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  • Wednesday, July 2, 2014

As President Obama announces the sending of 300 of our finest as advisors to Iraq, I cannot help remembering the sending of advisors to Vietnam (another war we could not win and should have stayed out). When will we learn from history?

Go over to the Ralph Johnson Veterans Hospital and visit the fourth floor Patriot’s Harbor where we still have severely wounded veterans from the Vietnam War. See the resulting suffering war has caused these good American men and women. I know as I am a volunteer who visits weekly to honor these casualities from that war who will remain hospitalized till the end of their lives!

No one wins in a war.

Read some history of wars and find out the costs in lives and monies better used right here in America. Visit our troubled schools, unsuccessfully failing to educate. See the true figures of lack of employment, jobs and homes lost. This is the leveling of America.

This policy is not the American way, and is destroying the middle class which built America. I know because I was one of that class, successfully teaching and using techniques I learned from the finest teachers in Arizona where I was awarded a free graduate program with 12 other math teachers to share our successful teaching techniques which were appreciated (none of which were used in the other five states where I taught as a certified teacher).

Now at retirement, I search for good causes to which I can contribute.

Help! Wake up and get involved before it is too late!

Gwen Siegrist

Mount Pleasant


On June 18, I found myself very upset with a letter to the editor in this Moultrie News. The continuing use of the term “Old Snobs” was uncalled for and denigrated many people who love Mount Pleasant and have voiced objection to the “parking garage.”

The unfortunate thing about the letter is that it was accidentally lumped together with a letter I wrote about the MPFD’s use of smaller SUV-type vehicles for medical emergencies.

In doing so, the individual(s) responsible for formatting the Letters to the Editor section, left out the name of the author of this letter in order to cram that letter and mine in the last column of that section of the paper. The letter in question was authored by Bryan Crabtree and not by me. The Moultrie News issued a “correction” in their online version of the paper on June 18. Many people have spoken to me about what they perceive as my June 18 mean-spirited letter; send your comments to Mr. Crabtree and let him explain his letter.

Seymour Rosenthal

Mount Pleasant

Causeway Bike Path

The installation of the new pedestrian and bike path on the causeway to Sullivan’s Island has been beautifully executed. The choice of landscaping for it, however, was less than ingenious. Half of the hundreds of Sweetgrass plants are situated less than a foot from the edge of the path.

A mature Sweetgrass plant has a diameter of five to six feet. Even with annual pruning, a Sweetgrass plant will achieve this anticipated breadth.

These grasses will soon diminish the usable area of the path by crowding walkers and bikers towards its marsh side. Additionally, Sweetgrass blades spray up, out and down to the ground. If walkers tread on them, they will have the potential to trip them up, just like stepping on a loose shoelace. Lastly, the stalks of the flower plumes, which arrive in the fall, are lined with tiny barbs and will offer a nasty surprise to bikers and walkers when they brush against them.

By the time the extent of this problem is evident, these plants will have achieved massive root systems and removal will be difficult, if not impossible. There are several types of beautiful grasses with upright growth habits which would have been more appropriate to install in the verge. Some of these were utilized in the landscaping of Johnnie Dodds Boulevard. After so much planning and work to accomplish the installation of this bike path, it is a shame for its usefulness to be adversely affected by inappropriate landscaping.

Grace Reed

Sullivan’s Island

Height clearance

The issue concerning the Highway 41 bridge on the Wando River has finally come to a head and the intelligent decision by the United States Coast Guard (said decision having been based upon the input of Wando River residents and that which constitutes the definition of “navigable waters”) has been made to build a bridge with a 55-foot clearance that will accommodate not only current boat owners, but the countless number of them in the future who will need the 55-foot clearance in order to continue to keep the channel both navigable and accessible to everyone.

Additionally, local bicycling enthusiasts will also get the bike lane they’d lobbied for. Then again, was their position all along really nothing more than a smoke screen in an attempt to help secure an approval of the 35-foot clearance?

Strangely enough, the culmination of this issue no doubt subliminally pleases the local politicians who ignored the matter until the 11th hour when, in order to curry favor with potential voters, they began to show some degree of interest and support for the 35-foot height request.

Why then would this result please them, you ask? Because now that this long, drawn-out issue has come to an end, these same politicians can move on to the next self-serving issue in their ongoing attempts to remain on the government dole as long as they possibly can.

David L. Sullivan, Lt. Col., USAF (ret)

Mount Pleasant

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