Suspect makes double appearance in this week’s blotter

  • Tuesday, August 13, 2013

It is illegal to hitch a ride, particularly while standing on the on-ramp to the bridge.

A local man found that out one day when police spotted him flagging down a driver for a ride into Mount Pleasant.

The officers patrolling the bridge stopped the car in order to question the man.

He told police he just wanted a ride after visiting friends. He was then informed that it was illegal to flag down rides.

The man’s information came back clear, but when asked if he had anything illegal on him he said he had two crack pipes in his pocket and he told the officer he smoked crack earlier in the evening, according to the report.

The man was arrested for possession of drug paraphernalia.


A mother and her two daughters were shopping one afternoon and stopped in the rest room. One of the young daughters accidently left her phone on the bathroom counter. By using an application to find her phone, they located it in a nearby neighborhood to an exact address. At this point they called police.

Officers took a description of the phone and said they would go to the location for safety reasons.

Although there was a car in the driveway, no one would come to the door. Officers left a card asking the resident to call and took down the license plate information for further investigation.


The same fellow who got picked up for hitching a ride is also accused of stealing pants and other clothes.

He had just gotten out of jail when he hooked up with an old friend who offered him a place to stay.

The friend’s 25-year-old son, also living in the house, was the one who got his pants stolen. He explained to police that his father and the suspect are in cahoots. When asked what that meant, he said “they are together.” The report said that the 25-year-old told police that when the man got out of jail he asked to borrow a pair of pants and a shirt. The 25-year-old gave him some old clothes to wear.

While staying at the house, the suspect and the 25-year-old’s father picked the suspect up from Meeting Street, went to the DMV, then bought some drugs and then came home and smoked it.

The report said that after they smoked the drugs, they removed the fridge and took it to scrap it and buy more drugs.

The suspect was then left alone in the residence for a short time, according to the report, while more drugs were purchased by the 25-year-old’s father, the report said.

When the suspect was arrested for hitching a ride and having paraphernalia on him, he was questioned about the theft of the jeans but denied it. There was no evidence to support the victim’s claim.

Family feud

Police were called for a welfare check where a son-in-law said his mother-in-law was baby sitting his child. He explained to police that his wife called him and told him her mother was passed out drunk on the couch holding their baby. He said his wife told him the mother-in-law locked all the doors and she could not get in.

But when police arrived they observed no such thing. The grandmother was in a chair rocking the sleeping baby. She had no idea what was going on. She did admit to having a cocktail or two, but according to the police report did not appear to be intoxicated.

She seemed able to provide care for the grandchild, the report said.

The grandmother said she had never been passed out drunk on the couch, but she had been upset with her daughter because her daughter had her car keys and would not give them back. For that she locked her out of the house.

The police then called the grandmother’s daughter to find out what happened. The daughter seemed highly intoxicated, the report said, and she could not form sentences that were understandable. She became upset with the officer and hung up on him.

So the officer called the father to inform him his son was fine.

Planned to pay

Police were called to a store for a possible shoplifter. A loss prevention officer witnessed a suspect shove four cans of soup down his pants, then grab a case of beer and head straight for the door.

The suspect was intercepted. The suspect then pulled the four cans of soup out of his pants.

When police arrived he said he never intended to steal anything and was simply walking around the self check-out center. He said he planned to pay for everything with his credit card.

The video proved differently and so did the search of his person where it was discovered that he had no credit card or money on him.

He was arrested and put on trespass notice.


Police were called by two women gardening. When they happened to look up they saw a man masturbating in public under a tree. He had on no pants or underwear.One woman reached for her phone and when she did, the man jumped up, went into a gate behind him, put his clothes back on and ran.

Several suspects were picked up in the area and brought to the station for a lineup, but the victims did not choose any of those men. The suspect is still at-large.


Police were on the way to a call when an officer saw a person with the person’s pants down around the knees and the person’s rear end in plian view of Coleman Boulevard. The officer turned around and approached the person and yelled, “Sir.” The person’s rear end was still in plain view. A female then turned around cussed the officer and said, “I had to pee.” There was a big wet spot on the ground where she was “standing” according to the report.

She pulled up her pants and turned toward the open front door of her car - still cursing.

The officer grabbed her arm and told her she was under arrest for disorderly conduct.

She continued to cuss and said to the officer, “I am drunk. I wasn’t going to drive.” She said, “I’m not stupid. I don’t drink and drive.”She said she was going to sleep in her back seat where an officer did observe a pillow and a blanket.

The officer patted her down and asked her name but she refused to answer and only said she wanted her lawyer.

She was placed in the back of the patrol car and she told the officer, “I am not going anywhere until I speak with my lawyer.”

Her license was found in her purse and the officer was able to write the booking sheet. She yelled, “Yea, I peed but I didn’t do anything wrong.”

The Police Blotter is intended to be an informative and/or humorous column written from police reports obtained from the Mount Pleasant Police Department. Many of the stories come from the initial incident reports and, occasionally, supplemental reports. Generally, cases have not been adjudicated at the time of publication. See more columns at www.moultrienews.com.

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