Drunk driver admits alcohol played role in wreck

  • Monday, September 30, 2013

A tow truck operator stopped by the yard one night and found an older man crawling out from under the locked tow yard fence. He had a pile of stuff on the outside of the gate including a trailer hitch and jumper cables.

The man told the tow truck operator he had permission to get those items from his vehicle and that he was supposed to bring the tow company his title. The tow truck operator explained to the man that there was a process for that and that he should be doing so during normal business hours and not crawling underneath the gate.

The tow truck operator told the man to stay put and went to call about this supposed permission.

But the man took off on a bike with a trailer carrying the items.

The tow truck driver did not follow him because there was not much he could do. He figured they would know during business hours who the person was and if he in fact had permission.

He described the suspect to police as a man in his late 60’s who looked like Santa Claus.

When push comes to shove

A man called police to report that his girlfriend had pushed him out of a moving vehicle.

He said they had been out drinking and on the way home they got into an argument. He said he told his girlfriend that he wanted to get out of the car but she would not stop. He then explained to police that since she would not stop he jumped out of the car when it started to slow down. She kept driving and went on home,. but then called him over and over again. Police went to the house to question the woman. They found her sitting in the car which was parked in the driveway.

When they approached the car she rolled down the window and started crying hysterically. The officer asked her if she was okay and she told them no.

She had a hard time catching her breath but was able to tell officers that her boyfriend punched her in the face.

The officer asked where and she pointed to her face, but her lips and facial features were not swollen or bleeding.

The officer asked her if she needed EMS and she refused, but added that she had anxiety problems.

The officer then told her to slow down and catch her breath. He explained that he was going to ask her a series of yes or no questions. The first was if her boyfriend intentionally punched her in the face. And she responded that he did not.

She said he was reaching for the shifter to put it into neutral and he accidently hit her in the face.

In further questioning by another officer, the boyfriend denied having any physical contact with the girlfriend.

The officers then asked her if she had any bags inside her boyfriend’s house. She said she had two bags. The boyfriend was brought back to the house and he allowed an officer to go inside and get the girlfriend’s belongings.

But because she had been drinking the officers told her they could not let her drive.

She contacted a friend to come and get her but that friend was not in the area and could not come and pick her up. The officer then agreed to give her a ride home.

Further arguments were avoided by the girlfriend leaving and the case was closed with no charges being pressed.

Log jam

Two neighbors were disputing over a log and could not resolve their differences, resulting in the police being called. The female neighbor told police that she had placed a large log on the front left side of her property to prevent wood chips from floating onto her lawn from her neighbor’s lawn when it rains.

She said her neighbor keeps moving the log. After about the sixth time the neighbor moved the log, she placed a note on the log that stated if he moved the log one more time she would call police. The male neighbor responded by saying if she would just move the log back three inches he would not move the log again. Police were unable to contact the log-moving neighbor because he was out of town. The female agreed to call officers back when he came home so they could mediate the situation.

I didn’t do anything

A man drove to a local fire station to report a disturbance that took place. Officers arrived and took his statement. He said that a 17-year-old kid asked him to buy him cigarettes while he was at the gas station, but the complainant told the kid no. The kid then became angry and started yelling and cursing at him. The complainant said the kid told him he was “strapped.”

And then the kid threatened to beat the complainant up.

Officers called for a second unit and began patrolling the area looking for the kid.

He was spotted walking down the sidewalk. An officer shined his spotlight on the kid and another got out of the patrol car with his gun drawn at his side. He gave the kid verbal demands to stop walking. That’s when the report said the kid turned around and started walking toward officers in an aggressive manner.

The kid started yelling and cussing at officers, according to the report, and said, “I didn’t do anything wrong.”

The officer told the kid to stop and get on the ground, but the kid kept walking. As he got closer to the officer, the officer put his hand out to create a distance and the kid walked right into the officer’s hand with his chest. After that the officer backed up and told him to sit on the ground, which the kid did.

The officers explained the reason for the call and asked the kid if he had any weapons on him. He said he did not and consented to a search. No weapons were found. The kid admitted to going to the gas station to buy cigarettes. The clerk would not sell him any so he asked the customer. When the customer said no that is when the argument ensued. The kid said he never said he was strapped.

The complainant said he wanted a report done, but did not want to press any charges.

Can’t remember

Police were dispatched to a one vehicle collision at the on-ramp to the bridge. A car had run into the wall. The driver was being seen by EMS and appeared to have busted out some teeth because he was bleeding profusely from his mouth.

Police smelled alcohol on his breath and noticed he was unsteady on his feet, according to the police report.

He told officers he had no idea how he got into the accident. He said he was just trying to get home.

However, he lives in Mount Pleasant and was driving into downtown Charleston, the report said.

The officer informed the man of this and he responded that he didn’t know why.

He admitted to drinking at a local bar and the officer asked him if the amount of alcohol he drank had anything to do with the collision.

He said he did not think so.

EMS were worried about the man having a head injury so they took him to the hospital.

The officer told him that based on the circumstances he would be charged with DUI.

The officers took a SLED kit to the hospital to have a urine sample taken as evidence of his alcohol intake.

At that point the driver admitted to the officer that the alcohol he drank contributed to the accident and, according to the report, he asked if anybody got hurt.

The officer told him he was the only one involved in the accident and the driver was relieved because he said, he couldn’t remember what happened.

The driver was admitted to the hospital with a broken jaw and charged with DUI.


Police were sent to a man’s house by dispatch who said they got a call from a person who just simply kept yelling help into the phone. And then hung up. They tried to call the man back but got no answer. Police arrived, and the house was locked but they could hear a man inside yelling for help.

EMS, consisting of a male and a female arrived and told officer’s where a hidden key was. It turns out they were very familiar with this man. They went inside the home to find the man perfectly fine. He told them he was not sure why he called them other than he was not feeling well.

He was unable to say what was wrong other than asking EMS to bring him to bed.

When they asked him who the president was and what month it was he was unable to answer.

Then the female EMS asked him what she could do to help him he said, “Give me a kiss.” She declined.

The man said he did not want to go to the hospital but EMS felt like he needed to go. They believed he was not of sound mind and judgement and there was no one in the house to take care of him and no one to contact.

They added that they had responded to this man’s house earlier that day because he had fallen out of his wheelchair. They are also sent to the man’s home on a daily basis now to assist him.

He was taken into emergency custody and taken to the hospital. The doctor there believed him to be okay, just intoxicated.

Adult Protective Services took over the case at that point.

The Police Blotter is intended to be an informative and/or humorous column written from police reports obtained from the Mount Pleasant Police Department. Many of the stories come from the initial incident reports and, occasionally, supplemental reports. Generally, cases have not been adjudicated at the time of publication. See more columns at www.MoultrieNews.com.

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