Duck Dynasty - Duh, it’s a reality show, I knew it was going to be controversial

  • Wednesday, February 19, 2014

If it quacks like a duck – you know the rest. Opinions, yada yada yada... we all have them, hence this blog.

Aren't we all a tongue slip, blinking cursor or mic away from inciting either anger or love? Most call them the train wreck shows. I liken reality TV to watching a white, fluffy marshmallow on a coat hanger over a campfire. I stick this perfectly good marshmallow that was getting along swimmingly with other like-minded fluffy mallows. I plunge it onto a coat hanger to cook precariously over a campfire flame. I admire it as it warms and turns golden brown and does what I want it to do. Then, I let it linger a second too long and poof, just like that the unstable marshmallow becomes a blazing inferno before my very eyes!

If a neighbor dances drunk in their skivvies on their porch every weekend with Budweiser bottles lined up on the railings, that is their business. I may have my own opinion about it, but when they fall over the railing to land on the Holly bush, I'm not going to act shocked or appalled.

I appreciate everyone's constitutional right to express their views freely. However, that doesn't warrant lewd, abusive or violent behavior, unless of course they are lewd, abusive or violent. You see it's a slippery slope. I love diversity; it screams we are free! We aren't clones.

I detest racism – past, present or reverse – prejudice, legalism, self-righteous indignation, rabid politics or religion. Now... doesn't that sound like a lot of us?

Common ground

I realize that I have been inundated this year with political crap, religious crap and commercial crap. I have spent way too much time thinking about what she said, what he said, what he did, what the fox said.

This year I have declared “focus” my resolution. Focus on the good not the bad. Focus on humanity and not hilarity. Focus on things of lasting importance. Denying a reaction to a ludicrous position taken, an insidious idea, a temptress, a barb, an insecurity. Expunged negativity – that would have to add more focus for the good and peace would be its side effect.

Don and I were watching ducks swimming happily in the pond during a downpour. I made the statement that they looked comfortable even in the rain. Don replied, “Like water off a duck's back,” and that my friends is my mantra for 2014.

And contrary to popular belief, piddlin' is not always leisure time. Piddlin' can be anything from bush-hogging a field to snapping a bushel basket of green beans on the front porch. Visit Renae Brabham's website at RenaeBrabham.com.

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