Home owner calls police to report visit from house cleaning fairy

  • Monday, September 16, 2013

An 18-year-old kid woke up one morning to find his car had been broken into. Hoping for luck he had bought a $10 lottery ticket, which according to the report had been stolen. In addition, the center console compartment was amiss and $325 had been stolen.

The victim told police the car had been locked, but that all four windows were cracked open.

Unfortunately, police could not dust for fingerprints because the victim contaminated the scene by organizing his belongings in the car and putting items back in their pace.

No good deed...

A man finished cutting his lawn and went inside to cool off for a minute before cutting his neighbor’s yard. When he came back outside less than 30 minutes later, his $400 lawn mower had been stolen right off of his property. There were no suspects or witnesses.

Just havin’ fun

Ding-dong ditching is still a form of entertainment. It’s that game that children have played for generations where they ring someone’s doorbell and then run off. But a Snee Farm man was not amused and called police when three kids did it to him. According to the police report, this is not the first time he has called to report this mischievousness.

In plain view

An officer noticed a car parked in the far corner of a grocery store lot and went to check it out. When he did, he could see, in plain view, a bag of weed and a pipe to smoke it with, according to a police report. He had dispatch run the tag to identify the owner of the car. After that he parked a few spaces away to observe the vehicle and wait for the driver.

The driver eventually came out of a nearby bar. The officer approached him and told him the situation. The report said the driver admitted to having a bag of weed in the car and a pipe.

The items were then confiscated and the rest of the car was searched.

He was given a ticket for simple possession and possession of paraphernalia and allowed to leave.

Well, thank you

A couple came home from almost a month of vacation to find their home cleaned from top to bottom. The police report indicated that the home was, in fact, immaculate.

The homeowner was concerned and called police because he had suspended the cleaning service while they were away and the cleaning service had been called and confirmed that they didn’t do this.

The man then called family and friends and no one knew a thing about it.

The odd thing was that nothing had been stolen, the alarm system had been disarmed and everything was in its place - just cleaner than they had left it. The back door had been left unlocked but there was no way to obtain any evidence. Yes, all of us here at The Moultrie News are wondering why this can’t happen to us...

Shared evidence

An officer saw a 20-year-old driving down the highway with no lights on one night and stopped the driver.

The man said he had just tried to meet up with a friend at a fast food restaurant.

The officer noticed “shake” all over the car and the man’s palms and asked him about this. We are not talking about a milkshake here folks. This is what officers refer to as marijuana residue and it looks like tiny pieces of leaves all broken up.

The driver was trying to brush it off his hands and told the officer he had no idea what the officer was talking about.

The officer had him step out of the car and was given consent to search the car.

Nothing illegal was found except an unopened can of beer. The driver said that was probably his mother’s since they “share a car.”

The beer was placed in the trunk and the driver was counseled. He was given a warning for not having lights on while driving and allowed to leave.


Police responded to an alarm on Coleman Boulevard. Officers stood guard at all exits to the building and began walking around the perimeter looking for evidence. They found a hole in the back wall of the business in which a window had been pushed in and several pairs of shoes and socks had been stashed beside a trash can. The items were merchandise from the store that the alleged thief must have tried to take, according to the report. The employees of the business were called to respond and unfortunately were not able to pull up the surveillance video due to it not working properly.

However, a bartender at a nearby business heard the alarm and saw a man jump the fence behind the business and run into the Old Village to hide. At the time of this report there was no usable evidence to link anyone to the alleged crime.

The Police Blotter is intended to be an informative and/or humorous column written from police reports obtained from the Mount Pleasant Police Department. Many of the stories come from the initial incident reports and, occasionally, supplemental reports. Generally, cases have not been adjudicated at the time of publication. See more columns at www.moultrienews.com.

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