Man arrested for shoplifting ear drops and energy drinks

  • Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Two men who were scheduled to meet in court due to a dispute canít seem to put the dispute to rest, according to a recent police report.

One of the men lives here and owns property in another state. He said his tenant on that property has been harassing him, the report said.

There is a restraining order against the tenant, but it didnít stop there. According to a police report, the victim told police that the tenant recently emailed him and said, ďI will be in your neck of the woods and Iíve Mapquested the directions.Ē

The court order states that the tenant is not to see or have contact with the victim until the court date. A police report regarding this incident was requested as documentation should something happen in the future.

The voices

Police were dispatched to a restaurant in reference to a suicidal male.

When they arrived, officers spotted the man in question sitting at a table. As they approached, the subject handed over his ID and stated that voices were telling him to kill himself, a police report said.

He was taken outside and searched to make sure he did not have any weapons that could harm himself or officers. EMS was also called. They recognized the man to be a person who sometimes stops taking his medicine and becomes suicidal, the report said.

The manager was questioned and told police that an employee was asked by the man to call 911. The man was taken to the hospital to be treated but was also placed on trespass notice from the establishment and the notice was presented to the man and explained.

Iíll take that

Loss prevention officers at a local store witnessed and had on videotape, two girls leaving the store without paying for some items, according to a police report.

The girls were taken into custody and read their rights. According to the report, they both admitted to seeing some makeup they wanted but did not have any money to pay for it. The report also stated that the girls admitted to walking out of the store without paying for the items valued at $76. The officer observed the incident on the videotape as well, the report said.

They were both charged with shoplifting and the items were returned to the store.

Gassed up

A man who keeps his boat at a dock reported to police that a gas tank and the gas line had been stolen from his boat.

He said two tanks were tied to the boat and the tanks were covered. According to the report, he said he went to the boat and noticed the cover had been moved and one tank was missing and one tank was emptied. He said the facility has a gate that is normally locked, but ongoing construction caused the gate to be left open at times.

The estimated value of the missing property was $20 and there were no leads, according to the police report.

It was me

Police were called to a store where two men allegedly shoplifted items. The loss prevention officer told police that two men scanned and bagged many of the items in their cart, but skipped over several, including beverage cases under the cart.

Officers watched the surveillance video and witnessed the theft, the report said.

According to the report, it appeared one man did the scanning, or lack thereof, and the other did the bagging.

When the two men spoke to officers, one man said, ďIt was me. It was my fault. My brother didnít know about it.Ē

He was subsequently arrested for shoplifting $86.07 worth of merchandise, including three cases of energy drinks, two cases of sodas, ear drops and three pairs of shorts.

Smoked earlier

A county deputy pulled over to check on a car with extensive rear-end damage and called in Mount Pleasant Police as well. According to the report, the officers could smell alcohol. The driver was asked if he had been drinking and he said no, but the passenger piped in and said they smoked a blunt earlier, the report said.

The officer asked her to repeat that statement and according to the report, she changed her story and said she was the only one who had smoked marijuana that evening.

The driver was asked to explain what happened with the car and he said they were heading to North Charleston when the tire blew out and caused them to hit the concrete barrier.

The report said the man was swaying, and at that point, the officer asked him if he would take some field sobriety tests.

He agreed and again said he had not been drinking.

According to the report, he did not do so well on the first few tests, and when asked about glasses or contacts just before the eye nystagnus test, he said he had just gotten contacts the other day.

He must not have been used to them yet because he failed that test too, according to the report.

He also began getting agitated with the tests at this point, the report said, but he wished to proceed. The report said the driver had a hard time focusing and following instructions.

Moving on to the next test, the officer demonstrated the test and told the man not to move until he was told to do so. According to the report, the driver then began verbally assaulting the officer and said he did not want to do anymore tests because the officer was harassing him.

Officers decided to arrest the man for DUI, but when the officer went to handcuff him, he sprinted off across two lanes of highway, the report said. The officer was able to grab him and stop him.

The officer also investigated the accident and could clearly see that the car struck the concrete barrier, which caused the tire to blow and forced the car to hit the barrier a second time.

The man was charged with child endangerment, DUI and resisting arrest.

The Police Blotter is intended to be an informative and/or humorous column written from police reports obtained from the Mount Pleasant Police Department. Many of the stories come from the initial incident reports and, occasionally, supplemental reports. Generally, cases have not been adjudicated at the time of publication. See more columns at www.moultrienews.com.

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