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  • Tuesday, August 5, 2014

South Carolina may be back in the gold business according to a Post and Courier, July 28 article. The Corps of Engineers may issue a wetlands permit to allow the startup of the largest gold mine in the eastern U.S. and we in South Carolina are the lucky guys.

Now the facts: 1,100 acres of wetlands will be dug up, destroyed or disturbed; at least 120 acres will be lost forever – like disappear forever; 24 miles of creeks will be affected (affected? how about polluted) and many will be buried by mining waste (that’s the bad stuff); much of the impact (another word for pollution) would result when the mine lowers the groundwater to keep the 800-foot-deep pit dry and there will be a toxic-tinged waste tailings pond – I guess “tinged” is better than completely filled with toxic garbage.

Now the good news: the mining company will be trying to minimize the environmental affects (that’s pollution) of the gold-mining operation. Minimize the environmental affect? Sure sounds like they are maximizing the environmental affect as they destroy the environment so someone can buy a gold bracelet. Sum this all up and what have your got? One big huh, one big duh and who are you kidding. Thought this stuff went out in North America after the Yukon was destroyed.

Seymour Rosenthal

Mount Pleasant

Wake zones

I recently had the privilege to spend the weekend on Goat Island. It is an amazing place.

We were sitting out on the dock and realized that the “no wake” zone starts somewhere in the middle of the island. While we were sitting on the dock, boaters would come down the waterway at fast speeds causing all kinds of problems. Boats tied to the docks were being banged around. The docks take such a beating that they are starting to fall apart. I would like to suggest that the wake zone be changed starting at the Isle of Palms connector and going past the Isle of Palms Marina. If anyone would just sit on any one of those docks and watch the damage that is caused, they would agree. The cost to maintain a dock alone is a big expense.

Ken Recine

Mount Pleasant

Polling data

There is a lot of press and coverage of the recent polling data from Gallup that shows a sharp and continual decline in the approval ratings for the current POTUS. The oddsmakers are feverishly fanning the flames of Obama’s demise as a clear indication that he will achieve unique status as “the worst POTUS in modern history.”

While numbers and statistics get bandied about, the true indicator of success of this administration gets short shrift. This president and his administration have been extraordinarily successful in implementing its agenda of “fundamental change.” President elect Obama declared from his inaugural podium that his administration was poised to fundamentally change America. He looked right into the eyes of America and declared that our heritage as a Christian faith-based constitutional republic with an economy based on capitalism was going to be systematically dismantled and replaced with a model based on European socialism and aggressive disenfranchisement of Christian values.

While the public in general has come to their disapproval grudgingly, the conservative constitutional “taxed enough already” movement has been ringing the bells of alarm with vigor since the conclusion of that fateful inaugural declaration six years ago. The midterm elections of 2010 were a resounding rebuke of these policy implementations, but the administration’s assault on America has been relentless nonetheless.

The No. 1 reason for this “progressive” march towards the USA’s demise has been a culture of collusion between “University Academia,” whose generational propaganda-driven curriculum has infected educational standards at all levels of public education and produced a biased press and a bloated bureaucracy of government union employees, who together utilize nepotism and cronyism to close ranks with this administration, protect it and promote its lawless march towards an elitist socialist government, a government that controls its citizenship through intimidation and denial of God-given rights founded in individual freedom.

This POTUS does not fret or suffer angst at these recent poll numbers; he revels in them. He struts and bows to the liberal elites who fawn over his far-reaching and pernicious accomplishments as he continues his assault on America, and the constitution that was written to preserve it. He relishes the lavish lifestyle that his perverted actions will assure as he retires on the dole of the public’s pension, the speech revenues generated by his liberal, socialist benefactors and the rent-free mansions at his disposal in Hawaii and New York City. You can make book on that.

Mark R. Shields

Mount Pleasant

Readers Choice

It is always interesting to read the annual list of “Voted The Best: Readers Choice” in the Moultrie News. I do not see Royall Hardware on the list and I am disappointed.

Royall Hardware is a place where you will see friends and can find just about anything you want in an old town, friendly atmosphere, and the Royall family are gracious supporters of many East Cooper activities and charities. On occasion, I stop by not because I really need something, although I always find something I can use, but just to spend some time in a place that harkens back to the days before the iPhone.

Carl Jennings Smith

Sullivan’s Island


I read with great interest the Post and Courier’s editorial “Let Mount Pleasant grow up.” In the interest of full disclosure, the editors should have noted that their parent company, Evening Post Industries, is currently dabbling in a bit of development.

According to their website, they will be breaking ground on the Courier Square development this fall. Courier Square will be a 2.8-acre development of apartments, commercial properties and a parking deck. Sound familiar? The editors appear to have an interest in ensuring the Charleston community at large approves of this type of development.

Mount Pleasant, in its effort to create a live, work and play community along Coleman Boulevard has missed the mark. The live and play components have grown greatly, while creating nearby places to work has failed miserably. Mayor Swails threw the door open for residential development without planning for the negative impacts on roads, economic development and most importantly schools.

The result will be for residents to vote to continue taxing themselves to build schools even though the town council has already voted to raise taxes for infrastructure. Mayors Swails and Page have proven to be the one-two punch for uncontrolled growth. Specifically, the dense apartment growth, with another phase coming quickly, has burdened adjoining neighborhoods with uncontrolled parking and sharply increased traffic. The notion that many people are riding bikes or walking to work simply is not true and won’t be until economic development occurs.

Lastly, the Post and Courier says Mount Pleasant must grow vertically to accommodate all that wish to move here. I disagree and feel that the Town of Mount Pleasant does not have to sprawl nor does it have to go vertical. Perhaps it is time to only grow within our boundaries in a well-managed way that will not overwhelm our currently planned infrastructure. We do not have to be the most populated or largest municipality at the expense of our residents.

Joe Bustos

Mount Pleasant

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