Two wellness champions in our community, Dragon Boat Charleston (DBC) and Move It Charleston County have formed an exciting new partnership aimed at getting the Lowcountry on the path to physical and mental well being.

DBC and Move It promote healthy living through physical activity and nutrition. DBC is providing scholarships for 96 people to join the Move It physician-referred program. Move It’s physician-referred program is American Medical Association (AMA) certified and uses highly trained fitness professionals to help participants increase strength and flexibility. Perhaps more importantly, the program provides the camaraderie and support needed for long-term success.

DBC participants have much experience with the health benefits of regular exercise. Over the past 14 years, many DBC members have attributed their lasting health, energy and zest for life to dragon boating. Dragon boating has also motivated many to seek out exercise programs outside of the boat. Many also partake in water aerobics, walking, yoga, running, hiking and lifting weights.

Over the years, DBC’s wellness program has grown to include an annual eight-week “Winter Fitness Challenge” that has included barre, yoga, cross-fit and dancing. Along with Yoga on the Dock every summer and a variety of nutritional events and outings. The success and growth of our wellness programming inspired the organization reach out to the community and get people moving.

For more information about Dragon Boat Charleston or the scholarships, please email DBC’s Executive Director, Meagan Labriola, at