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“Queen Bee” went on sale May 28 for $27.99 (William Morrow).

From New York Times bestselling author Dorothea Benton Frank comes her 20th novel, "Queen Bee." A Lowcountry tale set on Frank’s beloved Sullivan’s Island. The 384 page book went on sale May 28 for $27.99 (William Morrow).

Meet Holly McNee Jensen, a beekeeper who spends much of her time tending to her hives and cooking for and waiting on her demanding hypochondriac of a mother who she refers to as the "Queen Bee." Next door to Holly is Archie, a recent widower with two young sons that Holly adores as though they were her own. Despite a new job icing cakes part time at the local Publix things are pretty uneventful in Holly’s world, until they’re not. The "Queen Bee" falls ill and in sweeps Leslie, Holly’s older married sister, to save the day. Leslie is dealing with some drama of her own after her husband Charlie reveals a secret pastime so she needs a little space. Archie’s boys are becoming more and more attached to Holly while Holly is getting more attached to their father. Just when Holly is ready to confess her feelings to Archie boom, enter Sharon, a sassy child-hating dentist who digs her claws into Archie with the force of a thousand swarming bees. Meanwhile, Leslie and the "Queen Bee" head to Las Vegas to visit Charlie and meet a new cast of characters who end up changing their lives for the better. Back at home Holly has her hands full trying to defend her bees from an act she knows they did not commit. Luckily her old high school classmate Ted, now the chief of police, is there to assist and eventually their crime scene discussions lead to a few dates and eventually talk about the future. Leslie and the "Queen Bee" return to Sullivan’s Island followed a day later by a special admirer with a fondness for "Queen Bee" and life takes on a new happy chapter for everyone.

"Queen Bee" is a warm, wise and hilarious classic Lowcountry tale with a pinch of whodunit for good measure. We can guarantee you’ll have smiles on your faces as you read and dare you not to grab for the honey jar when you’re done.

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New York Times bestselling author Dorothea Benton Frank released her 20th novel “Queen Bee” on May 28.

Frank is the author of 19 bestselling novels. She is also an avid cook, enjoys fly-fishing, reading and travel and is a frequent speaker on the creative process for students of all ages. She divides her time between the Lowcountry of South Carolina and New Jersey.