Local agencies and the FBI trained for emergencies at Fort Sumter last month.

The National Park Service (NPS) is partnering with the Federal Bureau of Investigation and local agencies in order to advance planning for emergency incidents. During late May, multiple agencies coordinated response to a mock hostage and active shooter incident at Fort Sumter. During the incident, NPS staff served as role players while law enforcement agencies responded by air, land and sea. Aspects such as general surveillance and a coordinated response via multiple avenues was conducted. Helicopters and boats responded to the mock incident. The training was followed by involved law enforcement officers addressing NPS employees about their respective roles in these types of emergency situations.

Over the past two years, the NPS has taken proactive steps to increase visitor, staff, and resource safety through the addition of NPS commissioned law enforcement officers, joint training and exercises with local agencies, and the development of coordinated response plans. Due to these increased awareness efforts, changes of access regulations to Fort Sumter will occur in order to increase visitor and staff safety.