Uninsured driver a slow learner

  • Monday, August 26, 2013

Police were called because a car was sitting in the middle of a traffic circle, headed the wrong way.

It appeared tire marks went across the shrubbery and into the other side of the roundabout.

A man was sitting in the passenger seat and a woman stood before him talking to him.

The officer asked the female how she arrived at that location, and according to the report, she pointed and stated that she came around the traffic circle on the right side, made a U-turn and arrived there.

The officer then asked her where the tire tracks came from, and she did not answer.

When asked if she had been drinking, she said she was coming form her bother’s house and only had one beer.

The officer then walked her over to the tire marks, and she said they were not hers and reiterated her original story.

The officer then asked her if she had her license, and she pointed to her husband and said her husband had been driving. The officer then asked the husband if he had been driving, and he responded that he had a license and began searching for it.

The officer asked him again if he had been driving, and he did not respond.

The officer then asked the female what her name was, and she gave a false response.

This not being the officer’s first rodeo, he radioed in the license plate number and asked who the car belonged to. At that point he called the suspect female by the name given to him by dispatchers, and she answered without hesitation.

Police then told the woman she was under investigation for DUI. She again said she had not been driving.

The officer began a series of tests, first asking her what her highest level of education was. She said, “Huh?”

The officer asked her again and she told him what she did for a living.

He asked her if she knew her alphabet and she said yes, but not to ask her to say it backwards.

She did not wait for complete instructions, began without being told to and even then didn’t do a good job, according to the report.

He then moved on to another test telling her to follow the tip of his pen.

When he put his flashlight up, she stopped him and said she was nearsighted and blind.

The officer then asked her if she had contacts, hard or soft, and she said yes.

He then informed her that she was wearing glasses. The officer moved on and asked her if she could see the tip of his pen. He told her not to move her head and follow the pen. She then told him his flashlight blinded her. So he got a pen light and began again. This time she started talking about the collision again.

He reminded her she was under investigation for DUI and informed her that if she wanted to do the tests they should continue. Then she said, “DUI?” She then said again she only had one beer. The officer asked her again if she wanted to continue to do the tests and she ignored the officer and continued to talk about her brother. He asked her again and she did not respond.

At this time the woman’s husband began interfering with the investigation and was told to stop. This sidetracked the woman even more and she refused to do the tests. She was arrested for DUI and refused to be placed in handcuffs.

They got her under control, but she began yelling that she did not refuse to do any tests.

When read her rights and asked if she understood them, she said she did not understand them.

The husband was also arrested for interfering with a police officer, and the car was towed.

Not funny

Early one morning a hotel clerk got a disturbing call from an unknown person who said there was a bomb in the building. It was a male who said, “There is a bomb in the building. This is no joke. Get everyone out.”

The person immediately hung up the phone, and the clerk followed the company’s evacuation plan and pulled the fire alarm. He got all of the guests out of the building and called 911. Guests were still evacuating when police arrived and officers went in a did a walk through, checking all common areas of the hotel. There was nothing suspicious or out of place. The fire department arrived and reset the alarm.

Police spoke with the clerk and asked is he wanted the guests to be allowed back in the building. According to the report, they made it clear to the clerk that they had not checked through any rooms, just the common areas. He decided to let the guests return.

The clerk told police their caller ID function was not working properly but they do have recorded lines his manager can access.

There were no suspects, but police planned to meet with the manager upon his arrival for further investigation.

Mixed up story

Police were called to a local hospital in reference to a female who claimed she had been kicked out of a moving car by her ex-boyfriend against whom she also has a restraining order.

When the officer first arrived, the alleged victim refused to speak to the officer. So the officer spoke to the nurses and reviewed their initial notes stating that when she first arrived she informed them that she came home and found her ex-boyfriend in her garage and that he shoved her in his car and drove off. He then stopped the car and kicked her out and she landed in an ant pile.

The officer noticed this victim did not appear to have any visible injuries besides ant bites. Another officer arrived and was able to get the victim to speak. She gave the officer her ex-boyfriend’s name and eventually gave a written statement.

