MPPD participated in cancer awareness initiatives No Shave November and Don’t Shave December 2019.

As No Shave November and Don’t Shave December comes to an end tonight at midnight don’t be surprised if you still see beards on Mount Pleasant Police Department (MPPD) officers in the new year.

This past November officers were given the option to grow their beards for a donation to the American Cancer Society and the response and donations were overwhelming. There has been nationwide discussion lately about whether police officers should be allowed to wear beards with many agencies updating their policies to allow it according to MPPD Chief Ritchie.

“I don’t believe anyone who calls the police for help cares whether the responding officer has a beard or not,” Ritchie said. “Our appearance in uniform may have changed, but our professionalism and dedication to our community has not. The women and men of the Mount Pleasant Police Department do extraordinary things in our town every day, and our commitment to the highest quality of policing will never change.”

Ritchie believes this policy change for the MPPD may help with recruiting. MPPD finds it important to adapt to the changing generations to continue to attract quality applicants. The department is committed to staying at the forefront of change and innovation. It could clear the way for those who didn’t want to lose their beards but still want to serve and protect.