, she too was arrested for drunk in public.

The Police Blotter is intended to be an informative and/or humorous column written from police reports obtained from the Mount Pleasant Police Department. Many of the stories come from the initial incident reports and, occasionally, supplemental reports. Generally, cases have not been adjudicated at the time of publication. See more columns at www.moultrienews.com.

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