Opponents on the court cause a racquet

  • Tuesday, February 11, 2014

An officer cruising down Hwy. 17 watched two cars pull out of Towne Centre, nearly into the wrong lane. Both cars turned 180 degrees and started driving towards the officer, northbound in the southbound lanes.

Two officers were on the scene now and followed the vehicles who made a last-minute turn into a nearby apartment complex. Officers caught up with the drivers. The officer that approached the driver found him to be leaning against his car like it was going to be some bother to speak with police. He reached in his wallet, pulled out his license, handed it to the officer and said, “What’s this about?” The officer told the man, who had beer on his breath, that he was driving down the wrong lane on the highway. He then motioned to his car and said “But look, I parked my car correctly.” However, the tires were on the grass and not in the space. When asked how much he had to drink, the man said two beers. When asked again, he said a couple of drinks. Then, he told the officer, “There should be a sign to tell you that you’re going the wrong way.”

The officer went on to ask the man how long he had lived in town and where he worked. The man said he’d lived here only a few months but worked in North Charleston. The officer then asked him how he got to work and if he traveled the highway to get there.

The man said yes and asked where the officer was going with these questions. The officer made the point that since this man drove the highway to work everyday, he should be familiar with it and the concrete raised median down the center of it.

The man responded, “Somewhat.” When asked about his glasses and if he needed them to see close up or far away, the man said he didn’t know. Then he decided he wore them to see far away. So the officer said, “So you can see close up?” And the man replied, “No.” The officer asked again why he wore them and he said, “In the middle.”

They began field sobriety tests and the man refused to cooperate. At one point, he said the officer was going to take him to jail no matter what he did or how he did the tests.

The officer then asked him to recite the alphabet from F to S. He said, “I can not do that sober.” The officer said, “You have a college degree and are a manager for a company and you cannot say your alphabet?”

He responded by saying, “I know this test. I used to give this test. I am an ex-cop. I know you are just going to put me in jail.” The man refused to do any tests so he was arrested. The officer read him his rights, but the man kept saying I do not understand what you are saying.

At this point the officer did not question him any further and took him to the police station. On the way there the man told the officer, “You look like a child molester.”

Despite not cooperating, he blew a .12 on the Breathalyzer.

Causing a racquet

Two men who are regulars on the racquetball court decided to get together for a game one morning. One of the men said his nephew was in town and asked the other man if he would play against the nephew for a round. The friend and the nephew hit the court but competition got the best of the nephew. The report says he practically whipped the man, not only in points, but with his racquet as well.

Someone called police and the victim said that the nephew assaulted him three times during their game. He gave no reason why he continued to play with this 25-year-old kid, but went on to say that he was hit with a racquet in the face and in the ear. He said the nephew pushed him down during the game, then got into a shouting match in which bystanders could hear the nephew cussing him out. He also added that his friend, the kid’s uncle, watched the entire thing. According to the report, this kid’s father also watched the whole thing and neither intervened. Police were able to track down the suspect who said he never hit the victim except on accident while they were playing. He did say they got into a little shouting match, but that the victim cursed him. The victim declined to press charges, but wanted the officer to counsel the young man.

Visiting their Alma Mater

Someone set off an alarm at a local school and officers rushed over there to check out the building. Several officers entered the school through an unlocked door and announced themselves as they walked down the hallway. They came across a copier in the main hallway that was cycling through an error message. This didn’t sit right with the officers. The school had been shut down for several days because of the holidays and the copier should not have been in use. Officers approached a hallway intersection and glanced into the media center where they saw three boys standing around the computers. The officers yelled for them to stay where they were and put their hands up. They drew their weapons and ordered the kids to the ground. They were all handcuffed while other officers cleared the rest of the building to make sure there was no one else inside. All three were taken to the station and separated into three different interview rooms. They all provided written confessions saying they were home for the holidays, got together and were bored. It seems they decided to go back to their old elementary school and see if it had changed. They were all taken to jail for trespassing. One boy was also charged with possession of burglary tools.

Little black book

A couple, who has been separated for the last year, but is actually living together, got drunk one night and got into one of their old marital spats.

It turns out the almost ex-husband was following his wife around the house annoying her. When she didn’t pay him any mind, he snatched up her cell phone and started looking through it.

As they started arguing like old times, one of them called the cops, and when the cops arrived both started backpedaling, saying it was just an argument and no one got physical. The man said his wife was mad because he would not take her to her sister’s house.

Then he went on to say that his wife got mad at him for nothing because the phone he snatched up was an old phone and he didn’t think it would matter if he looked through it.

Leash law?

A postal worker was working her route when once again, she came across a big golden retriever running around without a leash or an owner in sight. She has had dealings with this dog before and was tired of being in fear for her safety. She saw the dog charging towards her and the owner was nowhere to be found.

Then out of nowhere, she saw the owner taking a leisurely stroll. By this point the dog was coming at her in an aggressive manner and she called to the owner to get the dog away from her. The owner didn’t do anything and she pulled out “Back Off” Dog Repellent and sprayed the dog once in the eyes. The dog cowered away and the police were called. The officer spoke with the mail woman who said she did not want the woman to be cited, but she did want the dog to be secured from now on.

An officer went and spoke with the homeowner who admitted that she did not have the dog on a leash. The officer then went on to explain that there was a town ordinance that required all animals to be on a leash. She acted as if she didn’t know this. However, she promised the dog would be on a leash from now on.

*Reprinted from 2009

(The Police Blotter is intended to be an informative and/or humorous column written from police reports obtained from the Mount Pleasant Police Department. Many of the stories come from the initial incident reports and, occasionally, supplemental reports. Generally, cases have not been adjudicated at the time of publication. See our weekend blotters at www.MoultrieNews.com.)

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