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  • Thursday, December 26, 2013

A woman was sitting out behind her house one evening smoking a cigarette when all of a sudden, a six-foot scary thing came running out of the woods toward her. It turned out to be a man wearing a coyote mask and he chased her right back inside her house.

She called the police to report the incident and suggested it was probably kids in the neighborhood.

She did not want to press charges, but wanted police to be aware of the incident.

Give me a break

Police sitting at a red light on Coleman Boulevard witnessed a driver make a left-hand turn onto the road, but the driver turned into the oncoming lane of traffic with no way to correct himself because of the raised median.

He drove against traffic attempting not to have a head-on collision with the other vehicles.

The officer put on his blue lights and traveled parallel with the man while another officer sped up to head him off at the next opening.

The man managed to pull into a parking lot, and drove to the back of it, where there was no entrance.

Police surrounded him, and the wife, who was the passenger, said they pulled in there so she could go pee.

The report indicates the man’s eyes were extremely bloodshot, and the officer detected a strong odor of alcohol coming form his person.

The man said he had been drinking on and off for the last eight hours.

He said they were heading home and had just been at a bar on Shem Creek. But their direction of travel did not indicate that to be true. He said he did not see the median until it was too late and then could not get back over.

The officer told him he would have to complete some field sobriety tests to ensure he could drive safely, and the driver asked the cop, “give me a break.”

The officer explained to him that it was too late for breaks.

They went on with the tests, which the man failed and he was then arrested for DUI.

Bar boxing

It appears from a police report that a girl whose boyfriend played in a band at a local bar, got a little jealous when a group of girls got too close to the stage (her boyfriend) and started dancing.

The bouncer, who witnessed it all, confirmed to police that the crazy girlfriend was out of control. One victim said she watched the girl yell at the group, and then yell at a man with the group.

As the man walked away, the victim saw the suspect going toward him. She was worried because he had her back to the suspect. So the victim intervened and told the suspect to calm down.

They began to argue and the victim turned away to walk back to her seat. She got sucker punched in the back of the head and face and back.

She told police she was concerned because she had brain surgery five years prior.

The band member was interviewed and he said he didn’t feel like his girlfriend did anything wrong.

The only thing he was willing to do was give police her name, but not her contact information. However, police were able to easily find her number and they gave her a call.

She said she was busy and in another town outside of Mount Pleasant.

When they said she needed to come and meet with officers the next day she said she had to work and then had a baby shower.

The officers asked her what happened and all she would say was a bunch of girls were standing by the stage.

They told her they would need a statement and she told police that was her statement.

The report said she was incoherent and was advised that she was the suspect in this case and the case would remain active.

May have ...

An officer traveling down the road saw a man come to an intersection and almost pull out in front of him in an attempt to make a U-turn.

When the driver saw that it was a police officer he almost pulled out in front of, he decided not to make the U-turn and whipped his car back into the lane of travel. The officer was able to turn around and catch up to him. He had the driver pull over and questioned him. He asked the driver if he had any alcohol that night, and the driver said he was coming from a party and “may have had two liquor drinks and a beer.”

He was given field sobriety tests and was not able to complete any of them successfully. At that point he was arrested for DUI and taken to the station where he blew a .16 percent.

Drug abuse

A man went into a local hospital with a burn on his forearm and told doctors there that his toddler had spilled a bowl of hot soup on his arm and groin area at 3:30 a.m.

He was prescribed pain killers, but the doctor thought the whole story sounded strange. He pulled the man’s medical records and found that he had been to two other hospitals the day before for the same thing. The doctor believed the suspect was going to multiple hospitals in order to obtain narcotics.

After the man was released from the hospital he called back and asked the receptionist if the hospital was part of the Trident Network.

He was identified by the license he presented, and officials at the hospital called Trident and warned them he may be coming.

They also called the pharmacy in his town and, according to the pharmacist there, they are familiar with the man and do not like to do business with him.

Good deed

A Charleston resident had been shopping at Towne Centre when she somehow lost her wallet. She waved down a police officer who helped her look for it, to no avail. While looking, a citizen came up and said a Citadel Cadet and his girlfriend had found a wallet and asked around and went from store to store looking for the rightful owner. They then left.

It turns out they drove to the police station and turned it in with all the credit cards and money still inside it.

The officer returned the woman’s wallet to her downtown residence.

The Police Blotter is intended to be an informative and/or humorous column written from police reports obtained from the Mount Pleasant Police Department. Many of the stories come from the initial incident reports and, occasionally, supplemental reports. Generally, cases have not been adjudicated at the time of publication. See more columns at www.MoultrieNews.com.

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