Jewelry thief takes four minutes to steal stash

  • Friday, August 30, 2013

A 63-year-old woman called police to report that she had been having ongoing issues with her 66-year-old neighbor The two were arguing over property lines. She told the officer that she had a surveyor come to her residence and separate the property line. After doing so, she said her neighbor came across onto her property and pulled up the surveyor’s marking.

The officer asked the complainant if she witnessed her neighbor do this and she admitted that she had not.

After speaking to the complainant, the officer went and spoke to the alleged suspect neighbor.

She told the police officer that she had not stepped foot on her neighbor’s property since 1998 and that her neighbor “had mental problems,” according to the report”

She was placed on trespass notice from the complainant’s property, however.

Arm warmers?

A 17-year-old Mount Pleasant kid with no money went into a boutique and helped herself to an item. That item, in the dead of summer, happened to be arm warmers.

They were worth $6.50.

The assistant manager saw her take the arm warmers off the shelf and put them in her purse, the report stated. The assistant manager called police and explained that it was against store policy to approach a shoplifter inside the store so she waited until the alleged thief exited the store and she asked her to stop. The 17-year-old admitted to stealing the arm warmers, gave them back and said she would pay for them. She begged the assistant manager not to call police, according to the incident report.

The assistant manager explained that she had to call police, and the suspect said she understood and waited at the checkout area until an officer arrived.

There were no surveillance cameras in the store, but the suspect admitted to the officer that she really wanted the arm warmers and she did not have any money for them so she tried to steal them.

She said she knew it was wrong to take them and that she had never been in any trouble before. She was arrested and taken to jail.


A representative of Laurel Hill Plantation, a soon-to-be-open Charleston County Park, called police because someone had torn up a tent and opened water bottles set out for an upcoming event.

After several incidences of vandalism officials installed cameras along the trails. They’ve noticed an increase of activity from riders. Photos show a group and then a lone rider.

They come in via surrounding neighborhoods. The representative of the park service said she would like an investigation into the vandalism and plans to pursue charges.

You never know

Thank goodness for an off-duty police officer who happened to be jogging the bridge one day before his shift started.

He was jogging when he noticed a man in a polo shirt, khaki shorts and running shoes. The report said his gait did not appear to be that of someone who runs regularly for exercise. “He appeared to be intently focused on catching up to a female jogger a short distance ahead of him,” the report said.

The officer noticed that the female did not appear to be aware of the man’s presence.

The officer crossed the road and the male jogger noticed the officer as he did so. The report said the jogger kept glancing over his shoulder at the off duty officer.

When the female reached an intersection she stopped and waited for the cross walk. The male bypassed her and turned right. The officer followed the man in an attempt to catch up with him, all while calling for backup, but lost sight of him. Once officially on the clock, the officer checked with nearby businesses to see is they had surveillance cameras. The investigation is ongoing.

Four minute heist

An alarm at a local jewelry store went off one evening summoning police. When they arrived they saw the front window shattered and the frame broken.

Inside were five broken jewelry cases with items missing from each case. The store’s cameras gave police an better idea of what took place inside.

It was a one-man job. He broke the front window, climbed through it and walked through the store. He was carrying a large black object used to break the cases. He was in the store for four minutes before leaving. The suspect took several dozen watches, gold charms and necklaces, rubies, tanzanites, turquoise and other gems.

Very mature

A 51-year-old woman was told she could’nt swim in her neighborhood pool because it was closed for the evening.

Out of anger, she pushed the pool attendant out of the way and left. The pool attendant’s employer told her she needed to file a police report. With that she contacted police and informed them of the situation.

The officer contacted the suspect at home but she was not willing to speak to him about the incident. The case was closed due to lack of cooperation from both parties.

Help yourself

A Charleston woman brought her six kids into Mount Pleasant to go shopping. However, she led by poor example, showing them how to steal, get caught and then get let off easily.

According to a ploice report, she was caught taking some items and detained with her six kids by the loss prevention manager.

Police arrived and she admitted to shoving some items into her purse that she did not intend to pay for, according to a police report.

Due to her having six kids at the scene, she was given a courtesy summons for her court date regarding shoplifting. According to the report she took jewlery, panties, boxers, leggings, shorts and tank tops valued at $240.

She was also placed on trespass notice.

The Police Blotter is intended to be an informative and/or humorous column written from police reports obtained from the Mount Pleasant Police Department. See more columns at www.MoultrieNews.com.

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