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  • Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Sully Witte

Q. Please provide a clarification regarding stopping for stopped school buses on Chuck Dawley Boulevard? There's a lot of confusion with some cars stopping, others going through and others starting to stop and then inching forward. I was told by a driver's education instructor that since there's a median in the middle of Chuck Dawley Boulevard cars do not stop for stopped buses (students never cross the road with these bus stops). - Concerned, Mount Pleasant

A. “'SECTION 56-5-2770 (B) – The driver of a vehicle need not stop upon meeting a stopped school bus when traveling in the opposite direction on a multi-lane highway or multi-lane private road. For the purposes of this section, a multi-lane highway or multi-lane private road is a highway or private road that consists of four or more traffic lanes, having at least two traffic lanes traveling in each direction.' Since Chuck Dawley has two lanes going each way, only the vehicles going in the same direction as the school bus must stop.” - Inspector Robert Googe, Public Information Officer/Accreditation Manager

Mount Pleasant Police Department

Q. How do you properly enter a roundabout and how do they work? - Ann O'Day, Mount Pleasant

A. “Because there are numerous roundabouts in Mount Pleasant, most of our residents have experienced this type of traffic control device. Nonetheless, a significant factor in the effectiveness and safety of any roundabout is driver education. Given the recent opening of single-lane roundabouts on Mathis Ferry Road and Long Point Road and the impending multi-lane roundabout at the Coleman/Ben Sawyer/Chuck Dawley Boulevard intersection, it is a good time to review a few simple roundabout navigation rules:

• Slow Down – Chances are good that drivers will spend less time getting through the roundabout than they would waiting at a traffic signal. The curvature of the road approaching the circle is, in part, designed to slow the driver.

• Get into the Proper Lane Before You Get to the Roundabout – Drivers know that they must position their vehicle in the designated left turn lane (or left-most lane) if they want to turn left at any intersection. Similar logic is also valid for right turns at an intersection. This same rationale is applicable to either a single-lane roundabout having two approach lanes or a multi-lane roundabout having two or more approach lanes.

• Yield to All Lanes/Vehicles in the Roundabout – The yield sign means yield. Entering a roundabout is not a merge. For multi-lane roundabouts in particular, the entering driver cannot predict the path of both vehicles in the two circulating lanes who have the right-of-way and, therefore, should not attempt to enter until both circulating lanes are clear.

• Do Not Change Lanes in the Roundabout – Just as drivers should not change lanes after entering an intersection, the same is true within the roundabout.” - Brad Morrison, Director of Transportation, Town of Mount Pleasant

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