Daniel Island Academy hosted the Daniel Island Garden Club this month for a tour of their gardens. The 4-year-old Clownfish class conducted the tour, showing the members all of the foods they've have growing in their garden. The Clownfish explained how each time they harvest the garden, each class does a taste test with what they've collected, their chef uses items they've grown to prepare meals, and they also send home herbs and veggies with families. They also shared with the members how each class contributes to making sure the garden is thriving by watering and weeding.

“Giving children the opportunity to care for our garden encourages healthy eating habits here in our classrooms and at home,” said Kerry Nowosielski, Daniel Island Academy director.

Daniel Island Academy's garden is an important extension of each classroom. They see it as a way to connect students to their environment while instilling life skills and a sense of community within the classrooms and the entire school. Planting a garden requires teamwork, patience and perseverance. Daniel Island Academy has found that caring for a living thing, watching it grow and thrive and reaping the harvest and then enjoying it family-style with classmates teaches respect, pride and commitment.

garden 5.jpg

Adults in the photo (from left) are Kerry Nowosielski, Daniel Island Academy Director; Hanna Reed, Clownfish Teacher; Kayla Bennett, Clownfish Teacher/School Garden Coordinator; Kim Kolts, DI Garden Club President; Jo Rogers, DI Garden Club Member; Marian Franks, DI Garden Club Member and Janice Armandi, DI Garden Club Member.

Daniel Island Academy is a NAEYC accredited early childhood development center serving children ages 1-5, offering full-day, half-day, and Mother’s Morning Out programs. For more information and to schedule a tour, visit danielislandacademy.com or call 843-971-5961.