50th anniversary

John and Laura McMaster

Laura and John McMaster will celebrate their 50th wedding anniversary on March 20.

They met in Springfield, Kentucky, where Laura grew up and where John worked temporarily on the tobacco market. Through family friends, John had been introduced to Laura’s mother, Mrs. Frank Wall Simms, who invited him to join the family for Thanksgiving. Soon thereafter John and Laura went on their first date.

Their 50 years of Thanksgiving meals as a married couple began in 1965 when they were married in John’s hometown of Winnsboro, South Carolina. They lived in Georgia, where their son, Britt, was born and Tennessee, where their daughter, Katharine, was born.

Then for 20 years they raised their family on Malvern Road in Myers Park, Charlotte, North Carolina. The couple now happily resides on the Isle of Palms, where they can enjoy some of their favorite pastimes: sunshine, seafood and blues music.