‘The judge will tell me I need to stop drinking’

  • Monday, October 14, 2013

Police were called to a local hotel for unknown reasons. All they knew is that a man called town hall and began asking questions.

He was then advised to contact dispatch to have an officer meet with him at the hotel so he could ask his questions.

And when they arrived on the scene, a woman asked if they had gotten the complaint.

They asked her what she was talking about and she explained that she had heard a ruckus and a bunch of kids screaming above her room.

Police did not hear a ruckus as they walked the halls.

The manager was not aware of any ruckus and could not help either.

At that point police began to clear the scene.

But another officer radioed that he had stopped at a room to speak with a man.

The man was very angry that police had shown up.

He said he was at the hotel with his daughter’s mother (although they both live in the Lowcountry) and they were just having a verbal argument over custody of their child.

He said he only called the municipal complex for advice.

While speaking with the man, an officer positioned himself in the doorway so that he was between the subject and those still inside the room.

The subject became very defensive and told the officer he had no right to be in his hotel room.

He tried to get in between the officer and his baby’s mother by standing in the doorway.

And he told officers they could not speak to her because she was asleep and undressed.

The officer told the woman she could get dressed but everyone had to leave the room.

The subject agreed and stepped further out into the hall with officers.

The one officer had his boot between the door jam and the door, but the female wanted the door closed all the way and slammed his foot out of the way. She then got dressed and reopened the door.

She explained that they had been trying to work out custody and she agreed to bring her daughter to the hotel so they could spend the night there together.

She said they discussed arrangements and he did not feel like he was getting a good deal.

That is when the argument began and he called town hall.

She said he calls police from time to time to make him “sound right.”

Since everything was secure and no one harmed, no charges were pressed.

The couple stayed the night together as well.

But the next day officers realized this woman had a warrant out for her arrest and she had already left the hotel.


Police pulled into the Old Village precinct office and noticed a convoy of cars driving very closely together, following each other.

When one made a turn, they all made a turn.

It appeared odd so the officers followed them.

Upon questioning, all the drivers said they wanted to go to the water to chat.

They said one of them had something to tell the others but would not elaborate.

By all appearances, according to police, it appeared to be some sort of fraternity initiation. But no one would admit to it and it could not be proven. Police got everyone’s information and asked them to leave as they had no other reason to be in a residential area.

In plain view

Of all places to go buy drugs and then smoke them, a major shopping center parking lot probably isn’t the best idea. But nonetheless, an alleged suspect who chose to do this got caught, according to a police report.

At any rate, an officer just happened to be in that same parking lot and began observing a suspicious car.

It was parked outside of a restaurant with the engine and the lights off.

One man sat inside alone.

A short time later a man came out of the restaurant, got in the car, and sat there for a few minutes.

After a short time, he returned back inside the restaurant. The officer eventually approached the vehicle where the driver was still sitting.

As he did, the officer smelled marijuana, according to the report.

He knocked on the window of the driver’s side and the driver turned and looked at the officer.

As he did he said, “Aaww shucks,” and then opened the door.

According to the police report a large amount of marijuana smoke came billowing out of the car.

The man was led out of his car and handcuffed.

An 8.85 gram bag of marijuana was found along with a scale, baggies and rolling papers.

He was arrested for possession with intent to distribute. He admitted to “smoking two blunts before and after I goes into work.”

Police then went into the restaurant in an attempt to locate the other subject.

He was found and asked to step outside.

The officer asked him to discuss why another person was sitting inside his vehicle smoking marijuana. He was also asked if he had anything illegal on him and he admitted to a bag of weed in his pocket, which weighed 5.92 grams.

He was arrested for simple possession.

Stop drinking

Police were called to a gas station because a man was grossly intoxicated and walking around the parking lot looking shabby and dirty.

When officers arrived they saw a drunk man trying to exit the store, but he was having a hard time getting the door open.

He had to use the glass wall for support to help him stay balanced.

When he finally made it outside he went straight over to the officers and said, “It’s me you’re looking for. I’m drunk.”

When asked how much he had to drink that day he said, “a lot.”

He said he walked over to the gas station and added, “I know what the judge will say. Buddy, you need to stop drinking.”

He would soon find out, as he was taken to jail for public intoxication.

The Police Blotter is intended to be an informative and/or humorous column written from police reports obtained from the Mount Pleasant Police Department. Many of the stories come from the initial incident reports and, occasionally, supplemental reports. Generally, cases have not been adjudicated at the time of publication. See more columns at www.moultrienews.com.

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