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  • Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Our 14-year war doesn’t seem to be enough.

Now as we look at still another Middle East crisis, we are considering our punishment for the leaders of the gassing of civilians. Isn’t this a United Nations’ problem to resolve?

I wonder at a president and the sheep in Congress who follow his idea of revenge.

When England, one of our closest allies, backs away and will not get involved, I wonder at our arrogance in “going it alone.” No one wins in a war. Haven’t we as a nation had enough?

What happened to all the promises made by our president when he was running for re-election? Ask all the unemployed, ask all the families losing their homes, ask any senior, ask any veteran “Are they doing better now than before this latest term of our president?”

It is obvious to me that promises made during the last campaign have not been kept. Think about it and then act.

Gwen Siegrist

Mount Pleasant

Question for Dr. McGinley

At the recent Mount Pleasant town meeting where the Charleston County School District updated the town and residents on their plans, school superintendent Dr. Nancy J. McGinley carefully sidestepped any personal responsibility for these decisions because it was “the board’s decision.”

She could not, or would not, answer why Sullivan’s Island Elementary School was put on an accelerated timetable and where the extra money came from. 

We do know now that Charleston County School Board abandoned the Blue Ribbon Commission Report’s recommendation and deprived North Mount Pleasant of a new elementary school.

In The Post and Courier handout at the Mount Pleasant meeting, Dr. McGinley specifically stated that “schools help sell real estate.” This obviously confirms the firm belief held by other Isle of Palms residents that without a school on Sullivan’s Island, Isle of Palms properties would have significant less value. I understand that Dr. McGinley lives on the Isle of Palms.

Can you, Dr. McGinley, please confirm that there is no conflict of interest here that influenced Sullivan’s Island Elementary School decisions by the shool board and that none exists elsewhere within the decision makers at the school board and Sullivan’s Island Town Council? And, for the sake of transparency, Dr. McGinley, why did you not recuse yourself from key votes on the new SIES regardless?

As referenced in a previous letter by Sharon Gallaher, the frustration of never getting the courtesy of a response from Dr. McGinley is despicable. Her silence is deafening.

Why not put a stop to construction of SIES now while there is a lawsuit is pending, let Sullivan’s Island residents have their vote and use these funds to build a school in Mount Pleasant instead of adding to the increasing demand for more sales taxes?

James E. Marianski

Sullivan’s Island


Good Afternoon Mr. Marianski,

Thanks for your e-mail. I do recognize that you have been a critic of the decision to rebuild Sullivan’s Island Elementary School for a long time, and I have respected your point of view. But, your inference that I supported rebuilding a community school that has had a presence on Sullivan’s Island for over 100 years for personal gain is totally untrue and unfounded.

As you know the construction contract has been awarded for the project, and the work is underway to open the new Sullivan’s Island Elementary School next summer. Any decision to now terminate the contract for convenience would be a very costly proposition, and would not provide the funds to build a school in Carolina Park that has not been programmed.

Thanks again for your e-mail, and your support of our Charleston County public schools. Best wishes to you.


Dr. Nancy J. McGinley

Team work

Amanda Bush is Pleasant Family Dentistry’s ad representative, and I just wanted to say what a great job she is doing for us. She has been great to work with.

We love hearing about when our patients are happy, so I thought you might want to hear the same about your team.

Marie Beck

Pleasant Family Dentistry

Stay focused

I am the Sullivan’s Island Elementary School rebuilding chair and have been deeply involved with this issue for the past four years. Having attended many of the over 40 public Sullivan’s Island Town Council and Charleston County School District meetings on this issue, I can assure the community that, throughout a tremendous amount of public debate on the rebuilding of our award winning community school, every community concern has been asked and addressed – many more than once.

The simple fact is that, each and every time it has been up for a vote, two publicly elected boards have voted to rebuild SIES on its current site. With lots of discussion and emotion on this issue, voices were heard, choices were made and the school has moved forward. At the July 22 CCSD Trustee Meeting, a group of Mount Pleasant parents expressed their concern regarding the overcrowding issue in the northern part of town. This was followed by a spirited discussion among our elected trustees about rebuilding SIES; and still, the CCSD Trustees voted 8-1 to sign the final contracts and finish SIES by August 2014.

For our East Cooper school community to grow and to set a positive example for our children, we should keep all discussions of our many excellent schools and future plans focused on facts, not rhetoric, innuendo or flat-out fabrications as some have recently done. The challenge is to stay positive and factual when the solutions are not what you want. Sullivan’s Island Elementary School advocates worked for four challenging years to get us to where we are today, and it was not easy. Northern Mount Pleasant will get the schools they need with patience and by working positively with all vested parties. Sullivan’s island Elementary School is not the cause or root of the problems in northern Mount Pleasant, as demonstrated by the facts and the votes of our elected leaders.

As a proud member of our community and one who championed the rebuilding of our school through this long process, I am thankful that we have now moved on to what’s most important: academics and student success inside the walls of our school. Let’s stay focused on what can be accomplished in East Cooper by working together.

The CCSD has been tasked with modernizing a group of schools that, in many instances, pre-date the parents and grandparents of the students they enroll. They have and continue to do it on time and under budget, and for that we should all be grateful.

Loren Ziff

Sullivan’s Island

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