“I didn’t know yall were cops”

  • Tuesday, October 22, 2013

An officer was on foot patrol in a neighborhood when he noticed a subject walking toward him one evening. But as that subject noticed the police officer he turned around and started to walk away. About that same time the officer heard a bottle drop to the ground.

The subject then turned back toward the officer and, according to a police report, appeared to be drunk. He was asked by the officer to stop. The officer saw the bottle that had been thrown to the ground and it was cold with beer spilling out of it.

The kid told the officer he was walking back from the drug store and headed to the high school football game. And for a split second the officer turned toward his patrol car to get something and the kid took off running.

Other officers in the area began hunting for the boy, and heard him traipsing through some woods. One officer jumped a fence and found the kid running toward him. He was told to stop running or he would be tased. He did not listen, and the taser was aimed at him but the officer missed.

He kept running and other officers caught up with the kid as he ran through the backyards of homes nearby.

He cut himself all up from jumping over fences and just as he was trying to scale one more, police caught up to him again and commanded that he stop. He did and laid flat on the ground as officers approached and eventually handcuffed him and arrested him for drunkenness in public.

Not leaving

A Walterboro woman went into a local restaurant only to make a scene by cussing and yelling.

She was asked several times by the manager to stop cussing and using foul language. And when she refused to stop with the vulgarity, she was asked to leave altogether, the report states.

She refused to leave the business as well, and the police were called. By the time an officer arrived she was in a full frenzy, according to the police report.

She was asked multiple times to calm down and speak calmly with the officers and even warned she would be arrested.

Ultimately she was handcuffed for drunkenness in public. She put up a struggle to avoid being placed in the back of the patrol car and once inside the back cage, she tried to kick out the widow in the patrol car.

She was warned that if she did not calm down she would be placed in shackles.

A female officer finally arrived on the scene to do a pat down search on the subject. During the pat down the subject kept asking the female officer to lift up her shirt and show the subject her breasts.

At that time the search was finished and she was placed in the back of the female officer’s car for transport to the jail.

The subject managed to open the back door before it could be locked and she attempted to flee the scene.

She was apprehended and placed in leg shackles.

While this took place she began to scream aloud that the male officer had raped her.

However the video tape proved otherwise. She was taken to jail for the night.

Fake ID

A gas station clerk had to call police after a young lady came in the store trying to buy beer. The clerk asked this young lady for her ID and she nervously handed over a Florida license. The license did not look like the example she had in her book of state licenses. So the clerk confiscated the ID and did not sell the beer to the girl. The girl wanted that fake ID back bad enough to offer money to the clerk to return the fake ID. The clerk refused and the girl left.

The officers who responded missed the girl who tried to buy beer but took possession of the license which came back not on file in Florida at all.

Almost home

A woman, who just barely made it home, was found passed out behind the wheel of her car, partially in someone else’s driveway. A man was on his way home and when he went to pull in the driveway, he was blocked by her car. It turns out this woman pulled in the wrong driveway. Her house was at the end of the street but she did not make it that far.

The car was turned off and the doors were locked when police arrived. And the female was out cold.

The officer banged on the window for several minutes and the woman did not wake up. The officer could see that she was breathing, but he still took out his slim jim to try to open the passenger door.

During this attempt, she woke up and looked around “with a blank look on her face,” according to the police report.

She eventually opened the door. The officer asked her how she got to where she was and she replied, “It’s all good.”

The officer smelled alcohol on her breath and when he asked her to step out of the car she was very unsteady, the report said. She also could not answer any of his questions.

She was placed under arrest for public drunkenness and taken to jail.

Punk kid

Officers were directing traffic on Mathis Ferry Road as the Wando High School football game came to an end.

While directing traffic, the officer saw a 17-year-old kid suddenly jump off the sidewalk to cross the street and was nearly struck by a car.

The officer asked him if he wanted to get hit by a car and the kid cussed the officer. The officer asked the subject what he said and the kid cussed him again.

There were families walking home from the game within earshot of this kid’s vulgar mouth.

The officer approached the kid and escorted him to the sidewalk on the other side of the road.

He was aggressive with the officer and for safety purposes, the officer put the kid in handcuffs.

The kid was counseled and he said he was not aware that he cussed out a cop, even though two officers were directing traffic between two marked cruisers, wearing traffic safety vests with Police written on the front and back and their badges were clearly visible.

He was released after being counseled again and allowed to walk the rest of the way home.


A woman going through a divorce noticed a car following her through her neighborhood and became concerned. She called police to report that she had left her neighborhood amenity center when she noticed a truck following her. She did not go to her house for fear this person would find out where she lived. She suspected it might be a private investigator hired by her husband since they are going through a divorce.

The officer then patrolled the neighborhood for the truck and found the suspect coming out of the amenity center.

The officer explained that he was suspected in following people around the neighborhood. He was asked for his license.

The suspect explained to police that he lived in the neighborood and was driving around trying to get cell service. He was able to show the officer the phone call he made once he obtained cell service. He also confirmed to the officer that he was not a private investigator.

The officer reported this information back to the woman and she was satisfied with the explanation.

The Police Blotter is intended to be an informative and/or humorous column written from police reports obtained from the Mount Pleasant Police Department. Many of the stories come from the initial incident reports and, occasionally, supplemental reports. Generally, cases have not been adjudicated at the time of publication. See more columns at www.MoultrieNews.com.

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