Psychic neglects to tell woman she could be in for trouble

  • Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Later that night she got a text message from the client saying she had consulted a psychic and the psychic told her that her cleaning lady had taken the checkbook and keys, according to the report.

She told her client she had no clue what she was talking about.

The next day the text messages started up again. She then called the police department and an officer told her to cease communications with the client.

She sent her client one more message telling her to stop contacting her. But later that night the messages started back up, so she called police to make a case for harassment.

Police met with the suspect and told her she would be charged if she continued, something her psychic could have possibly warned her about.

I see you

A woman called police because she had been getting suspicious emails from a person calling themselves Bill Walter, according to a police report. She ignored the emails at first, but when one came in that said, “I see you. I know where you live and you can call me at this number (which was her own),” she called police. She then logged on to her email to show the responding officer, but found everything had been deleted. However, she had taken pictures of the email with her phone.

She explained to the officer that some of the emails contained information about her that only close friends would know about her.

In addition, she told the officer, she woke up one night and noticed her puppy was out of the crate and her front door was unlocked. She said she always puts the puppy in the crate because it misbehaves and that she never even uses her front door so it should not have been unlocked.

She added that her former roommate left on bad terms, owing her a lot of money.

Ironically, or not, that’s when the emails started. She told the officer she was not sure if the old roommate still had a key.

The officer was able to get the old roomate’s information in order to pay her a little visit.

Birthday present

Instead of giving her sister a homemade birthday present, a suspect, accused of stealing, went to the store and stuffed some items into her purse, a police report said.

Loss prevention officers saw the girl do this and pulled her aside. They asked her to hand over the items and she pulled them out of her purse. Police were called and a report indicates that she admitted to stealing the items because she wanted to get her sister a birthday present.

The officer searched her purse and found more items that were in the purse that she did not hand over.

The items recovered were four hair bows and four fingernail kits totaling $26.

She was arrested and given a court date for shoplifting.

Have another drink

Police were called to an intersection in regards to a domestic disturbance that had taken place. They found a man waiting on the corner who said he got into an argument with his fiance.

He said she came to pick him up and when they started to argue, she told him to get out of the car. He said it was his car and asked the officer what his options were concerning pressing charges against his fiance for taking off with his car.

He said they had been engaged for about a year and had been living together for five months. He gave the officer his fiance’s phone number so they could get her side of the story.

She said he called her for a ride home because he was drunk. They got into an argument while on the phone so she turned around and never came to get him. Instead she went to a friend’s house. She said her fiance had recently been released from jail on charges of criminal domestic violence. In addition, she said they had only been engaged two months.

The officer then had her read him the vehicle license tag number and learned the car was registered to her and not the man who “wanted his car back.”


As a result, the seller started emailing the victim with each new email becoming more and more menacing.

This resulted in the victim calling police. He told the officer that the suspect began mentioning personal things about him, indicating he had been researching the victim. He also downloaded pictures from the victim’s Facebook account and sent those to him.

The suspect said he knew where the victim lived and so on.

At this point, the victim told the officer he just wanted the incident documented and did not want the police contacting the suspect. He said he would send a final email saying he did not wish to have any more contact with the suspect.


On the Isle of Palms, a limo driver and his passengers got into a little scuffle over $10.

The passengers got upset with the limo driver for overcharging them by $10.

Allegedly the limo driver pointed a weapon at a passenger’s chest and said he was going to kill him. The victim said he was in fear for his life and called police. The limo driver said he never pointed a gun at anybody and he called police when the passenger refused to pay.

The officer located the gun tucked between the seats and found it to be a BB gun. The limo driver was arrested and charged with assault and battery 3rd degree. The limo was then towed.

It should be noted, according to the report, that the passenger paid the $35 to the hotel, which was the original amount the driver had agreed to charge.

Just snapped

A grown woman and her neighbors have been having issues with each other for some time and one evening, the grown woman snapped. She was caught on not one, but two video cameras that her neighbors had installed.

The video captures her prancing next door with a can of spray paint in her hand. She then proceeds to spray paint the flood lights, the cars, the motion sensors and the cameras. And for good measure, the police report said, she spray painted her own garage and her husband’s car.

Police were called to investigate and clearly saw the suspect doing what she had been accused of. The homeowners said they wanted her on trespass notice and charged with the vandalism.

The officer went next door and was met by the husband. He was very upset and about to call police to report that someone had spray painted his garage and his car.

The officer then informed him that video surveillance indicated it was his own wife that did it. According to the report he became even more upset and said he would do whatever he had to do to make it right with his neighbors. The officer asked to speak to his wife, who came outside.

She was told that she had been seen on video and she said she was sorry and suffers from postpartum depression. She said there have been ongoing issues with the neighbors and that for Christmas she received a bag of coal in the mailbox with her name on it and she believes the neighbors sent it to her.

The officer asked her why she spray painted the neighbors’ home and belongings as well as her own things and she said she did not know why and she has several issues that require her to go to a counselor, the police report said.

She was told not to contact her neighbors.

A few days later, she was asked to come to the police department and turn herself in because the neighbors decided to press charges. She agreed and was charged with vandalism.

The Police Blotter is intended to be an informative and/or humorous column written from police reports obtained from the Mount Pleasant Police Department. Many of the stories come from the initial incident reports and, occasionally, supplemental reports. Generally, cases have not been adjudicated at the time of publication. See more columns at www.moultrienews.com.

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