Careful what kind of items go in your garbage

  • Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Police were notified of two men living in a local house that might be dealing drugs. Narcotics officers did surveillance on the house and were able to rummage through the trash to collect evidence, according to a police report.

Once the town trash can was left at the foot of the street, the officers went through it finding several baggies with green, plant like material. The incident report said they smelled the odor of marijuana. A pipe was also found.

A search warrant was then written up so a full search could be conducted on the home.

Officers conducted that search warrant and seized numerous items to include: marijuana in pill bottles, rolling papers, a rolling paper maker, bongs, grinders, pipes, a one hitter, scales, baggies, a book called “The Cannabis grow Bible,” jars with pot in them, lots of currency, a ledger with numerous names of suspected customers, stems, a timer, a grow ballast, grow lamps, air pumps, a hooded light, reflective milar sheets, grow blocks, starter plugs, buckets of marijuana root balls, plastic seed pot trays, a mushroom grow book, a catalogue on how to grow successfully inside, special pot growing fertilizers, and more.

The police report said that the amount of green plant material found in the search was 696.65 grams. A brown substance believed to be hash totaled 1.03 grams.

In a statement to police, one suspect said he did not contribute much to growing other than helping to water the marijuana plants if his roommate was not home. He admitted to spending $1000 to buying the grow material and driving his BMW to pick the items up in North Charleston.

He said that his roommate is the grower and he is the seller.

In his statement to police he said, “I am not a big time dealer.” He said he only sold to people in an effort to help some friends out.

He said people would either come by the house and pick it up or he would drive to meet people.

During the interview with the roommate he admitted to having the knowledge of how to grow. He said he did not sell weed, he only smokes it, the report said.

The BMW was then seized pending the court and civil process.

They were both booked for manufacturing, possession with intent to distribute, and possession of hashish.


Police noticed a man driving along with no seat belt and they conducted a traffic stop. According to the police report, when the officer approached he smelled marijuana wafting from the car.

The officer asked for his license and vehicle paperwork and the driver said he did not have his license on him but handed over the insurance and registration card.

The officer asked the driver if there was anything illegal in the car because the officer could smell pot.

The driver admitted to smoking pot an hour ago and said there shouldn’t be anything left in the car because he smoked it.

He was asked to step out of the car and asked again about anything illegal being in the car.

This time, according to the report, he said that it wasn’t his car so he wasn’t going to say for sure that there wasn’t.

He further stated that there might be some small buds or paraphernalia in the car and that the officer could go ahead and look.

The officer did look and found nothing.

The driver then told the officer the strong smell of pot might have come from him since he smoked an hour prior to being pulled.

The driver was cited for no seat belt and released.


An officer watched a car speed over the Ravenel Bridge and change lanes without using a signal. The license tag on the car was also expired. He made a traffic stop on the driver. According to the police report the driver stared straight ahead and appeared nervous and his hands were shaking.

The driver told police he was nervous because he was driving without a license and that he did not have insurance. According to the report the officer then asked him what the deal was with his tags and the driver admitted that those tags belonged on his other car.

The officer ran the driver’s information and his license came back suspended for cancellation of insurance and a prior DUI.

The driver was issued a courtesy summons for improper lane change, expired tags, lend/borrow/steal of a tag, suspended tags, driving under suspension 1st offence, and operating an uninsured vehicle. His car was then towed.

Butts are litter

An officer stopped at a traffic light watched two passengers in a vehicle next to him toss cigarette butts out of the car window - with both landing right next to the police car.

After the light turned green the officer followed the car and noticed the driver speeding by going 60 mph in a 45 mph zone.

The officer stopped the driver who said he was on his way home from college for a little visit.

According to the report, the driver appeared abnormally nervous. His hand were excessively shaking ad he continually looked over at his vehicle during their conversation.

The officer asked the driver if he had any alcohol in the car and he said he did not. When asked if he had any marijuana in the car, the report said that the driver hesitated and looked away while saying there was no pot in the car.

The officer then asked the driver if he could search the car. According to the report the driver initially said he didn’t understand why the officer would want to search the car. However he replied, “Yes, go ahead and search it if you want.”

The officer then said he was not concerned about a small amount of marijuana in the vehicle and asked him if there might be little bit in the car.

The driver then admitted there was a small amount in the car but said he did not know where in the car.

The front seat passenger told the officer it was in the trunk, according to the report.

The officer only found a grinder in the car, and the passenger showed the officer were the pot was hidden in the trunk. The passenger took full responsibility for the pot.

He was charged with simple possession and released.


A man in an apartment complex called police because he felt threatened by his neighbor.

He told police he works from home and his neighbors kids are always running around and playing in the breezeway of the building. He said he recorded their actions and asked them not to play right there and be so loud.

He said he had spoken with the kid’s mother several weeks ago and she was confrontational.

He said a male friend of this mother told him he would be taken care of and pounded his fist in his hand as if to threaten him.

He was told not to speak to the children.

He said when he saw the kids on this date he did not know whose kids they belonged to. The mother then came out and told this neighbor he “would be handled.”

The officer asked hiwhy0he did not report the problem to police, and the man said he thought the apartment manager would handle it.

The mother, about this same time, called police and asked for an officer to come to her apartment.

She told police this neighbor had taped her kids and had been rude and demeaning to her.

She said the video part was creepy. The two were told not to have contact with each other. The man was told not to have contact with the kids and informed of the perception of him video taping the kids.

Avid camper

At around 2 a.m. one morning police noticed a man walking down the sidewalk along Whipple Rd. wearing a backpack and camouflage clothing. The officer pulled over and spoke to the man who said he had been watching football at a friend’s house. When asked, he didn’t know the score of that game.

He added that he walked a friend’s girlfriend to her apartment and was now walking home himself.

He said the reason he was wearing the camouflaged jumpsuit was that it was cold. He said he was carrying his backpack because he left it at his friend’s house the other day and had just gotten it back.

He voluntarily emptied the contents of the pack onto the hood of the patrol car.

There were two fixed blade knives and Swiss Army Knife, four books, a flashlight with no battery, flash drive cards, allergy medicine and other various items. He told the officer he liked to go camping and his backpack contains his camping equipment. He said the cards were for his camera because he liked to take pictures. He did not have a camera with him, however.

He was given a ride to his house and the matter was closed.

The Police Blotter is intended to be an informative and/or humorous column written from police reports obtained from the Mount Pleasant Police Department. Many of the stories come from the initial incident reports and, occasionally, supplemental reports. Generally, cases have not been adjudicated at the time of publication. See more columns at www.moultrienews.com.

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