Man goes on late night bike ride and then off to jail

  • Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Police were called to a local shoe store because the employees there suspected a woman of trying to steal their merchandise.

An employee running the register said that a woman came up to her carrying a box of shoes. The woman said they had been given to her as a gift and she wanted to exchange them for another color.

The clerk asked for a receipt, which of course the woman did not have. The clerk went to speak with the manager and expressed her suspicions that the woman did not walk in carrying a box of shoes.

They played the surveillance tape back and sure enough, the woman walked in carrying only her purse. She then went and picked up two boxes of shoes, trying to pretend to be exchanging one for the other.

The woman suspected of doing this said she had to go to her car to get the receipt and walked out, and never came back. She was gone by the time police arrived. Officers watched the surveillance tape and took it into evidence. The store owners asked that she be placed on trespass notice if she is identified.

Bumper cars

A man pulling a trailer went to make a left-hand turn. As he merged into the turn lane, he realized he did not need to turn after all. Once traffic was clear in the straight lane, he signalled that he was reentering the right-hand lane and did so without hindering any other drivers.

But in a matter of seconds, a red Land Rover came barreling up behind him, riding behind the bumper as close as he could without hitting it.

The Land Rover then changed into the left-hand lane and passed him.

The driver then switched back into the right-hand lane, very close to the front bumper of the victim. He then slammed on brakes and stopped. The victim made an attempt to slam on his brakes, but the momentum of the truck and the trailer combination caused him to run into the back of the Land Rover.

After the collision, the driver of the Land Rover accelerated and turned down a side street.

The victim followed him, and the Land Rover driver made a quick turn around, which the man pulling the trailer was not able to do.

The driver of the Land Rover then went back to the highway he had originally been on and sped away.

Surveillance video of parts of the incident were available from a nearby business and taken into evidence.

Insurance paperwork was drawn up for the victim so he could get his front bumper replaced.

Marital bliss

A couple who got married in May did not last very long in their marriage. By September they were separated.

The wife moved out, and the husband put all of her belongings in the garage. He told her she was welcome to come and get them at any time, but she was not to enter the house.

He had the locks changed so she could not enter.

This did not sit well with the wife, according to a police report. When she went to their marital home to retrieve her things, she realized there were items missing. She went to open the door and realized the locks had been changed. So she kicked the door in. She then helped herself to some bar stools and other items.

The husband came home and saw what she had done and called police. He reported it as a burglary.

The responding officer had to remind the husband, however, that because they had no legal separation papers, the wife had every right to come into the home and the items inside of it were still hers too.


A 23-year-old woman called police because she got a creepy visit from a man claiming to be a personal trainer offering his services. He gave her a name and two phone numbers and kept asking her about her roommates. Because her roommates were not home, he said he would be back. She felt funny about the entire exchange. After he left she spoke with her neighbors and none of them had received a visit from the man, so it was not as if he was going door to door. She felt possibly singled out.

She did some research and found the man on Facebook and found his website.

The officer also researched the man and called him on two numbers he was able to find. He was unable to reach this “personal trainer.” A search through county records did not produce a man by that name.

The case was logged as an incident in case there was any further issue with the man.

Begging won’t help

An officer on patrol clocked two cars going way above the posted speed limit and was able to pull them both over at the same times.

He went to the first car and told the female driver to get her paperwork out for him. He approach the second car and told the male driver to do the same. The man handed over his registration and proof of insurance and then, according to the report, “started begging.”

He said his license was suspended. The officer walked back to the first car and another officer arrived as back up about that same time. The back-up officer then witnessed the male driver crush a beer can and throw it out of the passenger side window.

He was then ordered out of the car and informed that he was under arrest.

The first driver was issued a speeding ticket and she left. This driver was charged with speeding, open container and littering.

You don’t need it

Police were called to a local hospital because a woman and her boyfriend were causing a scene. The woman had come into the emergency room with a cut on her finger that requried stitches.

The doctors sewed her up and gave her pain medicine, but she felt like she needed more.

When the doctors refused to give her more pain medicine, she began yelling at the nursing staff and the physician.

They tried to explain to her that since she did not have her identification on her, they could not issue her any more pain medicine.

Then her boyfriend starts yelling at the doctors, and that is when police arrived.

The officer explained to them that the woman had been discharged and needed to leave the premises. The officer escorted them out, all the while the girl is still yelling and causing a scene. The officer told her one more time that she needed to leave, and the couple finally went to their car and drove off.

Careful how you behave

A man driving in traffic cut another motorist off and some horn honking was exchanged. He thought that was the end of it and drove to his destination. The man went on in to the store to shop and when he came out he found that someone had carved into the hood of his car the F bomb. He reported it to police who estimated the damage to be about $800.

Just exercising

Late one night police saw a man riding his bike along Coleman Boulevard. Due to the late hour the officer stopped to speak with the man.

The man said he was getting a quick workout in by riding his bike up the bridge. But he was oddly dressed in jeans and a heavy jacket.

The officer explained that there had been a series of auto break-ins in the area and asked if the man had seen anything unusual in the area.

The man then said he rarely rides his bike in the area.

While they were talking, dispatch was checking the status of the man’s license and it turns out there was a warrant for the man from the family court.

The man told the officer it was possible he was behind on his child support payments.

He was taken to jail and his bike was secured at the police department for him to pick up when he was released.

The Police Blotter is intended to be an informative and/or humorous column written from police reports obtained from the Mount Pleasant Police Department. Many of the stories come from the initial incident reports and, occasionally, supplemental reports. Generally, cases have not been adjudicated at the time of publication. See more columns at www.MoultrieNews.com.

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