Many say they left their license at home

  • Tuesday, February 4, 2014

A beauty store employee noticed a couple in the back corner of the store acting extremely suspicious. After the couple noticed staff watching them, they quickly left the store. The employee went over to where the couple had been standing, and according to the police report, found 11 bottles of perfume with the price tags torn off of them.

The store employee told the officer who responded that she did not know if they made off with any merchandise.

After watching the surveillance video the officer noticed that the couple appears to be the same couple that has stolen from other stores in the shopping center. In one instance the couple went into a store and asked the sales clerk for help. She helped the female and returned to the back of the store and noticed that an entire shelf of underwear had been stolen along with four gift sets. The drawers were valued at $12.50 each and approximately 75 were stolen.

They have not been identified by name but officers are on the lookout for the couple should they return.

Time to break up

A man called police because his girlfriend was an alcoholic he said and after drinking wine all day, went crazy.

He told police that seemingly out of nowhere she became upset with him and began to throw and kick items around the house and garage.

He yelled for her to stop but she flailed her arms at him. He said she went outside and slammed her hand against a window, which then broke. The report states she came back inside and began throwing food around the garage.

The man said they had lived together for about six years.

The officer spoke with the woman who said nothing happened and she just wanted to call her friend to come and get her. She was reluctant to speak with the officer but finally admitted that they had gotten in an argument because she believed her boyfriend was seeing another woman. She said she went outside to cool down and when she did, he locked her outside. That is when she broke the window to let herself back in.

She asked police to leave her residence and said law enforcement was not needed.

The officer could not determine who the primary aggressor was so the case was closed.

Stop right there

An officer noticed a car in an intersection, blocking the roadway. The officer turned around to catch up with the driver and as he did, the driver ran the red light and made the turn.

The officer followed the car and pulled the driver over in a nearby driveway. The driver then stepped out of his car and began to walk away.

But the officer advised him to stop and he asked for his license. Thinking this officer had no way of checking the status of his license, the man told the officer he left his license at home. But by running the manís name and date of birth, the officer was able to determine the manís license was suspended.

There was also an active warrant out on the man for contempt of court.

He was arrested and charged with driving under suspension.

Just four beers

Police were called to an accident scene. One officer spoke to the driver at fault who said he did not see the car in front of him stop. He ran into the back of that car, he said. As the officer was speaking to him he could smell the odor of alcohol.

The report said the man was swaying and had bloodshot eyes.

The officer asked if the driver had had anything to drink and he said he only had four beers. He said they were served in tall glasses and probably amounted to one and a half beers each.

The officer then said that this would mean four beers would be six, and the driver agreed.

He was asked to perform some field sobriety tests, all of which he failed, according to the police report.

He was then arrested for DUI and taken to the station for a breath test. He blew a .22 percent.

He was then taken to jail and his car was towed.

Iíll turn here

Police got a call about a possible drunk driver and caught up with the vehicle just before the Ravenel Bridge.

The vehicle swerved several times, almost hitting the median. The driver would change lanes, speed up and then put on the blinker. But, the driver passed three exits and never took one.

The car finally stopped at the King Street Extension. When the officer asked him why he did not stop for the blue lights, the driver said there was no reason in particular.

Even though the officer could smell booze on his breath, the driver insisted he had not been drinking.

It was reported that the fact that he drove from the island, swerving al the way down the road, almost hit a telephone pole and almost had a head on collision with a motorcycle driver, was reason enough to take him in for DUI. The fact that he failed all of the field sobriety tests didnít help either.

Look out below

Itís just like standing at the top of a tall building or going to the very top of a stadium and tossing something off. Itís stupid. But thereís always some yahoo out there that will do it. And they did, except this time it was off the Ravenel Bridge onto the pier at Memorial Waterfront Park.

And it was a glass beer bottle.

Fortunately no one was hurt when some clown tossed his beer bottle out of his car window and over the rail of the bridge. Employees at the pier were able to clean up the broken glass. Police watched the surveillance camera but were not able to determine who threw the bottle.

Give you a hand?

A scuffle between two older men took place at a local boat ramp one afternoon because one of the men was reportedly drunk. The reported drunk came upon a man working on his motor. It appears he tried to launch his boat but the motor wouldnít start. The reported drunk guy approached him and asked him if he needed help mooring his boat to the dock. The man thanked him for his offer but said he was having motor trouble and would have to pull the boat out of the water.

At that point another man approached the two and said he knew a little something about boat motors and he might could help. The reported drunk guy then looked at this man who was only trying to be helpful and spewed some choice words at him. Then he hauled off and shoved the man in the chest knocking him in the water.

Police were called at this point and were able to get the story from the man who was having motor issues. Police found the reported drunk guy standing in the water and asked him he he shoved the other man. He mumbled something incoherent. Then the officer saw a Bud Light can sitting beside him on the dock and asked him if it was his. He said it was and it was at that point the officer arrested him for public drunkenness and simple assault. The man who had been pushed in the water said he wanted to press charges and would be at the department the following day to sign the warrant.

The reported drunk man was taken to jail to sober up.

The Police Blotter is intended to be an informative and/or humorous column written from police reports obtained from the Mount Pleasant Police Department. Many of the stories come from the initial incident reports and, occasionally, supplemental reports. Generally, cases have not been adjudicated at the time of publication. See more columns at www.moultrienews.com.

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