Students did not dodge punishment for fighting at school

  • Wednesday, April 2, 2014

A school resources officer was called to the boys locker room of a local middle school because two boys got into a tussle. According to the police report, the fight was over a dodgeball game in which one accused the other of cheating.

One boy pushed the other into a door and choked him and that boy responded by punching his attacker in the mouth, busting his lip, the report said.

Both boys were seen by the school nurse and their parents were called.

None of the parents wanted to press charges. Both boys were disciplined via the school administration.

Jealous boyfriend

A high school kid allegedly sneaked into his girlfriend's third-period class one day because he was angry with her. According to the report, he accused his girlfriend of getting into a car with another boy. Because of his jealousy, she broke up with him, a police report said. This is why he sneaked into the classroom. But when she refused to speak with him, it caused a commotion and the teacher noticed something going on in the back of the class.

She then told the boyfriend to leave her classroom, which made him even angrier, the report said. He then refused to leave her classroom. The teacher again demanded he leave and he started cussing, causing another teacher to hear the commotion and come into the classroom. At this point, the male student started walking away, down the hall, still cussing.

The teacher was so concerned for the safety of the young girl in her class that she sent her to the front office. A school resource officer was called to the office to meet with the girl and her mother.

She explained that this was the second time he's acted like this at the school but she did not report the other incident.

The male student was brought into the office and allowed to give a statement which turned out to be consistent with the others. He was charged with disturbing school and issued a citation and a court date.


A self-proclaimed artist allegedly went to work spray painting graffiti on the underside of the Wando Bridge and a resident in the area happened to notice it. An officer patrolling the area at about that same time was flagged down by the resident to make a report of the vandalism.

The spray-painted tags said, “Pope of Dope,” “Mr. Strance,” “NEX,” “E,” “$,” “The Pain Killers” and “Fear the woods.”

There were no suspects, but photographs were taken and turned in as evidence.

Chew on this

A woman and her stepchild allegedly got into a wrestling match one day after the stepmother confronted the child about her behavior at school towards her stepsister.

In a police report, the stepmother explained that she confronted the stepdaughter and did not garner the response she was hoping for. The stepdaughter said she pulled out some of her stepsister's weave and the stepsister did it back to her. She told her stepmother that it didn't hurt and started laughing, the report said.

The stepmom told police the stepdaughter was being disrespectful and she “just lost her temper.”

When the officer asked her what that meant, she said she was not sure, it all happened so fast. The stepmother allegedly bit the child, who in turn bit her back. They scratched each other, rolled around and bruised each other up, before the stepdaughter grabbed a pair of scissors and ran and locked herself in the bathroom, the report said.

The stepdaughter was taken to the hospital to be treated for the bite marks. While there, doctors noticed cuts to her hand, possibly made by the scissors.

But the stepmother never had possession of those scissors according to the report and the stepdaughter confirmed that. Although she could not remember how she got cut by the scissors, she offered up that it was possibly due to holding the scissors so tightly.

The stepdaughter was asked by police on four different occasions if she wanted to press charges and she could not decide. Finally, she said she wanted to talk it over with her grandmother. The next day she notified the officer that she did not want to press charges because her “stepmother feels remorseful over her behavior and understands her behavior was wrong.”

Kicked in

Juveniles in two adjoining neighborhoods are suspected of damaging a fence that separates the property lines, a report read. The fence had been kicked in and damaged on several occasion, but most recently it was to the tune of $3,000. The contractor who repaired the fence told police that the damage was consistent with people pulling on it and regularly climbing on it.

He made the repairs, walked the entire fence line and made sure there was no other damage.

According to the report, he came back to the site several days later to find that another section of fence had been damaged. It appeared the bottom of the boards had been kicked away from the rail and some boards had been broken in half. Residents in a nearby neighborhood who wish to remain anonymous said that they had seen kids in the area when school lets out and kids are walking home.

Extra patrol was requested of police during those hours to try and catch the culprits.

The Police Blotter is intended to be an informative and/or humorous column written from police reports obtained from the Mount Pleasant Police Department. Many of the stories come from the initial incident reports and, occasionally, supplemental reports. Generally, cases have not been adjudicated at the time of publication.

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