Mr. and Mrs. Walter Ray Heape

On April 18, 1968 North Charleston native Walter Raymond Heape married the pride of Johns Island Elizabeth Adams, and her two-year-old son Michael. Being a sharp, Clemson University Engineer, Ray Heape took his new family from the Atlantic Coast of Charleston, to the Pacific Coast of San Diego, where he adopted Michael Joseph Heape. They soon moved to Pascagoula, Miss. where they had their son Walter Allen Heape and set up a house in Mobile, Ala.

The Heapes made a homestead in Charlotte during the mid 70s til early 80s then moved to Idaho Falls, Idaho for two years, and in 1986 established a new homestead back in Charlotte that spanned three decades. In 2008 came the grandchildren, Michael’s daughter Jesse Cheyenne Heape and Allen’s son Brandon Raymond Heape.

After creating a company with his son Allen in 2011, Walter and Elizabeth have found theirselves back where it all began, in the Lowcountry of Mount Pleasant.

Walter Ray and Elizabeth (Weze) celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary April 14 surrounded by an amazing group of family and friends.