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  • Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Q. I was wondering why there is a double lane in the new roundabout on Long Point Road on the side headed toward Highway 17. It seems like that configuration would not make traffic flow better, but only confuse people since there isnít another roundabout like this in the area people, and lead to accidents. Iíve already been hit several times and the second lane isnít even open yet. - Eileen Foss, Mount Pleasant

A. ďThe volume of traffic in the east-bound direction of Long Point Road warranted the need for a bypass or through-lane. This configuration will help traffic flow through the intersection when it is completed and opened.Ē - Paul Lykins, Transportation Project Engineer, Town of Mount Pleasant

Q. Why doesnít the town comply with their own regulations concerning constructing sidewalks for new buildings adjacent to streets? The senior center located on Von Kolnitz Road does not have a sidewalk on the street. The other question concerning sidewalks is about James B. Edwards School. Where is the sidewalk in front of the school? Some students probably walk from Mathis Ferry Road to JBE. - Bob Barton, Mount Pleasant

A. ďThe approved development plans for the East Cooper Medical Center campus require certain improvements be made to the Von Kolnitz/Mathis Ferry Road intersection, to include construction of a sidewalk along the road frontage at the Thomasena Stokes-Marshall Senior Services Center. Those improvements are tied to a certain amount of development on the East Cooper Medical campus, which has yet to occur. There is, however, a sidewalk that connects the Mathis Ferry Road sidewalk to the Senior Center site and the Town will consider whether it is feasible to construct the Von Kolnitz sidewalk prior to the committed roadway improvements. Regarding the James B. Edwards school site, while there is no sidewalk directly in front of the school, there is a sidewalk path connecting Mathis Ferry Road to the northern edge of the campus.Ē - Brad Morrison, Director of Transportation, Town of Mount Pleasant

Q. Are the high-tech traffic light cameras online and working? I have noticed that some of my left turns have to wait for over a complete cycle before I get the green left turn light? If they are working, are they being tweaked? Does the vibration or swaying of the mounting arm in high winds affect their accuracy? - Carl Hilton, Mount Pleasant

A. ďThe referenced adaptive signal control system for U.S. 17 has been active since spring of 2012.

While the system is programmed to enable skipping of a phase, particularly for lower-volume side-street movements, it generally occurs during heavier mainline flows and is only permitted to skip once.

Town staff regularly monitors the system and will adjust parameters as needed to maintain mainline progression, minimize delays and clear queues, but sometimes peak-hour flows constrain our ability to do this.

With regard to a swaying mast arm, the systemís ability to detect traffic can be affected, depending on the severity of the arm movement.Ē - Brad Morrison, Director of Transportation, Town of Mount Pleasant

Q. Why do all the liquor stores have three red circles on their building?

Is it part of the state liquor law? Is it so that illiterate people can find a liquor store? - Mariana Robertson-Hall, Mount Pleasant

A. At least since 1945, when the state created its Alcoholic Beverage Control Commission, (A.B.C.) the red dot has been sort of an insiderís code, a tacit acknowledgement by South Carolina government that you can sell booze here - but you canít be blatant about it. It can sometimes be called a package store because the purchases must be wrapped or packaged. - Google research

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