With a steady stream of technological advancements on the horizon, technology’s grip on society strengthens. Its effect has yet to be understood, but it is the subject of popular debate. One can argue that technological developments are for the greater good of humanity but just as equally posit that society’s subsequent dependence on technology could prove detrimental.

In Control Freakz, author Michael Evans imagines a darker future for America. The government controls the minds of its citizens and eliminates those that stand in its way. For Evans’ protagonist Natalie, life takes a tragic turn when her family is taken, and she is left to fend for herself against the powerful government helmed by a corrupt and ruthless leader. In the face of complete emotional turmoil, relying on her wit and the help of two friends, Natalie refuses to give up hope for a better future and will do whatever it takes to find her family.

Evans effectively makes his character Natalie relatable, emphasizing the ebb and flow of her raw emotions. Evans also aims to appeal to those skeptical of the current political system by drawing a parallel between reality and the fictional world created in the book. Control Freakz is available for purchase online at Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

About the Author

Author Michael Evans lives in Mt. Pleasant, SC, and is currently a student at Wando High School, but is originally from Long Island, NY. He has always enjoyed writing, but his other loves include being in nature, and learning about science and technology―and he is fascinated with the future. Also, he is currently working on his second book.