Screaming is not singing

  • Thursday, January 2, 2014

A bar owner called police to report that his bartender had possibly been dishonest and could have cost the restaurant a bunch of money. He said that a bunch of this girlís friends came into the bar and consumed seven appetizers, several shots and a bunch of beer. Their tab was over $200. However, the bartender only rang up some of those items - $29.78 to be exact.

The group paid that total. The shift manager noticed the other items had not been rung up and made mention to the bartender. She said she would get to it, but never did and ended up leaving with her friends.

She was later confronted about not charging her friends and she admitted to the wrongdoing, according to the report. She said she would pay back the full amount the following day. But she failed to show up for her shift or to pay the money back.

The bar owner said he would like to press charges.

Officers went in search of her at an address they had on file. The person who answered the door there said they had never heard of her.

The officers got word that she had been hired at another bar in town, but she was not there either. However that bar was able to give police her driverís license number so they could identify her properly and continue to seek her out.

Not responsible

Police were called to a local business because a customer had called and made threatening statements. The complainant said the woman called and said, ďIf I do not get a full refund, my husband is going to come down there and I am not responsible for what he will do to you people.Ē

Police called the customer and asked her if she had called the store that day. When she admitted to it, the officer asked her what she had said. She told the officer that she only demanded a refund.

The officer then relayed to her what the business owner heard her say and she admitted to saying that. But she said she was extremely angry and she did not mean to threaten anyone. She was told that what she said could very much be construed as a threat and could result in criminal prosecution. She was placed on trespass notice from the business and told not to contact them in any manner.

She said she understood and had no intentions of returning.


A woman called police because there was a woman outside of her front door screaming. The complainant told officers that the woman was pacing back and forth in front of her residence. She went outside and asked this woman if she needed anything and instead of answering she started screaming.

Police arrived and tried to speak with the screaming woman, but she ran inside her apartment and shut the door. After several attempts they got her to come back outside. They asked her if she was okay and she said she was fine.

But she gave police the wrong name and would not give them any other information.

The officers asked her about the screaming and she said she was singing.

She was told to keep it down and police left.

A short time later 911 dispatch got a call from this same woman and she told them she wanted to kill herself.

The police went back to her house, now having her correct name.

She did not answer the door or her phone, so police made entry through an unlocked door. They announced themselves and she came downstairs. She admitted to calling 911 and said she was mad at her boyfriend and that is why she said she wanted to kill herself. She then added she was mad at her mother too. EMS arrived and took the woman to the hospital for an evaluation. Police tried to contact her mother but she did not answer and her voice mail was full.

Donít do it

Police watched a car speed by late one night with no headlights on. They made a traffic stop and when speaking with the driver, they noticed a smell of alcohol and saw glassy, glazed-over eyes.

According to the police report, the driver did not answer when asked how much he had to drink that night.

But the passenger piped up and said no one had been drinking. The officer asked why he could smell alcohol if no one had been drinking.

The passenger then said because others had been in the car earlier drinking. The office then said he was asking the driver not the passenger.

The driver then said he had three beers.

He said his last beer was 15 minutes prior.

He was asked to step out of the car. He was asked why he was driving with no headlights and he said the car belonged to the passenger, which is not necessarily a valid reason for not turning on the headlights.

According to the report, the man kept having to lean on the car to keep his balance.

The officer asked him to perform some field sobriety tests. He agreed, and the officer asked him if he knew his alphabet.

He said he did. About that time the passenger leaned out of the window and screamed, ďdonít do a thing.Ē

The driver then said he did not want to do any field sobriety tests. He was arrested for DUI and handcuffed.

The car was searched before it was towed and an open, cold beer was found as well as an open bottle of booze. He was charged with open container as well. He refused a breath test but said he would do a blood test. The officer offered to take him to the hospital, but the driver said he didnít want to do that because he knew a guy in Georgia who would do it for free.

The officer said he would not be taking the suspect to Georgia and since the man said he could not afford to go to the hospital he was taken on in to jail. The passenger was given a ride home.

I know he didnít

Police were called to a retail store because a man was trying to return an item purchased with what appeared to be counterfeit money, a police report said.

Police arrived and saw the suspect sitting on a bench in customer service. Before the officer could say anything, the man jumped up and said, ďI know he did not do this to me. Am I in trouble?Ē

He told police that his nephew had just walked out the door and left him.

It turns out the nephew had come in the store the night before and bought some items with fake money, a police report said.

Then he sent his uncle into the store the next day to return them.

The man said his nephew called him and said he had something for him to do.

He said his nephew picked him up and drove him to the store. His nephew gave him a valid receipt and the item and sent him inside to return it.

He was adamant that he did not know anything about fake money. All of the currency confiscated from the store, was placed into evidence, and the case report was sent to the secret service.

No shoes inside

A man was called to a home to install a new air condition unit.

He was installing the unit in the house that was under construction when a man approached him and began yelling at him to take off his shoes when he was in the house, the police report stated.

He was told to take them off or get out of the house.

He responded that his task was almost finished and he would be leaving momentarily, according to the report.

The suspect then grabbed the AC man by the neck and left arm and forced him out the door.

He stretched the manís shirt and left fingernail punctures in the manís arm.

Police arrived and questioned the suspect who said he merely yelled at the man about the shoes in order to protect the hardwood floors he was working on.

When questioned about putting his hands on the man, he admitted to it.

He was charged with third degree assault and arrested.

The Police Blotter is intended to be an informative and/or humorous column written from police reports obtained from the Mount Pleasant Police Department. Many of the stories come from the initial incident reports and, occasionally, supplemental reports. See more columns at www.MoultrieNews.com.

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