Buyer can’t live in house rent free before closing

  • Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Police were called to a local gas station because a couple there got into an argument. The boyfriend, who worked at the gas station asked police to put his girlfriend on trespass notice because she was making a scene in front of customers.

Sure enough, when police arrived she was standing in the parking lot very upset and crying, the report said.

She explained to police that she had been dating the complainant for more than two years and they got into an argument.

They rode together to work because she works next door to the gas station.

On the way there she went through his phone and found a text from his co-worker which caused her to go into hysterics.

The boyfriend asked her to leave the gas station several times but she refused.

The boyfriend told police that he had enough and was looking into evicting her.

She was placed on trespass notice from the gas station.

Pretty sure

Police were patrolling a neighborhood for a man wanted for questioning in regard to vehicle break-ins.

In a wooded area behind the neighborhood they were patrolling, they came across a man snoozing on a concrete slab.

They stopped to speak with him and he said he had taken the bus in from McClellanville to look for work in Mount Pleasant.

When officers ran his information through dispatch it came back that there was a warrant for him out of Georgetown County.

He told police he was “pretty sure” it was for unpaid child support. He was arrested and transferred to Georgetown County.


A real estate agent who had a listing wanted to do one more walk-through on the day of closing to make sure the buyers would be pleased when she handed over the keys.

She punched her code in the lock box, retrieved the key and unlocked the front door. When she entered she saw a cable modem box plugged in, food in the refrigerator and items that appeared as if someone was living there.

In fact, there was a car in the garage, and upstairs in the bedroom was a blow up mattress.

The agent called police who spoke with neighbors who said people had been coming and going from the house for two weeks.

The cable company receipt on the floor indicated the cable had been hooked up a day prior.

The buyer, a man from another state, was called. He told police he had only just gotten there the day before. According to the police report, though, it appeared someone had been living there for some time.

The buyer told police he had just moved the items in that morning and the front door was unlocked.

He then admitted “it was a bad judgment. I admit that.”

The seller said he did not want to press charges, but said he did want to ask for back rent. The incident was documented and pictures taken for future evidence.

Bar crawlers

A girl at a local bar called police because her purse had been stolen off her seat. She was able to describe a possible suspect to police when they arrived.

The on-duty manager was able to pull video footage which showed five people walk in.

The group split up after seeing the victim’s purse sitting there unattended.

A female in the group stood by as a look out.

Two of the people caused a loud disturbance to distract the victim while the other two walked by the purse, snatched it up and kept walking.

After conducting a search of where the suspects exited, the purse was found under a car. The wallet was missing, however.

The bar staff watched the video and informed police that they recognized two of the suspects.

They said both were arrested by city officers for stealing purses in a crowded bar.

Mount Pleasant police spoke with the city officers who said the group goes from bar to bar and causes a distraction and steals purses.

The recovered purse was placed in evidence for finger printing.

The city officer said he would forward his report to Mount Pleasant for their investigation.

Lookin’ good

A clerk at a local coffee shop called police because a man had been coming in every morning and using the bathroom for long periods of time.

On this particular day he had been in the bathroom for more than 30 minutes.

Police knocked on the door and got no answer. They soon heard water running and they knocked again. This time they introduced themselves and told the man inside to open up.

He came outside the bathroom carrying a jacket and a bookbag.

He said he had just been washing his face. Police asked him for ID which he handed over with a shaky hand. They asked him why he was shaking and he said because he had big hands and they sometime shake.

He told police that he sometimes wakes up early and he takes the bus to Mount Pleasant.

He then uses the bathroom at the coffee shop before reporting to work next door.

He said he was taking his time in the bathroom because he was fixing his hair and he wanted it to look good and be done right.

The clerk said the man does not cause any issues and he did not want to ban him from the coffee shop, but he wanted police to warn him not to take so long in the bathroom every morning because other patrons may need to use it.

The report said that the man appeared to be honest when providing them with his information.

You can search it

An officer clocked a car speeding at 75 mph in a 55 mph zone and pulled the driver over.

When he approached, the officer smelled a strong odor of marijuana.

He had all occupants get out of the car and asked the driver if there was any pot in the vehicle. He said there wasn’t and that it probably smelled like it because he and his friends smoked in the car earlier.

He then told the officer he could search the car, to which the officer replied that he had already planned to do so.

No contraband was found, and the driver was issued a ticket for speeding and allowed to leave.


Police were called to a tow yard where a man said he had to get some belongings out of his car. The car had been involved in a collision the night before.

A tow company employee escorted the man to the car and when he realized the man was not the registered owner of the vehicle, he asked him to exit the vehicle.

The suspect then became verbally aggressive toward the tow company employee and began to pull down the headline above the driver and passenger side seats.

It was not clear if he made off with anything and he was gone before police arrived.

The officer reviewed the tow sheet from the night before and this suspect was listed as the driver. Drug paraphernalia was removed from the car before being towed the night before as well.

Upon searching the car further the officers found a syringe sticking out from under the headliner.

A warrant was signed for a second search of the vehicle which resulted in the syringe, a bag of pot, rolling papers and wrappers for suboxone. The items were seized and placed into evidence.

The Police Blotter is intended to be an informative and/or humorous column written from police reports obtained from the Mount Pleasant Police Department. Many of the stories come from the initial incident reports and, occasionally, supplemental reports. Generally, cases have not been adjudicated at the time of publication. See more columns at www.MoultrieNews.com.

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