The officer noticed in her report that the victim appeared intoxicated. The report indicated the victim took a cab from downtown after having a few drinks. She said she got a call from a neighbor that her ex-boyfriend’ car was in her driveway. She arrived home and saw the garage door open. The ex-boyfriend then came outside and started yelling at her. Her statement said he then opened his passenger car door and shoved her inside.

She said he drove away and then stopped and shoved her out. She crawled away into the grass and landed in an ant pile.

She then saw the ex-boyfriend pull over. He came over to her and started dragging her back to his vehicle.

She stated that three men in a delivery truck were at a stop light and watched the whole thing. They got out and started yelling at the ex-boyfriend and he let her go.

She said the men then drove her to a storage unit facility and helped her wash the ants off. According to the report she asked them to take her to the hospital but they said they could not because they had to make their delivery. An EMS arrived at the storage facility and picked her for a ride to the hospital.

The woman was cleared medically, and the officer gave her a ride home.

She advised the officer that she did not want to pursue charges.

Another officer had an informant who knew this ex-boyfriend and confirmed that he was there baby sitting her kids while she was out drinking. Police made contact with the man who said that he had been asleep when she got home at 1:45 a.m. and she “was highly intoxicated.”

He told police that when he went to leave she jumped into his car before he could lock the doors. He asked her to get out and when she didn’t he backed out of the driveway and started driving out of the neighborhood to bluff her into getting out.

She began kicking him and broke the gear shift. She started kicking the steering wheel and he almost collided with an oncoming car, he said.

He told police he was bleeding from the face and possibly had two cracked ribs.

He said the car was stuck in drive because of the broken gear shift. He could not take his foot off the brake - and asked her again to get out. She did get out this time and he drove off.

In his rear view mirror he saw her trip over the curb and fall into the grass. He pulled into a nearby parking lot and managed to get the car in park, the report said. He went over to help her and she began shouting and screaming so he left her there. He told police he had already notified his physician of his injuries and did not wish to press charges.

Once, twice

The automated license plate reader on the Ravenel Bridge alerted a patrolling officer that a car coming off the bridge had suspended tags for not maintaining insurance.

The driver was also speeding, so the officer pulled the car over.

The man’s driver’s license was also suspended for failure to pay insurance.

The passenger in the car did not have a valid driver’s license either.

The driver asked the officer if he could call a friend to come get the truck instead of having it towed. The officer said he could do that if he could get his insurance company to reinstate his policy.

But the driver knew that could take all day, and a representative confirmed that.

The officer explained to the driver that he was trying to work with him, but without insurance the car could not be driven and would have to be towed.

The man’s ex-wife came to pick the pair up, and he was charged with driving an uninsured.

But it didn’t end there.

Later that afternoon, the automated license plate reader on the bridge hit on another car for operating without insurance. Low and behold, it was the same driver, and the same passenger in a different car.

Still having no insurance and his license being suspended, he was taken to the jail house.

Arm warmers?

A 17-year-old Mount Pleasant kid with no money went into a boutique and helped herself to an item. That item, in the dead of summer, happened to be arm warmers.

They were worth $6.50.

The assistant manager saw her take the arm warmers off the shelf and put them in her purse. The assistant manager called police and explained that it was against store policy to approach a shoplifter inside the store so she waited until the alleged thief exited the store and she asked her to stop. The 17-year-old admitted to stealing the arm warmers, gave them back and said she would pay for them. She begged the assistant manager not to call police, according to the incident report.

The assistant manager explained that she had to call police, and the suspect said she understood and waited at the checkout area until an officer arrived.

There were no surveillance cameras in the store, but the suspect admitted to the officer that she really wanted the arm warmers and she did not have any money for them so she tried to steal them.

She said she knew it was wrong to take them and that she had never been in any trouble before. She was arrested and taken to jail.

The Police Blotter is intended to be an informative and/or humorous column written from police reports obtained from the Mount Pleasant Police Department. Many of the stories come from the initial incident reports and, occasionally, supplemental reports. Generally, cases have not been adjudicated at the time of publication. See more columns at www.moultrienews.com.

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